Shiva’s School to Break the Silence

Break the SilenceAntigua St. John's - A unique type of partnership has been forged between  the Ministry of Social Transformation “Innocence Project”  and the Shiva’s School of Dance to amplify  the messages surrounding child abuse.

This collaboration will unveil the staging of six nights of dance production entitled, “The way you love me,” choreographed and directed by Tavia Hunte.

Categorized in two sections, there will one show for adults, 16 years and over and  matinee for the entire family. The six-night experience, set for the weekends of June 21, 22 and 23 and 28, 29, 30, is intended highlight to the issues of child abuse and bring the discussion to the forefront and holistically develop solutions, in support of the Ministry’s Innocence Project and then call of NGO’s, the clergy, business community to get involved in the yearlong campaign.

“This new production intends to get to the core of the matter and utilize the art form of dance to make a strong statement that we must all play a role in ridding our society of this demon… This latest work of the Shiva School of Dance is geared towards addressing the serious issue of  child abuse and violence against women that is plaguing our society,” said Hunte, adding that the  Shiva School of Dance is pleased to be associated with The innocence Project.

Hunte, who holds a bachelor’s in Dance Education from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica, explained that “dance is a powerful tool that can transform the human body, soul and spirit; it removes barriers, brings people together and it allows us to express what our words fail to say. The Shiva School of Dance is committed to ensuring that dance gains the love and respect needed in the community and continues to educate and transform minds and bodies through this dynamic art form.”

Hunte added further that “… our talents were given to us to serve each other and so wherever our strengths lie we must ensure that others benefit from our presence here on this earth. If we don’t make a change it will never come our children are our future. It is our duty to love and care for them.”

On the nights of the productions, the patron’s appetite is expected to be wet with varying styles of dance from Caribbean folk to modern contemporary dance.  Cultural forms of dance which range from African Caribbean dance, modern contemporary, jazz, and hip hop are all included in the line-up. This, Hunte said, is in keeping with the school’s mantra, “Creating Unity through Diversity”.

Senator Malaka Parker, in endorsing the partnership, said this type of interaction and engagement with partners opens avenues for more efficient, pragmatic, and flexible ways to tackle the complex problem of child abuse.  

“Added to the partnerships already forged, the use of creative expression will reinforce the existing defense system by strengthening mechanisms and by facilitating more substance-driven cooperation with partners across and beyond industry, communities and Government frameworks,” said Senator Parker. “What is especially rewarding is that the dancers will be children and adults, the precise groups we need to reach.”

The audience is expected to be of diverse different age groups and will hopefully pass on the message of the show after the curtains close.

The show will be held at the University of the West Indies Open Campus on Factory Road.


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A must see

#1 Fantastic » 2013-06-03 12:22

I was fortunate enough to get a preview of the shows. I recommend you go and see the show(s) . Not only will it be an eye opener but the way the dancers of Shiva express the issue of child and female abuse is out of this world !!!


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