Electromagnetic Radiation Health Effects You Must Know

photo - popsci.comBefore understanding electromagnetic radiation health effect to your body, you must know how body cells function.

In your body, there is subtle electrical activity similar to electric circuits. This electrical activity controls vital bodily functions such as growth, metabolism, thought and movement.

Body electrical currents are as critical to the well being of human body as the flow of blood. Disturbance in this electrical network can be devastating to the correct and effective functioning of all organ systems, especially the brain. It may even harm your health and lead to development of cancer and other diseases.

Electromagnetic being

In other words, you are fundamentally electromagnetic beings. Tiny electrical currents exist in our body due to chemical reactions. It occurs as part of our normal bodily functions, even in the absence of external electric fields.

For example, nerves relay signals by transmitting electric impulses. Most biochemical reactions, from digestion to brain activities, go along with the rearrangement of charged particles. Even your heart is electrically active.

Voltages build and fluctuate, electric currents course through arteries, veins and across capillary walls. In the process, white blood cells and metabolic compounds are drawn into and out of surrounding tissues.

This electrical system "works to balance the activity of internal organs and in the case of injuries, represents the very foundation of healing process". (Bjorn E.W. Nordenstrom, MD in the 1983 medical book, Biologically Closed Electric Circuits: Clinical, Experimental, and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System)

A sensitive system

Your bodies are thus sensitive electromagnetic systems that run on millivolts. In other words, we are in reality a bioelectric machine. And your body also generates electromagnetic field. In fact, all living things such as humans, animal and plants generate EMF.

The basic nature of your body is frequency. Therefore, exposure to external frequencies from natural surroundings can easily cause you to pulse to the wrong beat. Even extremely small external charges far below the threshold of awareness can affect your body system and health.

Research shows that when you are exposed to one consistent external frequency for more than a few minutes, your body's ability to run its own electrical circuitry at optimum efficiency is disrupted.

Immediate effects can result from direct exposure to electromagnetic field strengths at levels well above those typically found in your living environments. Intense magnetic fields for example, can cause nerve and muscle stimulation, and intense electric fields can stimulate your hair.

Your bodies are sensitive to even weak electromagnetic radiation. For example, low frequency electromagnetic radiation can affect your body's circadian rhythms. It affects the production of melatonin hormone, which is produced by brain's pineal gland. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the biological rhythms of mammals.

Research done at Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs has documented that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes reduced melatonin secretion. Reduction of melatonin level threatens your health and can result in psychiatric disorders like depression, shortened attention span and inability to sleep.

Decreased melatonin production can also increase the permeability of "blood-brain barrier", leaving you even more vulnerable to chemicals toxic effects.

Blood-brain barrier is a kind of safety barrier Nature has provided you to prevent dangerous molecules from entering the brain and causing damage.

How blood-brain barrier protects you
When you are exposed to chemicals that find its way inside your bodies, two protective mechanisms are utilized. Melatonin neutralizes the free radicals (cancer-causing agents) created by the chemicals. And the blood-brain barrier prevents chemicals from entering the brain and spinal cord.

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation breaks down the blood-brain barrier and hinders this protective mechanism. It will also affect the permeability of cell membrane of your nerves, blood vessels, skin, and other organs.

The intricate chromosomes DNA has also been shown to be affected by electromagnetic field. And iron, necessary for healthy blood and is stored in brain, is highly affected by electromagnetic radiation too.

Health hazards

Both strong and weak electromagnetic radiation emitted from any electrical or electronic equipment will interact with and affect human body's own weak electromagnetic fields. Therefore, it interferes with your body's natural healing processes and produces all sorts of health hazards.

As explained above, you are easily affected by electromagnetic radiation because throughout your body, every biochemical process involves precisely choreographed movement of electromagnetic field - sensitive atoms, molecules, and ions.

Medical information suggests that there may be links between prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation and health problems especially cancer, nervous disorders and birth defects.

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I need to know the effect on one's body containing a metal implanted appliance when one is exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

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