Soca Haven Tent Gathers Momentum

Soca Haven Tent Gathers MomentumAntigua St. John’s - There is always something for everyone at Carnival time and the introduction of the “Soca Haven Soca Tent” creates yet another avenue for local upcoming musicians to showcase their talents, gain stage experience and better prepare for the season’s coveted Soca Monarch title.

Featured every Wednesday night at the Sandhaven Bar in Dickenson Bay, admission is free to both performer and patron, and the event is gathering speed as a platform for new soca releases for 2012.

Eustace Peters, Acid Sound Systems, Junior Rankin, Lee Pee Ching and others lead the team of organisers.

Peters said the group has the moral backing of the Carnival Development Committee (CDC), but is at this time carrying the financial burden on its own.

He said the CDC has pledged financial support but it cannot provide any funding until it receives its grant from the government.

“We have verbal support from the CDC Chairman but they haven’t gotten any funding as yet and even the Minister of Culture has given his full support,” he said.

Acid Sound Systems is known for providing sound equipment for one of the major calypso tents and a soca tent for the CDC some time ago.

Over the past weeks, almost a score of performers have graced the Sandhaven stage including Benna Boys -Lee Pee Ching and Charlie X, Kiyode Erasto and Bless Iye, Mad T Guans, Hard Knax, Set On and Lyrical Reds.

Also appearing on the Soca Haven stage were PG Don, The Mighty Ram, Black Money, Socopop and Lil Pimp, Mac Truc, Promise and the PNP Dance Group.

“The venue, Sandhaven, allows everyone to have “Tourist Experience” with the backdrop of one of Antigua's most beautiful beaches and also services from the same bar that our cruise visitors use,” Peters said.

Soca Haven Tent Gathers Momentum

“Admission to the tent is free. Just come and support the bar and enjoy local soca music.”

Attendance is relatively low at this time, but Peters explained that this was because of virtually non-existent marketing for the initiative, which in turn was due to lack of corporate funding and support.

“The budget is a little low right now but we are trying our best,” he said. “We expect things will get better as Carnival approaches.”

The tent was launched on the same evening as the official opening of Carnival 2012.

Culture Minister Eleston “Namba” Adams was present at the tent on Wednesday night. He spoke favourably of the initiative and the exposure it creates for local performers, and expressed the hope that the organisers would be able to realise the potential they envision.

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RE: Soca Haven Tent Gathers Momentum

#2 Soca Haven » 2012-06-19 16:46

Tomorrow Wednesday SOCA Haven Ricardo Drew, The Mad T Gauns with the King Hard Knax,Bless iye, Kiyode, Charlie X and many more ......

And next week catch Cluadette CP Peters also in the house.

Soca Haven


#1 SOCA HAVEN » 2012-06-16 20:57

Registered Artist for Soca Haven Soca Tent So Far:
1 Black Money
2 Dwight
3 Hard Knaxs
4 Lyrical Reds
5 Kit-one
6 Kiyode Erasto
7Lee Pee Ching
8 Lil Pimp
9 The Menace
10 Mac Truc
11 Mighty Ram
12 PG Don
13 Promise No Promise
14 Remmis
15 Rubee
16 Set-On
17 Socopop
18 Charli X

Ricardo Drew will be passing through this Wednesday.


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