Petition to Release the Power Plant Documents

The Wadadli Power PlantAntigua, St. John's - The Wadadli Power Plant is a Government project with the aim of moving the country's power generation out of the hands of the private sector and into the hands of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority. 

Schemes for the Power Plant were started as early as 2005, with the first official agreement being signed in 2008. The Government also received a loan equal to $300 Million Chinese Yuan (RMB). This loan was never brought to parliament for approval, even though this is absolutely necessary under Antigua and Barbuda's law.

Caribarena's investigation into the Power Plant started in early 2009, not long after the engines and other components first arrived at the Ports of Antigua and Barbuda. The Power Plant was officially handed over to the Government on September of 2011. 

A few months after the Hand Over ceremony, photographers of Caribarena took alarming photographs of the power plant, raising doubts about the quality and age of the engines. Significant oil leaks, rust, and wear are some of the elements that have raised the doubts in the mind of the people. Those Photographs can be seen here.

Since the Hand Over, the Power Plant has been riddled with controversy. From the numerous Chinese companies involved in the project to the quality and age of the Engines themselves, everything related to the power plant has been brought into question. A complete list of all of Caribarena's articles on the Wadadli Power Plant has been compiled at the bottom of this article.

The handling of the situation by the authorities has further complicated the matter, with the Government taking a defensive and at times aggressive position to defend the Power Plant. 

All the while, rumors of engines being down and the other problems of the Power Plant have been constantly in the air, including a Corrosion Report, Sinking Fuel Tanks, Engine problems, and many others.

While several Chinese representatives and the Government claim the engines are new, no official evidence has been provided to support their claims. The Government also recently announced that an inquiry into the Power Plant will not be undertaken.

In Antigua and Barbuda, we pride ourselves with the democratic and free country that we enjoy. Our Government has signed and put in place acts to ensure transparency, like the Freedom of Information Act.

However, the Government now refuses to release evidence of their claims. They refuse to disclose information to the public like was promised during the 2009 elections and like the law of the land demands. 

If you believe in your rights as a member of the public, in your freedom as a citizen of a democratic nation, and in your right to know what is being done with your money by the Government, demand the release of the Power Plant documents!

Demand transparency from the Government! Demand the truth, for better or for worse. The team at Caribarena have made available the below petition. Please sign the petition, and show you support this cause.

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Collected so far:
332 signatures
leslie brown
2004 you told me alp is so corrupt so i gave you a chance to change that, u didnt 2009 you come back again with the same story. what is so funny only now i see who is the corrupt fellows so sad .
Jodi Josiah
Transparency is needed for democracy...
Anthony Isaac
clifford rose
Don't give up!
Baldwin Spencer
Marcia Joseph
disappointment again
Maleek Joseph
Release the report!
kevin gumbs
While I am not accusing anyone of anything, isn't the public money not best spent in an atmosphere of transparency and accountability?
Alison Archer
F. Elizee
Listening to the PM say that the engines are new is totally missleading. If he had only say the building is new we could understand, but don't tell the people its a brand new power plant,the buliding is not the power plant, the engines are the power plant
kitjuana robin
dnt think that removing miss christian was a great idea
Tulip Morris
transparency please, what's to hide.
J Channing
This transparency killing me!
Branson Belle
Alan weston
K. Matthew
Release the documents
Jamie Robinson
We need something better than that plant for our money mr.spencer...
O. Henry
R. Henry
J. Charles
Michael Longford
Time for the truth to be told and the corruption to stop.
we need to see everything .we paid 4 it.
ydia philip
we are not stupid
Coston Baird
somthing is wrong and iwant to know
Alicia Gordon
interesting to know what the report says
Rose Fyller
Patrick Simon
We, the people, have a right to know. How can those engines be new, have we become so stupid as a people.
Gerii Kyla Underwood
Tiffany Reifer
simone jarvis king
Nadia Lee
Shamarie Spencer
Dian Philip
paying to much for electricity, we need to know now.
Patrick M Labadie
Release the documents
Aunt Rose
The Sunshine Government Light and water off again.
Richard Roberts
nick frederick
we want the truth
Gilroy Williams
Lynette Roseau
Robert Ian Elder
Nigel Warner
This sure look's old to me...
Gloria Joseph
Barbara James
blessings francis
Sampson Joseph
Please give us back our money. That WPP is not value for money.
john james
Sylvia Scott
Stand up for Antigua and Barbuda not the politicians we are on the edge of poverty lets change it now before it's too late.Can you immagine bright Christmas Eve and Christmas day no water in OVALS, it came on Boxing Day and dripping, we need a change.
denise byers
we deserve to know
Adam Turner
Shawnita E. Mack
Olivette Wynter
Anthony Pestaina
Educated Antiguan who wants to come home
Transparency in government is one of the tenents in a democratic society ascribing to good governance.
Lester Thomas
Frank Ligthart
The suffering have to stop
anthony john
Cornelius Anderson
Natalie Bennett
Barry Morgan
Kate Gonzales
A clear case of corruption
Eric Bradshaw
S. Martinez
Maria Sanchez
Monika Berger
Sydney Lewis
Lisa Crump
Jay Hawley
Aaron Benjamin
Ashlee Anderson
Francesca Abbott
Gail Wilson
Jerome Brown
Zane Saunders
Time to stand up for your country, at the end of it all is not the politicians going have a rough time its the people......... we make the government, we ARE the government.........
Amanda Emanuel
h. winters
god is coming for his world
Donna Anderson
WE deserve to know
thagpaul gaimchand
Peter Anthony
Anita Sampson
Cherrian Rawlins
Transparency used to be UPP's buzz word. Whatever happened????
Karina Hughes
Martha Henry
Clair Martins
Allen Jones
Robin Jones
elizabeth delanbanque
Belinda Roberts
R. Whyte
More blackouts coming soon, thank you government for wisely purchasing an old junk power plant.
Dizi Harris
OMG APUA debt to APC is $37 million???? and why the hell they puchased this WPP if it can only supply 20M ?? SMH
Jacque Q. Smith
John M. Jarvis
E. Richards
GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!
Lance Browne
Transperency is the guarantor of democracy..
Michael Brugston
Rose Richardson
I'm so disapointed with this government.
Alexandra Potter
Nathan Robinson
Benjamin Simon
Why the media become so quiet on the WPP issue, you are our light, please don't stop
Ralph Thomas
Cassandra Thomas
Stacylyn Francis
If you have nothing to hide then show us the documents
Lisa Henry
Don Hunderson
Jerom Watkins
The change will come, be strong, demand the truth
D. Wallas
Catherine Howie
Mark Ralph
Tom Walker
Brenda Murphy
Craig L Merchant
New Old Reconditioned or otherwise, we the people who funded the purchase have a right to know.
Nikki Michael
don't stop, the truth will come out only if we demand it.
Susan Bond
Natasha Burger
Stand firm my people, the truth will come out
K. Morris
Justin B. Joseph
julian Ford
Vera Baptiste
A. Carter
Tarik Francis
Joan Holt
Even the blind can see your politricks
D. Knight
Tiffany Davis
Ian Holder
Government in the sunshine of my a**
Cecil Merchant
Perla Parisi
Alex Murphy
We are paying we deserve to know!!!
Jessica Henry
Robert Henry
Sam G. Brown
Nicholas Grant
Simon Williams
Lester Browne
Deva Baron
Release them now
Donna Rodrigez
Where is, Accountability and Transparency , CHIEF SERVANT.
Didi Martinez
what a shame
D. Emanuel
Liars liars pants on fire
Alex Isaac
we want to know !!!
Jack Anthony
we want the truth
Petra Williams
Patricia B
what about the tour and answering the media questions that youpipies promised????
Julian A. H
We have a power plant with an insatiable appetite for replacement parts, fuel, and oil and what our government IS responsible for this scandal…
Sandra Burton
Call for an investigation into the plant
You Can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the time. I Want to know how my TAX DOLLAR was SPENT
kendra k thomas
Sean Paul
Disrespect to the people of Antigua and Barbuda
Martin Williams
You promised a tour and to answer the media questions, how long this will take??????
Martin Gloria
Colin James
Joseph Goodwin
where is the transparency and accountability you promised us???
Alicia Holder
Kika Donoven
We want to know!!!
maureen hyman
Paul Michael
Let the truth come out
Diana Barnes
Oliver Spencer
Please publish the truth about the WPP and its TRUE cost to the tax paying people of Antigua andf barbuda
Erickson Skerritt
Eric Rolston Belle
Collin Knight
Need the truth.
Daniel Baptiste
Brendon Sutherland
We want the real truth
Vere Edwards
the only tired we should be tired, is tired of giving in to gangstaz...
Daniel Johnson
One scandal after another scandal. we say NO MORE!!
G. Jones
Keep the pressure
Jamille Nelson
Check into the fencing scandal meanwhile
Let the truth be told
Do nothing, fear nothing
Bertsfield Smithen
Dewayne Wade
Jessie Curtis
Come clean
Adrienne Zachariah
Where there's TRUTH there's TRANSPARENCY............RELEASE
lester browne
Undine Joseph
J. Adams
Reveal the documents to the public.
Angelique Maynes-Blackmore
Andrew M.
We will not stop, we want the truth
Devon Wyre
The administration has not been upfront wih purchsse of power plant
Cassandra Jarvis
the future of this country is important
Eric Martim
Let us demand that Glaston Browne tell us who were paid to say the WPP were OLD?
Craig Christian
We want the truth from UPP about the WPP
Jasmine Henry
Charge: (Treason) Conspiracy with aliens to defraud Antigua and Barbuda
Kim Bird
only a blind man cannot see with his own eyes
Ashworth Azille
Enid C. Forde
Just tell us the truth
bridgette edwards
Alex Charles
Kayode Benjamin
See nothing...say nothing... hear nothing.....this is not real democracy!!!
Jim Jones
sheredith weston
Accountability and transparency!!
tamisha jno baptiste
this goverment keeps lying to the ppl..
George Edwards
if it is a presidential order WHY are we PAYING for the WPP?
Bernice Greene
Myron James
Tell us the truth!
we wantto know
St. Clair Simon
sacndal, after scandal, where is the SUNSHINE, it's like MIDNIGHT here. Answer our questions, where did the monies GO? Is the GG UPP's new Tack-coverup
Jose Samuel-Etinoff
we want to see proof where our 47 million dollars
dave smart
show us the docs please sir
kai frederick
Leslie-Ann Yearwood
Maureen Jeremy
This is not personal this is business.We have a right to ask and you are committed to answering truthfully
Fred Corbin
The Chinese sold the Government a used power station from Guangzhou Province. Those engines are 30 years old.
Jamalle Isaac
patricia wallace
franlyn richards
David T. Jardine (Jr.)
In hard economic times as these, transparency and accountability are reasonable requests!
sheahan joseph
Patrick M Labadie
Release The Wadadli Power Plant Documents this is no longer about RED and BLUE this is about the survival of our Nation
G Johnson
UPP=ALP=No Transparency . Time to break this cycle . A&B need an Alternative....Get ready!
Its my money and I need answers now!!
Tracey P
Joe Dadli
help us to make informed judgements.
Lennox Gregory
Patrick Braithwaite
want transparency in my beloved country
Mrs. Bird
for a cause
Molwyn Joseph
Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
The right to know is my public duty
stephen james
power plant
We need answers now!!!
Geraldine Tonge
Carole Williams
Why is everything so secretive ~ When we the people are paying for it?
Alex Saunders
Jane Finch
It's time for accountability !
If there is nothing to hide whats the fear?
Adam Anton
transparency please!
Tamara Hosam
where is the transparency we were promised
Kirk Charles
Martin Lammers
Nell Fuller
Frances Fuller
kenneth Joseph
politicians should be made to assist their citizens not sell them to the highest bidder
Hugh C. Marshall Jnr.
Accountability, transparency
Linetta Samuel
We need to see the documents, we will have to pay for them.
Dion Anthony
it is the nation business, we are the ones paying back the loan. by the way i still voting upp
Samantha Marshall
Bridget Harrison
wa d deal Mr.spencer?
Celestine Benjamin
Mr. PM d truth please!
Shakirra James
UPP put up or shut up!
Yvonne Benjamin
the truth please thank u! dem old or dem new?
Everton Gomes
the truth will set u free
Jeremiah Ali
Even the blind can see corruption here, no point in hiding the facts any longer....
GAF Jeremiah
We are not begging, we are DEMANDING....
Anthony Edwards
Tax Payers Dollars was spent on the Plant. It's not a private entity. We need full disclosure on this issue.
Dale Stoute
H.B.K.Ambrose Sr
The Chief Servant Did Not Take This Loan To The House Of Parliament.(A LAW WAS BROKEN) A Public inquire Shoulds Be Called.
Eric Martim
Do not forget that Gaston Browne can tell who got PAID to say the engines are old
Elizabeth Scott
Its only fair, we need to know what we are paying for, not what they tell us what we are paying for.
Simone Nicholas
Lynette Thwaites
Where is the transparency and accountability we were promised
Cynthia Carr
Julian Rogers
Lindell Miller
Ernest George, Mechanical Engineer
I am an engineer who use to work at the Plant and I know that we did not get value for money
talia beckie pryce
we need the truth!
stanmore barnes
shine the light, lets see the truth
tanisha aloma robinson
i need to know i we get value for my money and if the power plant is new
Don Hughes
We should know
Imani Hughes
documents NOW!!!
Elijah James
We have a RIGHT to the AFFAIRS of OUR government. Enough with Parliamentarians dictating our lives to suit them...
Martin Freeman
We Need the Truth on these generators NOW!
David Shaw
The people need to know the truth.
Algernon Watts
Let the chips fall where they may
Audrey Taylor
Good Action
we need the truth!
george edwards
let us show spencer who is "chief sevent"
Bethan Marajah
It's impossible that cant be the same engine we spent millions on..... give us an inquiry!!!
Gah-Yin Wong
Donna Hughes
The wine and blood press conference was not about transparency & Accountability but belligerence
rolston potter
Harold Elmore
Clear the Air, we want to see proof where our 47 million dollars went
Arielle Thony
Old Discarded Plant I demand an answer
Debbie Yearwood
Turn over the documents NOW!!!
j fuller
the truth will set you free.
David Fernandez
An investigation should be carried out
Tennesia Marcion
beverley clarke
justice must be done
Vere Cornwall Bird III
The Rule of Law is Greater than Spencer, Shoul and China combined
George Skye Williams
full disclosure 100%
James de Freitas
Michael James
Eugene Humphreys
Alex Holder
release it already...
Lucian Barreto
Julian Barreto
Dean Jonas
the engines appear to be old, used up and rusted.
Jane Barreto
Ian Hughes
transparency & accountability
Yvonne Ambrose Walker
Hinkson A Reynolds
Orenzia Roberts
I agree if the government has nothing to hide then prove us wrong release the documents
Orell Roberts
Finally, We Need Answers
Donna Browne
we need to kniow the truth about the generators
I agree that the Government should release the relevant documents to prove conclusively that the engines are new in the interest of good governance
Ronald Maginley
Ned Joseph
Victoria Charles
I agree to transparency, If there is nothing to hide, the Government need to release its evidence.
Kevin Mendonca
Do the right thing now. Have a commission of enquiry into this immediately!
Jude Looby
WE really need this...
Tamara Katz
Christan Cornelius
An inquiry is needed for this. There is something wrong with the WPP.
Lawrence King
The Truth will out .....intime
Charles Western
Peter Benjamin
Stand up Antiguans and Barbudans, country before party and Chinese.
Colin Sampson
Cornel Hughes
The atrocities have got to stop. Corruption at its highest level is destroying our society! We must say NO! We need accountability NOW!
Lester Jonas
would like accountability
Paul Edwards
Robert Hill
Barry Galloway
Alan J Hart
Vere Aaron
Antiguans and Barbudans get with the program. Accountability abd transparency they promise but this is what we demand. They are trying to take us for granted but we must send a clear message to them because no man is an island
Kelroy Fritz
This is long overdue. thanks for the voice.
Ofer Shaked
Fight for the Truth



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23 Comments In This Article   


RE: Petition to Release the Power Plant Documents

#23 Corrupt Government » 2013-05-19 15:16

OK lets consider what the UPP has done to hurt the citizens of Antigua.

Personal Income Tax.
By passing parliament in violation of Antigua's own laws.
Fencing Scandal.
Wadadli Power Plant Scandal.
Expropriated land to build the new airport on.
Suppressed the report into the FSRC.

There is a lot I have missed but perhaps Cool Ruler can point out ONE POSITIVE thing this government has achieved....just ONE!

Corrupt Government

RE: Petition to Release the Power Plant Documents

#22 Bebe » 2013-01-14 15:44

Wow! Love your sophisticated modern paper. Government business is our business. Antiguans need to be educated in politics and realize that they are the bosses who hired these people; therefore it is incumbent on them to be transparent especially where large projects are concerned. We cried fowl with former government expecting better, but in my humbly opinion we get a blatant "in your face". Not acceptable, especially when my power keeps going off.


RE: Petition to Release the Power Plant Documents

#21 natural antiguan » 2012-08-27 17:59

I would never side with any party or anyone toput my precious name on any paper, as a matter of fact my name is worth much more(10000000000000) than the paper and all tose persons who write thereon. He that is without sin cast the first stone.

natural antiguan


#20 Sort it ASAP » 2012-06-27 06:35

I'm really confused. When a job as big as this has completed,is there no-one such as an inspector appointed to check that the job done is satisfactory and that is p** all the criteria set by the country regulations. There seem to be a political vendetta taking place. If the Antiguan government has been duped,then they need to take it up with the Chinese company and try to get it sorted ASAP.I am fed-up of all this political bashing from both sides. We all need to work together for the better of our country.

Sort it ASAP

Stop the politick that divide us all .'cool rule!

#19 John.K.Ford » 2012-05-11 09:59

Both parties committed astroties against the country so we should never again blindly support 1 party over another.. They both have good elements and bad.Lador did create the the tourist industry, builts hospitals ,all the country's infastructure ,a state of the art fiber optic network, tousands of jobs ect ect..All this was done with out the burden of income tax on the people and on less than halv the revenue the Upp currently gets.
There are elements in the ALP that should never be trusted with power again and elements in the UPP that should stop killing the Country with there corrupt stadiums, car parks,chinese generators, ect.


Good joke

#18 Cool Rule » 2012-05-11 07:46

Good joke john k. Ford when you see Winston tell him this fooly boy from Grays Farm say hello. While fled is being paid as a public relations officer my dislike of the men running your party has to do with 28 years of mis-rule by them, now without any remorse they want to be returned to power to continue whear they left off ripping off the Men

Cool Rule

@Cool Ruler

#17 pedro » 2012-05-11 00:30

You listed eight(8) entities, but if you consider closely , they really amount to three(3). The govt of china, SXD, XMEA and BCEG can really be considered one and the same thing; Govt. of Antigua and Barbuda, Board and management of APUA and engineers of APUA must be considered one and the same thing; so we are left with MAN Diesel and Turbo SE Germany. So you see it all adds up to three(3). If you leave MAN Diesel and Turbo out of it, US$47M is alot of money by any standards. AM SURE YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH.


Cool Winston ruler Henry

#16 John.K.Ford » 2012-05-10 21:46

If you have nothing to hide ,just call an inquiry!!! This is not about red and blue . The people want an account on what we paid47,000,000 usd on??
You should sign the petition if you care about Antigua....
It you allow the toy sellers to get away with this ,look out for more ruthless deal to come ...


Sniffling Cowards

#15 The Dark Ages » 2012-05-10 19:54

Antiguans have no spine and sometimes I wonder if the ALP shouldnt just throw in the towel and allow the UPP to have their wicked way with the people. It seems that Antiguans have no interest in helping themselves get out from the UPP clutches, mismanagement, debt that they have forced us into. They have no desire to be seen and counted. Where is all the solidarity that we pride ourselves on every labor day in NY and Miami when we proudly wear our flag? if only people really knew what a bunch of selfish, badminded people we really are. We dont care for each other, we are all about self.

The Dark Ages

"they have been bribed to say the generators are old"

#14 Vere C. Bird III » 2012-05-10 19:30

The Chinese were given an ultimatum in our letter and the deadline is the 14th May, 2012. If anyone wants to give us money in support of our protests feel free and give me a call on 775-7201. If I am being bribed then maybe someone can call the police and report a crime.

Vere C. Bird III

Comrades for sure

#13 Cool Rule » 2012-05-10 18:37

Yep, true to form looking at these names I know many of them all ALP supporters. Even if Christ himself were to come down and tell them the plant is new they would chase him out of town. Am glad we can see the names. Keep signing comrades.

Cool Rule

If you care about Antigua please sign.

#12 John.K.Ford » 2012-05-10 15:02

Upp supports should sign this petition to protect the party from its corrupt polital hack who dont care about the movement.. Let them know the Upp will not stand for nonsense and the organization have good people who stand for Antigua.
Don't fear an inquiry .It will only make you stronger in the long run by purgeing the bad Apples! Let prevent more BENCORPS,STADIUMS,CA R PARKS deal from happening!!!!!!



#11 Steadyj » 2012-05-10 12:25

If the the Gensets are new, then there should be no issue releasing documentation to the public. For the record, I am against another fossil fuel plant. The $52 million spent on WPP should have been invested in a Wind Farm.


re: Godfather

#10 the_man » 2012-05-10 12:06

what you say is irrelevant my friend. Gaston Browne himself signed the above petition. What you say is irrelevant. Corruption or no corruption, the government should be transparent. What you say is irrelevant. If you are willing to trust gaston's word that corruption is what is fueling the fight against the WPP, when he himself is fighting it, then you're crazy. And what you say is most irrelevant because even if corruption is what is driving the fight against the power plant, it doesn't mean the power plant itself is legitimate.



#9 THE GODFATHER » 2012-05-10 10:21

Annoyed, you are very confused read the latest news published in Antigua Observer Newspaper ' Gaston alleges bribery and power plant saga' 09th April, 2012.

I have nothing more to say regarding this article.


@ god( blue) father

#8 annoyed » 2012-05-10 10:04

If you will bother to take a look at the list you will see that Gaston is demanding the release of the documents from the government as well as other Antiguans that want transperancy ,and not see the word in deep blue as you do.



#7 THEN GODFATHER » 2012-05-10 09:54

Caribarena's article is forged to undermine it's true content, the political subject of the WPP is a tactical approach to sabotage the government.This was obvious when Chairman and Deputy Political Leader of the ALP Gaston Brown alleges corrupt practices exist: Persons were paid to say the WPP engines were used! Yet, Gaston's information was not part of the story. Why? This is vindication of all that was written, an a loss of credibility to those who continue to advance this issue.

However, one intends to spin the complex web of deceit, truth suppressed will rise, Gaston is truth's emissary!


Kudos to CA!

#6 Dig It » 2012-05-10 08:47

As concern citizens, we should demand that we get full\total disclosure of all documents to "prove" the WPP is new! No ifs or buts about that! At this point, we should put our "politricks" aside and ask for the GOAB's "transperancy" and "accountability" in providing the details (nothing but the truth...no botched paper trail) to the public! CA's photos proved otherwise that we got a "six-for-nine" for 52 million dollars! I really hope citizens sign the "petition," as I will! I also ask my fellow bloggers like Cool "Chief-of-staff" Ruler to do the same, and, "let the chips fall where they may!"

Dig It

RE: Petition to Release the Power Plant Documents

#5 Cool Ruler » 2012-05-10 07:50

The following companies, individuals and governments have conspired to deceive the people of Antigua and Barbuda as they all have something to gain by doing so

The Government of China,
The Government of Antigua,
The Board and Management of APUA,
Engineers of APUA, Shanxi Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co Ltd (SXD)
Xi’an Marine Equipment Engineering Research Academy (XMEA),
Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG),
MAN Diesel and Turbo SE Germany.

Wow! That’s a lot of individuals companies and Governments that have set out to rob and deceive the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. I wonder what they all have to gain by doing so?

Cool Ruler

@ JJ

#4 Colin » 2012-05-10 07:40

Now we shall see what stuff Antiguans & Barbudans are really made of - proud to be part of this effort.


Sunshine Government leaving us in the dark

#3 Contractor » 2012-05-10 05:26

Sunshine Government leaving us in the dark.


misse this one

#2 Power Plant Cost » 2012-05-10 03:54

"MAN Diesel & Turbo’s documentation for the generating sets supplied by our licensee SXD for the Antiguan power plant project shows that the generating sets of our design it supplied were new."

Read more: http://www.Caribarena.com/antigua/news/latest/99470-man-says-engines-were-new.html?template=mobile#ixzz1uS2JYbGc

Power Plant Cost

great job

#1 JJ » 2012-05-10 02:40

Wow Caribarena, I counted 40 stories on the power plant, you deserve a medal - fighting for the people. I wish the people of this country will fight for themselves as well


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