Do You Know You're Constantly Immersed in Background Radiation?

photo - travelpod.com photo- npl.co.ukBackground radiation is naturally and inevitably present in our environment.

The Earth is naturally radioactive. We can find some radioactive substances like uranium and thorium in rocks such as granite, sandstone and limestone.

As the rocks weather, they form soils which also contain traces of radioactive materials. Then, the soils are washed into streams and rivers. So we are exposed to background radiation directly from rocks, soils, streams and trees.

contains two radioactive gases, radon and thoron. These gases come from uranium and thorium in Earth's crust.

As they seep into air, they disperse with low concentration. But when they enter a building through floor and building materials, the concentration increases unless the building is well ventilated.

The amount you get depends on:

  • the altitude above sea level where you live
  • the materials used in the construction of your building
  • the way building is constructed and ventilated
  • and the composition of underlying rocks.

This is the biggest single source of natural background radiation.

Cosmic radiation comes from the sun and outer space. If you live in mountains, you get more cosmic radiation than at sea level because there is less air to act as shield. At the cruising height of a jet, you get over 100 times more radiation than at sea level.

The average dose of radiation we would receive if we lived at sea level is 0.25 mSv. We get an extra 0.01 mSv each year for every 30 meters above sea level. For every hour spent in flight, we get an extra 0.04 mSv. (British estimates)

Building materials made from Earth's natural resources like clay, sand and gravel used for bricks and concrete, and from wood, are also a source of natural background radiation. According to British estimates, the radiation dose from building is 0.14 mSv.

A house made mainly of wood gives 0.3 mSv. And a house made mainly from concrete, stone or brick gives 0.35 mSv.

In Food & Drink. Naturally radioactive materials in the Earth's crust are taken up by plants and animals. It becomes dissolved in water too. So everything we eat and drink is also slightly radioactive.

No widespread harm

No one can avoid natural background radiation. Humans have lived with it in the atmosphere since beginning of time. Background radiation in our everyday environment does not cause widespread harm.

Some scientists point out that when life first arose over 2 billion years ago, it evolved in an environment with thousands of times more background radiation than we are exposed to today. Yet there was room for life to live safely, long enough to reproduce, in such an environment.

In some places in Iran, India and Europe, where natural background radiation gives an annual dose of more than 50 mSv and up to 260 mSv (at Ramsar in Iran), lifetime doses from natural radiation range up to several thousand millisieverts.

In spite of this, there is no evidence of increased cancers or other health problems arising from these high natural levels.

Benefits our body

The science of biophysics has firmly established that all life is firmly imprinted with the stamp of environment. In other words, our body is firmly integrated into our environment, in constant exchange with it, and is controlled by it.

All our various biorhythms, organs and metabolic functions run synchronously with universe "pulse rhythm".

If this coordination is disturbed, disease and even death can occur. Because our body is closely bound to Nature, we are controlled by it. We can only live healthily if we synchronize with Earth's rhythmical oscillations.

What are these body-harmonious pulse rhythms?

Schumann waves

One of the beneficial pulse rhythms are Schumann waves, which are ionosphere with a frequency of 7.83 Hz. It corresponds precisely with the frequency of hippocampus in the brain of all mammals. The hippocampus in human is responsible for our memory and survival, among other things.

Our nervous system also responds to electromagnetic pulses of Schumann waves.

The above point clearly shows that we are an energy system that depends on balanced and natural energies around us for our health, well-being and survival.

These are the reasons why US NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) built Schumann wave generators into its manned space flights to keep their astronauts physiologically and psychologically healthy.

However, these Schumann waves can be altered by interference frequencies from all forms of radio, communication transmitters and high-tension power lines.

Electron plasma waves

Human beings also integrate with another signal spectrum called electron plasma wave of trace elements and crystals in the lithosphere. These electromagnetic radiations are far weaker in intensity.

But they are in precise resonance with our body, in which the same trace elements also occur especially in the blood. These too can be interfered with man-made communication transmitters.

In conclusion, human can live normally in presence of natural background radiation. Disruption of these natural radiations with man-made electromagnetic device causes unbalance in our body. Eventually, this unbalance will affect our health.

In another word, maximizing background radiation exposure will promote health and vitality.

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