More Giant Snails Collected

More Giant Snails CollectedAntigua St. John's - National celebrations to mark World Environment Day were met with much enthusiasm.

The Environment Division co-ordinated national awareness by partnering with various agencies within the government ministries, as well as with members of the financial sector. The celebration began with an early morning snail hunt across the island, with two teams simultaneously hunting in Jolly Hill and Burma. Due to insufficient volunteering, the Cooks site was not covered.

Teams consisted of representatives from the Establishment Department, the Royal Police Force, Antigua Barbuda Development Bank, Plant Protection Unit, and the Environment Division. About 2,000 Giant African Snails were collected between both sites during the hours of 5:30 am and 8:30 am.


Celebrations continued with a variety of media interviews emphasizing the theme for World Environment Day: Think. Eat. Save. Reduce Your Food print.  Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Housing, Lands and Environment Robelto Isaac delivered a feature address on behalf of Minister Hilson Baptiste to commemorate World Environment Day.

A presentation of certificates to the various institutions that participated in raising awareness to World Environment Day was made to commend their efforts. Most notable were the St John’s Co-operative Credit Union, Antigua Commercial Bank, and the Antigua Barbuda Development Bank. The St John’s Cooperative Credit Union used green ribbons to create World Environment Day pin-ons, which were distributed to staff and customers. They also created a small display, which highlighted the theme for World Environment Day.

Staff members of the Antigua Commercial Bank were decked out in green uniforms to highlight World Environment Day in addition to recycling money boxes to decorate their offices and grow plants.  Instead of using commercial tea bags, ACB utilizes locally grown tea-bush plants that are also used as decorative plants.

Dr. Helena- effery Brown presenting a Certificate of appreciation to Mrs White

The Antigua Barbuda Development Bank participated in the early morning snail hunt and also used the opportunity of World Environment Day to have their entire team wear green uniforms. The Caribbean Union Bank also wore green, with a stronger focus on reducing paper waste within the office as part of World Environment Day.

Royal Bank of Canada and RBTT are both globally apart of the Blue Water Project, which aims to provide drinkable, swimmable, and fishable water for all. Blue Water Project activities will begin next week.  

The theme for World Environment Day coincides with the culmination of Agriculture Week and the launch of the Buy Local Campaign within the Ministry of Agriculture, Housing, Lands and Environment. The Environment Division encouraged residents to continue awareness to the protection of the environment by adopting eco-friendly lifestyles that conserve the environment; buying locally; becoming energy efficient and reducing food waste.


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[email protected] Up & JP Farnswarth

#3 Jumbee Picknee » 2013-06-07 17:03

Greetings...JP, by the way, what the pa$$ code, which would have you do that famous KNOCK OUT Punch, that would Mash Up any opponent?
Back to life and Our Nations reality...FU REAL, FE REAL, these giants snails as they are called in Antigua, escargot in other parts of the World are SOLD as KUNKS(conchs) in the Asian Fish Markets in America...MONEY...MO NEY...MONEY....MOOOO OMONEY...Antiguans could really use some, My People gotta have some...money...money...money....

have anyone seen any Chinese collecting the fish guts, scales and heads from the fish market or wherever fish are cleaned? Another Micro Industry...the ORGAN FISH FERTILIZER...Please see what a gallon/litre sells for online.

Me garne,
Auntee Roachee say, She haffu honor King Bowl Face with his SaintHood Title. He was a genius for coming up with the phrase,

Stay strong in One Positive Love, One, Positive Aim, One Positive Destiny...
Jah Guide

Jumbee Picknee

Wait a Min

#2 Mash Up » 2013-06-07 14:52

Please don't tell me they are throwing away these delicious and quite edible snails. I looove them with minced garlic, **er, parmesan cheese, hot from under the broiler with some sour dough bread with a glass of pinot grigio its like heaven on a plate. I have also had them stuffed in mushrooms. DELICIOUS!
The cruise ships would pay top dollar for these delicacies. Why aren't people seeing the money in Snails.

Mash Up

Big Sale at Le Bistro

#1 JP Farnsworth » 2013-06-07 08:24

No, but they should have one on snails. Look fresh local escargot in garlic sauce.
I'll bet once you put a price on their little heads people will be running to grab them.
How about our local cooking folks, got any good recipes for us? On eggs? with chicken? in a salad? Maybe dried, or fried? in a bowl like popcorn? much higher in protein. 8)

JP Farnsworth

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