Scholarship Recipients Complete Cleanup

Beach CleanupAntigua St. john's - The scant disregard that some residents have for the environment recently came into sharp focus when the Antigua Hotels and Tourist Association (AHTA) staged a cleanup of seven beaches.

Dozens of bags of garbage containing plastic bottles, foam containers, takeaway food boxes and other refuse were collected and disposed to observe International Beach Cleanup Day.

The actual cleanup was done by six women who are on two-year AHTA scholarships at the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute (ABHTI).

Speaking on behalf of the scholarship recipients, Maylene Hector said she was shocked to discover the amount of garbage littering the country's beaches.

"I was very surprised because in terms of Jabberwock, the beach was cleaned the week before and we still picked up over 12 bags of garbage,” she said. “The people who walk on the beach said they were happy to see what we were doing.”

But she added, "I think nationals need to be conscious that this is our main source of income and we need to be tourism-minded and walk with garbage bags to the beach and take our garbage with us when we're leaving."

Overall, more than 60 bags of garbage were collected, 25 of which came from Fort James.

About 19 people, led by Kessa Stevens, cleaned Darkwood, while Karen Williams and former Carnival queen contestant Ryancia Henry led the group of 40 at Fort James. Ava Mason led her half a dozen cleanup crew at Johnson's Point, while Ayanna Dorsette and five other residents worked at Lashings.

The Freetown Boys and Girls Brigade and Antigua Hash Harriers cleaned Half Moon Bay and Galleon Beach, respectively.

Garbage dumped at Fort- ames

Assistance also came from the Interact Club, Fun Walkers, Potters Moravian Church, Antigua Girls’ High School Girl Guides, and other ABHTI students.

Administrative Assistant at AHTA Anthea Watkins said the project sought to teach students the need for civic responsibility and build leadership skills and teamwork.

She hoped more citizens would take part next year.

The cleanup was supported by Anjo Wholesale and Townhouse Megastore. 

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RE: Scholarship Recipients Complete Cleanup

#4 EAGLE » 2013-10-06 04:09

Patriot what is your point? "FAST PEOPLE IN GREEN" but you are still commenting on the "MOST IGNORANT" parking situations. This is the problem Antigua face when people like you make these comments; yet you not sure on what you want to say! HOW FAST ARE THEY? They haven't come into your private home to interfere with your vehicle so get to the point. When Mr. Michael gets Litter Warden and they begin to do their job as you are requesting you are going to be the same one describing them as "FAST PEOPLE". Life is so strange!


RE: Scholarship Recipients Complete Cleanup

#3 fnpsr1 » 2013-10-05 12:14

What would help is proper receptacles in designated areas at the beaches so that folks can take a leisurely walk and discard of their trash. In other words clean up after your self! Of course, they will still need the desire to keep the place clean! Additionally, the trash would have to be picked up as necessary.

It would also help if a constant public service announcement on TV is made about "Keeping Antigua Clean".

Also, instead of sending folks to jail for petty crimes, give them community service and let them "Keep Antigua Clean."


@ Patriot

#2 Morris » 2013-10-05 10:09

I agree with you. We also need more recycling receptacles, regular garbage collection, and a robust recycling program. There is a huge market out there for recycled trash and if we put the right systems in place I am confident that we can benefit from it.


N**y people dem be

#1 Patriot » 2013-10-05 09:13

I have sought the permission of Mr Lionel Michael at CBH to get legislation to install Litter Wardens, as I have witness lots of blatant littering..Same as Transport have installed them "FAST PEOPLE IN GREEN" who ha** drivers for some of the "MOST IGNORANT" parking situations. The WEALTH of any NATION depends on its HEALTH. So Mr Michael, Minister of Health, the Powers that be...PLEASE DO YOUR SBAs.


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