My Lover Leaves Me

My lover leaves meMy lover leaves me


Like an apple nibbled to the core

Or a mop wrung dry of all its wetness.

He leaves me


Like a child outside a bakery

Or an HIV patient seeking a cure

My lover leaves me


Like a man who's won the lottery

Or the woman who just gave birth...

He leaves me


Like a school where a pipe has burst

Or the church at the Pope's funeral

My lover leaves me


Like an eagle, to the top of Mount Everest

Or a coke man on a high

My lover leaves me


And feeling

Like a woman who's in love.

Heartbreak Revisited

If I had a dollar

For every time

I've loved and lost

I'd open a bank

That would fund something

To bring life

Instead of the darkness

In my heart.

But there's no profit in heartbreak

Unless you're Mills & Boone's,

And even then

There's a happy ending


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