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CARPHA Vows to Fight Childhood Obesity

Childhood ObesityAntigua St. John's - The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is working on a multi-level programme

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AUA Educating Athletes on Heart Disease

Rohr poses with the local triathlon teamAntigua St. John's - A campaign to educate athletes about underlying heart conditions that can result in

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The Skinny on Celery

CeleryToo much stress and frustration in your life? Need to calm your nerves or lower your blood?  Go to your…

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Catch the Fitness Madness

Catch the Fitness MadnessAntigua St John's - If you’re like most people, you’re hitting that point in the year where you’re

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Needs dietSummertime tends to trigger a weight loss frenzy for those who want to lose some extra pounds.  Some want to…

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All That Coconut Goodness

Adam-KirbyAntigua St John's - Everywhere you look nowadays you see a vendor selling coconut water on the roadside.

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Detox Diets: What Works, What Doesn't

Gwyneth PaltrowNobody does diets better than Hollywood, and when stars want to slim down fast, they often turn to cleanses.…

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Why Not Healthier Coffee

Experience Wellness in a cup of coffeeExperience Wellness in a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate! Do you want better health? Do you want to live

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Does Exercise Really Keep Us Healthy?

ExercisingExercise has long been touted as the panacea for everything that ails you. For better health, simply walk for…

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MSJMC Offers Get Fit Programme

MSJMC Offers Get Fit ProgrammeAntigua St John's - Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) and Mindful Movements have teamed up to offer

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Healing the body with foods

BookAbout 13 years ago I began suffering from an auto-immune disease called polymyositis (a muscle disease where…

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MSJMC Getting Fit for Christmas

photo- ttfatloss.comAntigua St John's - MSJMC is offering an 8-week lifestyle transition program called “Fit for Christmas”

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22 Reasons to Go Vegetarian Right Now

VegetarianYour body, the planet and the animals will thank you for it

Why go vegetarian?
Better yet, why not go…

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Eating Right and Popping Probiotic Pills

Rambo in Cassada GardensI never had a weight problem until I turned 40. Being over 6 ft tall, everyone would tell me I could carry

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The Pan Project: Combating Fat

Pan ProjectThe Medical Benefits Scheme is seeking to enhance the health of students in Antigua and Barbuda through its…

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Immunotec- Your Health is Our Business

Immunocal Most of us know it’s a good idea to eat well, exercise and get a good night’s sleep. We might also know

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High Cholesterol: What's Your Body Telling You?

Fat PeopleAre you an apple or a pear? The answer to that question could very well tell you if you’re at risk for high…

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10 Simple Tips for Losing Weight

Half is enoughIf you’re over 30 and you still weigh what you did 10 years ago, this article is not for you. I’ll write

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"Wheel Aerobics," the New Fitness Craze for the New Age

Ubdominal Training WheelsPast Mr. Jacksonville Body Builder of 1992, Terry Lewis, Revitalizes the Fitness World With His New Workout…

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Signs Symptoms and Causes of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesityIf you're a parent, then you may be familiar with the monthly trips to the district health clinic, especially

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Scientists suggest obesity can be caught like cold

OBESITY can be "caught" from another individual in the same way as a cold with the virus spread by dirty…

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Trophies of Motherhood

MotherhoodIt is often said that pregnant women have a certain glow, and they do. But there are days when a little extra

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Obesity In Children On The Rise

Obesity in children"Globally, we are seeing an increase in overweight and obesity in children, and it is easier to prevent these …

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A Good Blend of Healthy Fun

MBS run/walkThe Medical Benefits Scheme’s (MBS) first-ever 5K Run/Walk was dubbed a success with its blend of community…

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Are Healthy Promises Made To Be Broken?

It all start hereThis time of year is usually a period for reflection and finding fresh solutions. I say fresh solutions…

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