Jus Bus Summer Birthday Bash Well Received

Jus Bus Summer Birthday Antigua St. John’s - There were as many as three events happening in Antigua on Saturday night but the multitude clearly chose to party with Justin ‘Jus Bus’ Nation at Abracadabra's in English Harbour, with Hennessy and music by some of Antigua’s finest including DJ Quixx, Wardadli Souljahs, DJ Jime and DJ Miks.

With an opening door price of just EC $10, celebrating the ‘3rd Annual Jus Bus Summer Birthday Bash’ was clearly a no brainer.

Very late in the celebrations saw the unveiling of an exceptional painting designed by GuavaDeArtist especially for the party, not forgetting the debut video "Blasting Away" featuring Drastic of Them Island Boyz & LogiQ Pryce on the big screen.

With a fully stocked bar and amazing entertainment, party-goers were kept well entertained way into the early morning hours, and even at the moment of the last song, the venue was still not quite empty.

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RE: Jus Bus Summer Birthday Bash Well Received

#2 Jus Bus » 2012-08-20 06:33

Thanks Bro they have done an article on me the person already so its not a big deal. good looking out though Allan appreciate that. i'm grateful for any little plug. bless.

Jus Bus

RE: Jus Bus Summer Birthday Bash Well Received

#1 ALLAN AFLAK » 2012-08-19 22:50

Funny how the reporters write an article about the party but no background about the individual who is one of Antigua's best graphic artists and music producers. Happy birthday bro.


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