Meeting Discusses Spear Fishing

Spear FishingAntigua St. john's - Officials in the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing, and Environment and representatives of the fisherfolk community have committed to continue the dialogue begun earlier this week, primarily on two issues affecting the latter group.

During a meeting yesterday at the ministry’s headquarters, attended by Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Housing, and Environment Hilson Baptiste, Permanent Secretary Robelto Isaac, senior officials from the Fisheries Division, members of the Fisherman Alliance, the Fisherman’s Co-operative, and members of the Spear Fishing Association, participants discussed the regulation that allows spear fishers a maximum of six fish in a 24-hour period and the formulation of a Fisherman’s Advisory Committee.

The quota came to the fore in the press this week, with affected individuals requesting a revisit of the regulation. They also noted that in addition to the threat to their livelihood, officers attached to the Coast Guard have been enforcing the regulation.

Isaac was mandated to communicate with the permanent secretary in the Ministry of National Security, to advise that the fishermen have been granted a moratorium until the regulation is revisited and for them to regularise their status.

All fishermen were advised to visit the Fisheries Division in Point to obtain the necessary licences. Minister Baptiste, meanwhile, said he would begin formulating the Fisherman’s Advisory Committee next week. The eight-member body will include commercial fishermen, a representative from the Fisheries Division, and other individuals who can make valuable contributions to the effective and sustainable management of fisheries.

The committee will play a vital liaison role between the fishing community and the Fisheries Division. Minister Baptiste urged all present at the meeting to work with one accord, noting that the fishermen and the authorities are partners.

“Let’s put our differences aside and work together to protect our waters. We don’t need to be at odds with you the fishermen because we don’t have enough personnel to manage the fishing and coastal zones, so let’s work together and manage it for the future,” Minister Baptiste said.

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RE: Meeting Discusses Spear Fishing

#2 GoodJobBob » 2013-04-08 00:20

Let me edit that for you JP:

The laws are useless.

See, not only is it cleaner than your version, but it can be re-used for posts regarding driving, financial fraud, loud music at the beach, driving, burglary, driving, government corruption, oh, and did I mention driving?


Useless laws

#1 JP Farnsworth » 2013-04-05 10:57

Without any enforcement the laws are useless. With small fines the laws remain useless. :-?

JP Farnsworth

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