EMF Exposure

EMF exposure

Exposure Limits for Cellphone Tower EMFs

Cellphone Tower Radiating into Homes. Photo Credit: Full Signal MovieThis article was written to summarize and explain several existing standards for Cellphone tower exposure

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How military used EMF over 40 years ago

electromagnetic weapons. photo- sovereignsentience.blogspot.comThe American military developed electromagnetic weapons long before mobile phones existed.

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EMF Effects on Your Body Cells

photo - harmonicfm.comHuman beings are an open "radio system" made up of varying electromagnetic frequencies that naturally

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Did Government-Industry Block & Distort Truth on EMF Hazards?

photo-plannedparenthoodcorruption.orgMost people do not know the full extent of electromagnetic field dangers because its truth has been

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How Much EMF Exposure is Too Much for You?

you are exposed to EMF 24 hours a dayThe medical and electric power communities have differing views on EMF exposure health effects. But they all

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Why EMF Pollution is the Quick Road to Human Extinction

DangerWe now live in a sea of dangerous and deadly EMF pollution that we cannot sense and has never before existed

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What is Electromagnetic Field?

Electromagnetic Waves. photo-buzzle.comElectromagnetic field or EMF is invisible lines of force that occur when electrical current flows through

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