Moms Talent Show A Success

Moms Talent Show A SuccessAntigua St John's - Organisers of the highly-praised first-ever Mom’s Got Talent show on Mothers’ Day are already gearing up for a sequel in 2013.

Contestants showed off their talents in the Wadadli-Style Production event before a packed house at the Simon Bolivar Centre in St Johnsons Village.

Eight mothers were vying in three segments that included question and answer, talent, and best-dressed mom. Patrice Martin was crowned the overall winner.Patrice Martin

The contestants who made the show possible included Christal Coates, Patrice Martin, Sendy-Ann Bethune, Salome Christian, June Watkins, Kamesha Joseph, Theresa Bright, and Trecy Spencer.

They displayed talents ranging from singing to theatrical presentations, pole dancing, and dancing.

“It was a fantastic show but there could only be one winner,” said organiser Desiree George.

Martin came first place in the interview segment, the talent segment, and the best-dressed mom segment.

Kamesha Joseph and Sandy-Ann Bethune were crowned first and second runners up respectively.

They received cash prizes of $1,000 and $500 respectively as well as individual prizes of gifts from Ayoushe and gift certificates.

Salome Christian was awarded for being the oldest contestant, and Theresa Bright got a prize for being the mother with the most children to enter the competition.

The prizes were as follows:

Winner of Interview: the Moms Got Talent Best Question and Answer Award plus a gift from Lolita's.

Best Dressed Mom: Moms Got Talent Award, plus a gift from Evolution.

Best Talent is the overall winner and she received the Moms Got Talent Best Talent Award, a gift from Ayoushe, and also a gift certificate from Ayoushe.

The grand prize for the winner was a bedroom suite sponsored by Wadadli Style Productions.


Further, there was also the Moms Got Talent Award that was given to the Antigua's First Female Commissioner of Police Delano Christopher.

“Moms Got Talent will be an annual Mothers Day event and will get bigger and better as time goes on,” assured organiser Desiree George.

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Imagine this

#6 loving it » 2012-05-21 00:58

Hi Everyone,
I have been a research when I heard of this show and I have come to the conclusion that this Moms Got Talent show is not only the first in Antigua but in the Caribbean as well.
Heyyyy Antigua should be proud.
The Producer should be proud and I know I must be at the next one.
I just saw it on Tv about an hour ago oh so and I am impressed.
There are so much hidden talents here.

loving it

excellent performances

#5 hot mama » 2012-05-17 17:43

I wanted to know when the other auditions will take place for 2013.
I am interested in entering.
It was a great show and to say it is the first show that tells me that this is good stuff.
You the Contestants are Proud Hot Mamas-especially Salome Christian.
I could hardly recognize Salome-----she was looking so hot to say she is the oldest contestant.

hot mama

Has there ever been a Moms Got Talent in any other island other than Antigua?

#4 Caribbean Lady » 2012-05-17 15:02

I was there and as a mother and a grandmother and also an individual who is involved in Entertainment and also in the Arts it is my professional opinion that this show can sit right beside Queen of Carnival when it comes to all of the three segments.
There were talents displayed that I have never seen on stage before and those talents were right on par with some of the talents I have seen on Queen of Carnival and even better.I got more than my thirty dollars worth.
Congratulations to the Producer and her team.This Antigua's first Moms Got Talent was great.Ms George you really do think after midnight.

Caribbean Lady

Has there ever been a Moms Got Talent in any other island other than Antigua?

#3 Caribbean Lady » 2012-05-17 14:41

As a Mother and a Grandmother and also an individual who is involved in Entertainment and in the Arts I am very proud of all the Mothers.
I was there and I got more than my thirty dollars worth.
All of the Mothers were talented.I saw talents that I have never seen on stage before.Antigua's Queen of Carnival can sit right beside Moms Got Talent when it comes to all the segments.
Congratulations to the Producer and the MGT Committee Members.
Ms George you really do think after midnight.I am extremely proud of you and I may just enter next year.This was an exceptionally great show!

Caribbean Lady


#2 Lionman » 2012-05-17 09:54

To all of the mothers. You have more courage than I.


moms in grenada

#1 raynoldgrenada » 2012-05-17 06:24

I see why this lady had to win she it going on I wish women in my home land has that kind drive when they make a child they have to stop sexy is it not they still be queen that are everyday and all days.


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