Don't Be a Hypocrite

Hypocrite. photo: neuronarrative.comWe all do it, Pretend. Give a little half-grin here. Pretend.

And give a little quarter-smile there. We pretend.

In order to cover up our pain


Our grief and all that fear

Behind the big impressions

We pretend

We hide ten billion ups and downs

We cover up all the frustrations

But looking into our eyes

Deep into our souls

We pretend sometimes that they’re not even there

We pretend

We say all is well

Everything Bless

Kriss and Kurry

Go home and cry two time

Under the blanket in a hurry

Wash our face

False grin and fake smile

We pretend

We make up stories

Then we tell a couple

Or even just one lie

We pretend

Smile some more

Behave like we don’t know hard time

Inside we want to die

But we cannot

So we pretend some more

We pretend

Like its nobody’s business

You mind your own

And pretend

Everything is everything

We all do it


So don’t crucify me

Don’t pretend like you don’t

Just go ahead

Cause we all do it

We pretend!

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#3 Cia » 2010-04-11 16:06

no I can guarantee she isn't! Is Magic even married? Nice poem though, so true the facade people walk around with but the only people they fooling is themselves! I especially like the 'Kriss and Kurry' part.


same thought

#2 L » 2010-04-06 07:35

Funny enough, that was my first thought/question too!



#1 nikki » 2010-04-05 09:49

is the author married to magic hughes?


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