Grafting Workshop Planned

Grafting Workshop Antigua St. John's - The first in a series of workshops organised by the Community Development Division (CDD) as part of initiatives to boost participation in the annual Homes, Families and Gardens Festival competition, was held on Thursday at Christian Valley.

The participants, some of whom have taken part in the competition, were taught the specifics of budding and grafting by Agriculturalist Danny Joseph.

First place winner in the flower garden competition for the south zone Ginatin Edgecombe said the workshop was useful to her. “I came here today to learn how to graft. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do and I’m pretty much satisfied so I’m going home to experiment. This year I’m going to enter vegetable and flowers, fruit trees too, and I’m really looking forward to it,” said Edgecome. Another workshop participant was Eltonia Rojas. She has never been a participant in the competition but has an interest in agriculture. “It was really good. This is something that I’ve known existed but I’ve never seen it done. It was nice to see the different techniques utilised,” said Rojas.

Acting Director of the CDD Dale O’Brien was pleased with the level of interest shown and spoke of the possibility of another workshop of the same kind being held later this month since the number of participants had to be curtailed. Chairperson of this year’s Homes, Families and Gardens Festival Valdrina Jackson said she was hoping though to see more competitors of the festival participating in the session however it was worth it.

Several other workshops on agronomy, horticulture and plant protection will be held later this month, in August and September respectively. Another aspect of the festival is a Poetry and Research competition based on the overall theme “Think beautification for the nation’s health and wealth.”

Registration for the 6th annual Homes, Families and Gardens Festival competition organised by the Community Development Division in the Ministry of Social Transformation is now ongoing until September 30. Judging will begin in October.


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RE: Grafting Workshop Planned

#2 Duncy Bat » 2013-07-06 15:44

Is it true that if this procedure were to be done with both political parties we will still reap a bad fruit?

Duncy Bat

I love this

#1 skyewill » 2013-07-06 06:48

Great Job Danny. This is a very useful skill to have. I would love to learn how to graft plants and I heard that there is a lot of plants that can grow from the leaves as well. This is great community education. Thanks


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