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MourningA part of me is missing;

A part of me is gone.

I’m here mourning, depressed and lonely,

Because my twins, and my other unborn child are gone.

I don’t think anyone else understands,

Or that anyone else really cares.

I am grieving my loss;

Confined and sentenced to battle my fears.

Why do they expect me to get over it so soon?

My offsprings conceived in love and passion;

Nurtured within me…  my full moon.

For them I grieve… for them I long.

Did they see my stomach growing or feel the sensation?

My babies were alive inside me;

Moving and developing,

Making others complain and protest with utter indignation.

Could they read my thoughts, interpret my dreams?

Or understand the plans I had for my sons?

Do they know the names I had in mind?

What my wishes were for the maestro’s boys to become?

Can anyone honestly empathize with me?

See beneath my armor that looks so strong?

That I am aching and still crying inside

For my twins, my other baby – gone! Gone! Gone!

In the wee hours of the night when I am all alone

It is hard to hold back the tears,

And convince myself that I will be alright.

Convince my baby lying beside me that there’s nothing wrong.

How can I forget all that has happened

When I can’t stop thinking about my little ones? How?

All this aching and yearning inside;

Nobody knows how bad I want my sons!

I still crave seafood and lemon chees-cake with blue-berry topping,

And for their dad to embrace us all night long.

But how do I share all this pain I am feeling,

When the one I love expects me to be strong?

Why did this have to happen to me more than once?

Am I simply unlucky or just far gone?

I have lost my babies –  my twin sons

Yet they expect me to act normal – like nothing is wrong!

Will I ever get over it?  Can I ever move on?

I had so many plans for my babies!

I dreamt of holding them –  loving them,

Now all I can do is cry inside because they are gone, gone, gone!

If they only knew how much I loved my boys

How incredible it was to feel them inside my stomach;

Thought of new life inside my body.

A pure miracle – not just luck.

Tears keep coming –  how to make them stop?

How do I forget my boys?

Not grieve for them anymore?

How do I make the yearning stop?

I wish I had a chance to hold them;

To love and show them how much I care

My babies – my twin boys are gone,

Only God knows how much I wish they were here!

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#3 Steward Priest » 2010-04-11 22:57

Guyana Lodge is working overtime in Antigua. Antiguans wake up !!

Steward Priest

Strong poem

#2 Cia » 2010-04-11 16:01

Bereavement Support Midwife, its a poem, though most people express themselves through their writings I don't think this was a cry for help or support, I could be wrong though


#1 Bereavement Support Midwife » 2010-04-11 01:13

There are people out there who do understand and who do care - www.sands-antigua-barbuda.com or call 722 0612 x

Bereavement Support Midwife

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