Ministry Expecting Frequency Expert

Ministry Expecting Frequency ExpertAntigua St John's - The Ministry of Information and Technology has told Caribarena that a World Health Organization (WHO) radio frequency (RF) expert will be coming to Antigua this week.

This expert will conduct an independent RF study to ensure that no one on the island is being exposed to potentially harmful EMFs.

This followed Caribarena's investigation, during which a disproportionate number of cell phone towers, often placed in questionable locations, were discovered all around Antigua.

The government had said it accepted the cell phone companies' assurance that these towers were safe, but the study that will be conducted is an additional measure to remove all doubt.

This information was give to Caribarena by Minister of Information Technology Dr Edmond Mansoor, who also said that the government is not accepting anyone's singular opinion, because there are no RF experts here on island.

The initial article highlighting the possible dangers of cell phone towers was published on May 23. Since then, eight additional articles have been published. Almost 100 cell phone towers were identified, some in residential areas and near schools. However, worse of all was the complete lack of regulation here in Antigua.

There are no laws in Antigua to stop cell phone companies from placing towers wherever they wish. Caribarena's efforts are intended to see this changed, and to have safe, modern regulations put in place in Antigua.

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#3 Skyewill » 2011-08-18 00:26

You are correct, but yesterday's confrontation also rang a bell with the minister. I know he read the comments and today we got results, which is good. And yes, thank Caribarena for it's roll, but dont discount the roll of the bloggers. But to be fair. We got something. It's not over yet and I hope the minister don't think so and continue to do the right thing and answer to the people like he should be doing in the first place. He did good so give him a cracker, pat him on the head. Condition him to continue to do the right thing and understand that this genration is not like those of old. We dwon't fall for no POOP!


@ Skyewill

#2 naiomi » 2011-08-17 11:30

In order to keep this Government Acountable there must be a objective medium which is not bias and that is what Caribarena does. I know of a person in Christian Hill who have the tower right in his yard who died from Cancer. Is that a coincidence? If Caribarena didn't bring this subject in the forefront this Government would not have done anything about it. Make sure it is WHO that is coming so Caribarena should call up WHO to make sure it is the truth.


It can be done

#1 Skyewill » 2011-08-17 08:04

Good job Mr. Minister, a good first step that need follow through to completion with full reporting to the people by making all comunication on the subject public. That is the right way. What ever the outcome we deal with it as a people and we solve it as a people. Be the unifier not the seperater. Oh what great opportunities missed! now apologise and shake hands, Caribarena, watch out for the velvet gloves, and for those with iron hands, the jig is up!


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