Villa and Point and Grays Green Bury Hatchet

Jerome Underwood from Villa & Point and Aunty Ester from Grays GreenAntigua St. John's - The rivalries between the Villa & Point and the Grays Green communities. Certainly, the exploits of Empire in football and Five islands may never ever be duplicated.

In Basketball, Express and Braves out of Grays Green and Skillville from Villa & Point have dominated at various times.

when it comes to culture, namely pan music and calypso, these two communities again dominate.

Grays Green's Halcyon Steel Orchestra may hold the record for the most consecutive steel band titles 

but Hells Gate's recent three-peat may be looking to take over the reigns of steel band in the country.

In calypso Villa & Point rule.

King Short Shirt is legendary, an Icon, some may even suggest, world's best social commentator. Surely there are many other domineering performances by teams and individuals coming out of these two very stron communities, where at time parents warned their children 'never to visit.'

These are the so called-ghettos where there is no shortage of talent.

In spite of their rich histories however, there was a time when the competition between these two communities took a bloody turn.

the year was 1976 and Villa & Point and Grays Green were at war, seriously.

To date, its the closest, at least in modern times that Antigua & Barbuda came close to civil war.

What started the 'war' is still debatable but some claim it had to do with the rivalry between pan men while others suggest it was simple jealousies.

There are those who also claim that it had to do with domestic disputes but the real reasons are still uncertain.

Whatever the reasons, the 'war' started and before it ended, a number of persons were stabbed, others beaten and there were lines of demarcation drawn.

There were constant clashes between men from these communities before it all seemed to die and natural death.

But while many have kept quiet on the issues that caused the 'war' there was never an official end until, Wednesday night.

Incidentally, both communities are celebrating their respective reunions.

So rather than clash or compete this time around, organizing  members of both reunions decided to officially 'bury the hatchet' of the 1976 'war.'

As a symbolic gesture, President of the Villa & Point Reunion Committee Inc. Jerome "Medor" Underwood traveled to the Multi-Purpose Cultural Centre in Grays Green where tt Community was holding its reunion's meet and greet.

Underwood got together with" Aunty" Ester and Cardover "Popeye" Simon and exchanged reunion shirts signalling the end of a period they wished never happened.

"We are more educated now and hopefully we never have to go through this again," Underwood said.

Though a resident of Grays Green, Simon arguably the most decorated long distance runner in the country, has represented the Villa Point community.

He expressed similar sentiments to Underwood's.

"The first time I played pan on stage it was with Hells Gate," Simon said.

"There is no need for us to ever fight again."

The war may be over but one thing is certain these two communities will continue to battle for supremacy in sports, culture and all other facets of Antigua & Barbuda life.

That's just the way it is.

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#2 Jumbee Picknee » 2013-08-09 20:58

Reading this story, sure do bring back lots of memories....Living in Villa, Athill St., Mama lived across from "Medor' and yes, Jennifer lived on Armstrong Rd, so how did I get around this 'local battle' to get to Gray's Farm, I walked to Ottos, then circle down the back to Armstrong Rd...
Great Memories and it's great to see OUR Communities realizing the importance and significance of living in harmony. Remember, COMPETITION BREEDS INGENUITY.

Nuff Raspect to ALL in,
One Positive Love, Aim Destiny for we won't give up the fight for wholesome, holistic unity...

Jumbee Picknee

I had this thought just this morning

#1 Skyewill » 2013-08-09 14:16

A joint country wide effort to end the violence. Several Public Service Announcements with lots of people from all walks of life and a slogan on radio, TV, Newspapers, Billboards, With well know individuals from all political parties, From the PM and the opposition Leader, school children and elderly citizens, know gang members Police, doctors, nurses, Rasta man, sport stars, men, women, boys, girls, business men and women, Antiguans abroad a good cross section of Antigua and Barbuda in a "Peace Now" campaign to stop the violence. A deep reaching inward into the consciousness of the country. Where is the leadership?


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