On The Boardwalk

When the sun setWhen the sun set, they abandoned thoughts of fishing. Became two shadows lingering at the edge of the pier long after parents had persuaded their wrinkled children to leave the surf.

Some fishing trip. Not a single bite. He was already packing up. They’d been pondering dinner anything but fish it seemed dangling their feet over the edge, too far up to attract anything but an ambitious splatter. When he got up, she leaned back, fell onto the blanket, and flung her arms wide, embracing this perfect moment they’d somehow stumbled into.

He watched her hair spread out, its red tendrils spilling between the slats in the sun-bleached deck and threatening to mingle with the ocean below. He knew she would never allow that.

She was humming. Something he couldn’t make out. Her head swayed softly in shadow, like she was at her own private Sade concert. Her fingers snapped in tune with the rhythmic pulse of sea water assaulting the uprights below. In the dying sunlight, his heart beat a little faster.

He visualized the tourist booth near the beach entrance. It was probably empty by now. There was an open space, a covering big enough for two workers to sit and give out maps and brochures that had all started to look the same since they’d arrived on this island. Maybe he could spread the blanket down in there so they’d have some privacy. They might not be able to hear the ocean, but…

“Walk down the pier and count to 10, then come back here.” Her voice reached him over the splashing water. His eyebrow shot up. He saw she was already moving aside her slippers to grab the small bag she’d brought with them. His heartbeat threatened to outpace the waves now.

His lips curved slightly as he walked away; did what she’d instructed. There might still be people out there on the beach. If there were, he figured, they likely had other distractions by now, judging from the darkened pockets in between the bushes at the shoreline. It didn’t matter. No one knew them here.

The keys to the rental bounced in his shorts as he started counting out loud.

Curiosity was tickling his cheek. It finally pulled his head around once he’d reached the other end of the pier. He’d been facing the darkened shore, but when he turned around, the moon had risen.

His throat went dry as he savoured her curves against a million shiny crescents in the water. He’d never seen her like this. She barely walked around without a towel at home.

He wrestled the need to rush back up there. Stood at his end and inhaled. His body grew warm despite the brisk breeze. She peeled her dress down, and he watched it snag on her hips as she wriggled free.

She caught him looking, and froze, then started swaying again in time with that tune she’d been humming. Spread her knees ever so slightly and rocked from side to side. She turned to the side, and let the moon caress her outline. Then she bent down to pull something from the bag. He’d had enough. “10!” he shouted.

She was still humming that song, pressed against him now and swaying ever so slightly. Her breath drowned out the waves, crashing against his ears and forcing spirals of warmth down into his stomach. He inhaled her flowery scent on top of the salt air as he lightly kissed her neck.

He moaned. Pulled her down, and under him quickly, like the tide demanding a swimmer.

From the beach, their shadows mirrored the rise and fall of the waves, their warm breaths swept off in the breeze.

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Thanks for reading

#2 SADx » 2012-02-26 18:51

Thanks tenman. I appreciate your feedback. It's essential to the process. Romance indeed... Truth or fiction? :-*


@SA Dixon

#1 tenman » 2012-02-26 10:11

SaDixon, truly good writing. Thanks for the reminder that this place is indeed the place for romance. Its time more of us, take advantage of what it has to offer.



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