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Kimolisa MingsExpressions - Poetry In The Pub, brought to you by August Rush Productions, continues this Thursday 11th March upstairs at O’Grady’s on Redcliffe Street.

This week we will be featuring guest poet Kimolisa Mings. The show will run from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Other spoken word artists as well as musicians and singers are welcome to participate.

All performers are limited to a maximum of three pieces, and can sign up either by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 783-4120, 779-6634 or 780-7754. There is a small entrance fee of $5, music will be provided by DJ Nez. Come out and support our local talent.

I have seen Kimolisa Mings around, and I have heard her poetry live. She always appeared very quiet and deep in thoughts. You might be forced to describe her as complex and an introvert, well that is until you read her blogs. Miss. Mings has been writing poems for over sixteen years. She wrote her first poem in second form, and was encouraged by her English teacher to continue.

For Kimolisa, poetry has always been an outlet for her inner thoughts, providing a means to paint pictures in people’s minds. She is a known fixture in the spoken word circle here in Antigua, and was the organizer of poetry night at the Cappuccino Lounge some five years ago.

She is currently working on a few projects including being an active blogger. At the moment she maintains two blogs. Kim or Lisa, www.kimolisa.blogspot.com, is predominantly just her poetry. The second Kimolisa Was Here, www.asilomik.blogspot.com, is more a reflection of her and her experiences. In the latter you get more insight into her perspective on fashion from Vivienne Westwood to Versace and Gucci, to her travel escapades to places like Florence, Italy.

Kim, as she is affectionately called, is more than what meets the eye. Her perspective on life is just that, ‘her perspective’, and isn’t molded by the typical ‘must-dos’ or ‘must-haves’ of society. Her quiet demeanor is not one to be taken lightly; rather it should raise your curiosity. Come out on Thursday and get to know the dynamic poet that is Kimolisa Mings.


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