Old Road Farmer Reaps 50 lb Pumpkins

Lennie JosiahAntigua St. John's - After farming for over 40 years, Lennie Josiah is reaping the benefits.

Last week, on a farm in Old Road near Claymont estate, better known as Spring Piece, he reaped several Pumpkins weighing 48 to 50 pounds.

Mr. Josiah tells the secret of how he got such a giant pumpkins.

“Two years ago, I visited San Fernando, Trinidad, and purchased pumpkins while I was there on my trip. I brought the seeds back to Antigua, planted them and I have been reaping the benefits since.”

Mr. Josiah also spoke of using manure from his sheep as fertilizer, which he believes is another reason for the 50 pound pumpkins.

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RE: Old Road Farmer Reaps 50 lb Pumpkins

#5 naskie » 2013-03-26 07:29

Thats the way to go people of our country take note plant more even in your backyards we will save more to more


RE: Old Road Farmer Reaps 50 lb Pumpkins

#4 Pumpkin fritter » 2013-03-18 10:01

Spring Peace

Pumpkin fritter

using manure from his sheep as fertilizer

#3 skyewill » 2013-03-18 09:34

Antiguans are natural geniuses share the knowledge with the youth. Our government need to stop using Human waste and use Goat Chit.


Food For Thought.

#2 Smilie » 2013-03-18 08:01

Another JOSIAH!!!!!!! Last year Austin Josiah reaped a pumpkin as heavy as 45 pounds. Now Lennie Josiah this year has gone up to 50 pounds. Is it a matter of DNA or coincidence? Maybe it is a sign that the JOSIAH's are slated to feed the nation. Keep at it Josiah Family.


RE: Old Road Farmer Reaps 50 lb Pumpkins

#1 my way of helping » 2013-03-18 03:10

Wow, let us grow more food here and keep most of our money. No more Puerto Rico or St. Martin.

my way of helping

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