Do Not be Caught Off Guard – Philmore Mullin

hurricane Luis, barbudaful photoAntigua St. john's - “Maintain optimum level of preparedness,” warns head of National Office of Disaster Services.

With the 2013 hurricane season approaching its peak, Philmore Mullin called on the nation not to be complacent, while speaking on ABS’s Good Morning Antigua.

He was careful to remind residents of the devastating effects of hurricane Luis.

“Remember Luis, if we remember this, we won’t be caught off guard.”

Although the season has been quiet, historically, storms are known to have been most destructive in the month of September.

Mullin also referred to the 1988 season; which saw two back to back storms hitting the island in September and October.

He noted that many residents had down their shutters, and were caught off- guard, “Maintain optimum level of preparedness, do not be caught off- guard,” he urged.

Meanwhile Keithley Meade, who heads the Antigua & Barbuda Met Services, offered explanation behind the inactivity of the season.

“The waves have been coming, but they die when they come into contact with the cooler waters. Due to the presence of Saharan Dust over the Atlantic Ocean, the sun is being blocked, causing the water to be cooler than normal,” he explained.

Meade suggested that the dust is welcoming, saying if it disappears, the systems would have more favourable conditions for development.

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