Does the Govt Really Care

Does the Govt Really Care?Antigua St John's - Sometimes, the Government of Antigua & Barbuda simply fails to properly address the problem.
For me, this has never been clearer than with the cell tower project.

After Caribarena began a period of heavy questioning, the Ministry of Information invited a PAHO-recommended engineer to conduct a study.

This study lasted only two days, and, not surprisingly, found everything was perfectly in order.

It took about half a year for the results of this study to finally be released, and when they finally were, the number of holes found in the report, including missing information and inconsistent data, only hurt the credibility of the report even more.

Overall, I think the Ministry has done a thoroughly terrible job of handling the situation, communicating proactively with the people, and taking steps to make sure there is no health risk.

This failure is amplified thousands of times when compared to the actions of the government in Brazil.

Belo Horizonte is the third largest city in Brazil. One day, the health department of Belo Horizonte (of just the city, not all of Brazil) decided to start a study to see if such towers pose a health risk.

The study they conducted lasted 10 years. It is clear that the health department was genuinely interested in this matter.

It did not take the constant pounding of the media to push them into this project, and they used significant resources, both financial and human, to really get an understanding of the problem.

The fruit of their efforts? The study found that people living within 500 meters of cell phone antennas were at an elevated risk of developing tumours.

The city prosecutor sued several companies, asking for the removal of over 700 antennas.

Now, regardless of the results of either study, and regardless of the truth behind the health risk of cell phone towers, it is clear that the government is not interested in this matter.

The effort and resources they put in are minimal; the importance they attached to the release of the report was remarkably low, and I for one am not confident that I live in a healthy environment based on the actions of the government.

It is truly a shame that our people are willing to protest old generators and political corruption, but see no reason to fight for their own health.

To read more about the study in Belo Horizonte, click here.

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RE: Does the Govt Really Care

#8 Viagra Kills! » 2012-06-15 13:52

The word "Really" needs to be removed from this headline. This will make the question precise.

Viagra Kills!


#7 Andrew chulu » 2012-05-29 23:11

See this has always been the problem in Antigua everybody always blaming the government but at what point the people them self are going to start taking some type of responsibility. Our country for over 20 years was run by a government that cared only about no one but what we do we keep voting them in, the people is the country not the government so if we need the towers to it can happen, so act and quit pointing finger.

Andrew chulu


#6 annoyed » 2012-05-10 14:15

Yes, in Brazil they used 'significant resources, both financial and human'.
Nobody expect that from Mansoor (government), all we ask is that as a first step the number of cell towers will be reduces asap, this will fall on the companies Digicel cable and Wireless and APUA.
Does it make sense to you that on 108 sq f we have over 100 cell towers?
And if you will recall the press conference the ministry of information admitted that they would like to see the number reduce to 40, soooo what's stopping you? hmmm let me guess... :-x



#5 tenman » 2012-05-10 14:04

Writer, thanks for this article. Unfortunately because we are in survival mode, taking steps to deal with a matter like this is deemed unimportant. The feeling is since it won't affect me tomorrow, it can wait. It does not seem urgent. This attitude is why we will always be surviving and not thriving.



Yes. but

#4 dadlison » 2012-05-10 10:30

I agree this is an important issue. But notice this line in the article "and they used significant resources, both financial and human". The sad fact of the matter is we do not have sufficient resources to fight crime, promote tourism, protect our environment and fishing. We need to priorities, and the issues are listed are simply more important I am afraid.


They don't care!!!

#3 Dig It » 2012-05-10 08:29

Writer, thanks for reminding the public that the "health-risks" surrounding the cell phone towers are still "unanswered" and we should make the effort to see to it that the right and proper steps are taken to get a "unbiased" report! Afterall, this is our health we are talking about, and, afford to be subjected to the risks of all sorts of ailments later down the road such as cancer! I agree with you agree with you that the Ministry and government simply don't care or give a damm!

Dig It

RE: Does the Govt Really Care

#2 pLS » 2012-05-10 08:03

Most persons wouldnt care either. How many of us would give up use of our cell phones for our health?? Its like having unprotected sex. You know you can get HIV but many people still do it. Its like driving dangerously, although many have died many still contuinue to do it. Maybe the Government doesnt care but I think they have many more important issues to deal with.


for Digicel

#1 Once worked » 2012-05-10 07:15

Folks...do not worry about these misgivings...The minister is pushing for an ALL OUR foreign domination for the telcoms market. Digicel is at the forefront of this assault followe by the Cable Company from St. Vincent that is owned by the New Zealander with his private jet plane...and you will see it in the coming months. It will be mask as a 'break the monopoly' heading. The public does not know the three quarters of it..
I will keep you posted.

Once worked

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