Utter Hypocrisy

Utter HypocrisyWith only one glance you can tell it’s everywhere
Right before your eyes you will eventually see

That two-faced actor with his face so bare
An abyss of utter hypocrisy.

With vigilance and scrutiny choose your companion
Your one good friend could be your worst enemy
And will look you in the eye plotting your destruction
Within this abyss of utter hypocrisy.

Their only aim is to make you bleed
Making you sick with frustration from every plea
On your soul, pocket and sanity they feed
Around their abyss of utter hypocrisy.

You see it, touch it and smell it in the air
It is true reality, not a fantasy
Watch out – it’s there so just beware
Lest you be downed in this abyss of utter hypocrisy.

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