Independence Show Plans Progressing

Independence Show Plans ProgressingAntigua St John's - Plans are advancing for hosting the 5th Annual Independence Homecoming Fashion show under the theme “Bois,” meaning wood, as part of the pearl anniversary of Independence to mark the 30th anniversary of political independence of Antigua & Barbuda.

Over 60 models from across the country are in rigorous training for the event, to be held on November 5 and 6 at the Multi-purpose Cultural and Exhibition Center.

This year, the independence fashion show will showcase the best of what the island has to offer in the fashion industry, showcasing local and regional designs.

The catwalk will see Antiguan designs on November 5, while regional designs will take center stage on November 6. 

Chairperson of the Homecoming Fashion Extravaganza Vanda Neale-Gardner has been harnessing the talents of upcoming designers and models in an effort to boost culture and promote trade in an industry that is nontraditional.

Neal-Gardner said the very capable team that includes, Director of Mannequins Image Management and Chief Judge of Caribbean’s Next Top Model Richard Young from Trinidad and Tobago who comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the regional and international fashion industry.  

This year organizers are faced with the challenge of a limited number of models in comparison with this time last year. 

The Committee Chairperson said the average woman in Antigua is 5’7” and this poses a challenge as the regional designers require taller models. She is calling on interested males and females to visit the Multi-purpose Center at 6pm Monday to Friday to get involved.

Minister of Culture Eleston Adams charge the models to recognize the true potential of the Independence Fashion Show as there are many benefits to be derived. He further calls on the organizers and models to present a high quality event to Antigua and Barbuda and the region.

Minister Adams believes that the event should become a premier event that facilitates economic growth.

Meantime the Fashion Show Committee Chair said that apart from clothing, this year’s show will see a display of jewelry, bags, shoes and hats. The highly anticipated fashion challenge designers will utilize wood to create fashion is an added attraction.

The 2011 Independence Fashion Show will benchmark the December 2012 Antigua and Barbuda Fashion week.

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Money go round

#2 PeterPan » 2011-10-22 12:03

How much is the budget?

Millions and no accounting.

People were given made up jobs on boards to keep them quiet.
I wonder how much all these SC's cost?


RE: Independence Show Plans Progressing

#1 wow » 2011-10-22 10:03

We don't have jobs, food or clothing yet we have money to spend on women pageants tom foolery for independence?? Where is POWA where is the Christian council. Why are we letting this UPP group getaway with this dishonesty and corruption. This needs to end or we will end up with a dictatorship like Libya. Hopefully our leaders on both sides are taking notes on what happened to Ghaddafi.


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