Antigua Culture Minister Visits Homecoming Hopefuls

ContestantsAntigua St John's - Minister of Culture Eleston Adams recently visited the 2011 Independence Homecoming Queen (IHQ) hopefuls at the Multipurpose Center during a practice session, and urged the delegates to become cultural ambassadors.

The minister explained that the 30th anniversary of the nation’s independence is a very special time to reflect on how far the country has come.

He urged the delegates to “use the platform to boast about what the respective zones and Antigua & Barbuda have to offer in terms of a cultural package".

Each candidate gave a synopsis of how she plans to achieve this goal, and assured the minister that he would not be disappointed.Contestants

Raynel Caroll (East), Shanice Sebastian (West), Amlin Cephas (Barbuda), Nikki Laville (North) and Ranee Laronde (South) will compete in Research, Swimwear, Cultural Talent, Cultural Wear, and Interview segments on October 28 at the Dean William Lake Cultural Center.

Since being selected, the IHQ candidates have been making their mark, participating in the Antigua Hotel and Tourist Association’s (AHTA) International Coastal Cleanup drive and AS Bryden’s “Barefoot” Wine and Bubbly Beach Rescue event. They also made an appearance at the “Unwine” charity event for breast cancer patient Ella Cephas.

According to Chairman Shane Marsh, “The girls have been working really hard, and are enthusiastic about representing their respective zones while making a positive impact around the island. I am very proud of them and know that they will make their zones proud too.”

This year's pageant is being staged under the theme “Keeping Culture Alive”.

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RE: Antigua Culture Minister Visits Homecoming Hopefuls

#2 my way of helping » 2011-09-27 15:37

nice, referring to the girls here, I did not read anything but stare at the pictures ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ladies, once again, good luck.

my way of helping

Best Wishes

#1 Lionman » 2011-09-27 11:45

Hope the pageant turns out to be a success. May the best lady win.


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