My Daddy

My Daddy.photo-familyhealthandhome.comYou know him as Father

Brother-man, friend, comrade, as Mister

But I simply call him Daddy.

You see him as a hard worker

Disciplinarian, teacher, Mr. Fix-It, as leader

But he is the one who reared me – He is my daddy.

Protector of the household, family provider

God’s chosen one, the head, the father

My children call him grandpa, they call him pappy.

Spouse and husband to my mother

Patriarch, chief, senior father-figure

Simply put – he is my daddy.

To a daughter he is fighter and defender

To his wife – knight in shining armor

To an infant, his presences means security.

When things turn bad, turn really sour

His re-assuring words give his children power


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#1 Peaches Lake » 2010-05-30 01:14

Hero dad indeed!

Peaches Lake

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