MOM’s Cooking

Mom's cookingMom’s cooking is the greatest!

No advance telephone call nor early booking

No reservations necessary

Just say your grace before meal

Chew 32 times then swallow

No talking with food in your mouth

And thank heaven for this good deal

Always a place setting for an extra friend, for family

Who drop by often, uninvited

Or show up on occasions or unexpected

A healthy and delicious dish

Is always free and always ready

With options for seconds, thirds and fourths

You will forget you’re watching your girth  

No million dollar chef can test

Her ducana, salt fish and chop-up

Banana and pumpkin fritters

Sumptuous stir-fried chicken

Her rice and peas and meat cook-up

Coconut dumpling and red herring

Raspberry jam, turkey with stuffing

Guava cheese, tamarind stew

Goodness gracious – Christmas ham

Oh, all those tasty treats

Mom - here I am

Cheese cake with blueberry topping

Pineapple upside down

Goat water, fungi and curried conchs

Pepperpot, green fig & steamed fish

Mother, please one more ounce

Soursop drink, mauby and carrot cake

Fever grass tea, lemonade

Beef cake and cha-cha dumpling

Mackerel and Johnny cake

The best home-made sandwiches ever

Wetting your appetite for more

Such succulent delights

Such belly-filling temptation

Papaya flavored ice-cream

Mom’s cooking can quell a fight

Between two warring nations

Can remove the distance between

Any estranged man and woman

Mom’s cooking is the greatest!

Simply mouth-watering

Everything she cooks - finger licking

A big hug and a kiss

A smile from ear to ear

Once you’ve filled your tummy

Your gut full of bliss, gratitude and care

Is all enough to satisfy my mommy.

Oh yes. Mom’s cooking is the greatest!


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a piece of heaven

#1 foody » 2010-05-09 03:53

I really love this myra... good stuff... heading for the kitchen.


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