Tian Winter Embarks on North American Engagements

Tian Winter Embarks on North American Engagements Antigua St. John's - Double-crowned Party Monarch Tian Winter shared the stateside spotlight on August 30, in another edition of the Tempo Turns 7 concert series.

Winter, his Iconic Band and his ICandy Dancers were on show at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center alongside Young Devyn and Kerwin Du Bois.

Tempo boasts of being the first and only pan-Caribbean media and entertainment company that broadcasts in 24 islands as well as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, on Cablevision Chanel 1105.

The show on which Winter and his crew will appeared was streamed live via www.gottempo.com.

Winter and his Iconic Band’s participation in the Tempo Turns 7 concert series also forms part of the New York Tourism Office winter promotions activities in North America.

“We are pleased that we are able to utilise Tian’s international appeal to give greater visibility to Antigua & Barbuda. His successes on the local and regional stage, I am sure will generate a huge interest in Antigua & Barbuda,” said US Director of Tourism Derede Samuel Whitlock.

The Tempo Turns 7 gala is a summer-long event, with shows featuring a star-studded cast, including Luciano, Benjai, Denise Belfon, Nadia Baston and others. The organisers, headed by CEO Frederick Morton Jr. said they are happy to have Winter, his band and his dancers join the festivities.

The team left Antigua earlier this week, for what is the kick-off to several planned road trips. This jaunt will also see the King of the Party Stage performing at the Fifth Annual Caribbean Splashdown Music Festival in Marcus Garvey Park.

“This is the natural progression from a fantastic Carnival season at home where Tian dominated  the fetes and then went on to prove that prowess by recapturing both the Jumpy and Groovy crowns in the Party Monarch competition,” one of his managers, Kayode O’Marde said.

“The aim is to keep the home fires blazing, but we also have to blaze a regional and international path, and twin this with the promotion of Antigua & Barbuda and the Tian Winter brand. Tian, of course, is excited, as is the entire crew. We are certain that Antigua & Barbuda will be proud of them and that we’re all on the cusp of something good. From the Tri-State Area to Miami and the world,” O'Marde added.

In addition to support from the Department of Tourism and the Government of Antigua & Barbuda, the group’s North American trip is made possible through the contributions of New Thriving Restaurant, Chefs2U Events Ltd., Cool and Smooth, Little Canton Restaurant, Myst Carnival, Community First Credit Union, Joe Mikes and Wadadli Events Services.

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ah come on

#9 rupert j. » 2012-09-05 14:25

I have said this a thousand times so this is a thousand and one all of you nay sayers need to get a life, there are some of you who just waste a lot of time in trying to find something negative to say, as the saying goes if you have nothing good to say shut the hell up and go sit down, Quite frankly I am tired of all this bad minded behavour so please stop it and do it now.

rupert j.

I told you all so

#8 Sarah Knowles » 2012-09-02 13:28

There is plenty wrong with Tian being flown all over with the CDC chairman promoting him. Oh I forgot, the CDC Chariman is his manager. And you all want to tell me that Kayode thinks this is right? Give me a break. I predicted Tian wines both crowns this year and I give another prediction here now. In 2013 if Tian's Manager is CDC Chairman again, then Tian wins both crowns next year again.

Sarah Knowles

Enjoy Your Creativity!

#7 John French II » 2012-09-02 12:31

Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! Words to the Wise! Plan Strategically for Longevity, Success and Husband Your Monetary Rewards & Resources.

Snoop travels economy!

Much Rspect to You, Your Band, Your Fans & Your Management Team!

John French II


#6 It Is Me » 2012-09-01 21:13

Exactly what kind of support did the ministry of tourism and the government give to Tian? One would of thought that his prize monies was support enough. Why didn't Hard Knoxx get this quick and helpfull support last year when he was King?

What would he do without the sponsors? Why did local businesses and government have to sponsor someone to go on an international tour unless you are getting direct international advertisement out of it? Don't you go on tour to get paid? Is it a promotional tour for people to get to know Tian? When will they start paying him? We used to pay Burning Flames US$5,000 to perform in Montreal back in the days and they never needed "sponsors" ... because they got paid whenever they played!!!

It Is Me

...soul selling...

#5 Jumbee Picknee » 2012-09-01 15:40

Agent Sasco, was the soul advertised on ebay or a sign was put up at Parham Corner? So, there is the possibility of a Robert Johnson Antigua stylee. It's said, that hotel California is a beautiful resort to check in to on tour but you can never check out until the hounds get their share of tongue licking, I mean lashing.

Jumbee Picknee

RE: Tian Winter Embarks on North American Engagements

#4 Kimberly » 2012-09-01 14:16

Carnival aint done??? What is the conflict of interest now??? Is Carnival money he using on his tour - NO! Was there any clear bias during Carnival - NO! Did Tian get anything extra because Lime was his sponsor or Kayode his manager - NO! At the end of the day the judges are who decide the winner of the competition and if we cannot identify any clear bias/or show anything extra that Tian got then we just need to let it go! Did Lime or Kayode pay the judges to chose a winner - who has that proof bring it! Why are we always looking for issues where there are none!


Not another word needed

#3 Serious Times » 2012-09-01 10:34

Dear Mr. Prime Minister and Minister of Carnival,

The engagement of Tian Winter in this road show and more particular the "Tempo turns 7" event is deserving of fullest commendations and indeed represents a proud moment for Antigua and Barbuda.
Of great and grave concern however must be the association of CDC Chairman Kyode O'Marde with the artiste.
Your government has had far too many cases of conflicts of interests, ethics and lack of judgement. While Mr. O'Marde is generally known to be a decent individual, his actions, when examined closely, fail to meet the litmus of best practice, ethics and sound judgement. He should be asked to resign his appointment as CDC boss or be fired.
Mr. PM and Mr. Minister, you stand judged by your actions of not providing for the comfort of other competing Carnival interests or for encouraging a clearly untenable situation to continue. Neither Tian nor Kyode need this and most definitely Carnival can do without it too.

Serious Times

looks good.

#2 agent sasco » 2012-09-01 09:18

"but me nar go sell me soul fu get no deal. me a tark how me feel"... agent sasco.

agent sasco

Happy for Tian, BUT

#1 G Flow aka BABA Flow » 2012-09-01 04:18

As a fellow soca artist and a born and bread Antiguan (BABA), I am extremely happy to see Tian making waves regionally and internationally BUT.
Having Kayode O’Marde as the chairman of CDC is a clear conflict of interest
From my point of view the entire set-up of party monarch competition is just soooooo unfair
Number #1 - LIME sponsors Tain and is also the sponsor for the Party Monarch Competition
Number #2 - Kayode O’Marde being the chairman of CDC an as we can clearly see, he is still Tian's manager
Please don't think I am hating because I am a BIG BIG Fan of Tain. I think that he is extremely talented and has the most potential of becoming a true international star. Tian can sing anything (Soca, R&B, Reggae, etc), infact I trully beleive that Tian is the next Kevin Little
I trully wish Tian Winter all the best but the field is not level at all, everything is titled in favor of our Double Party Monarch King "Tian Winter"
I think "Drastic" and other soca artists like "Tizzy" are doing the best thing by not taking part in the party monarch competition

G Flow aka BABA Flow

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