Disabled Man Steals Phone

Disabled Man Steals PhoneAntigua St. John's - A disabled man appeared before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel charged with the larceny of a Samsung smart phone.

The 26 year old pleaded guilty to the offence.
On April 12, at about 2 pm, the virtual complainant was at a Heritage Quay bar with her friends. The defendant was also at the said establishment.
After adding some features to her phone, the victim plugged it in to be charged and went to another area of the bar. When she returned, it could not be found.
She asked her friends, but they were unable to say where the item was.

The matter was then reported to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).
On May 30, the victim went to a party at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium.
While there she saw the defendant with a phone. She asked if she could exam it and he complied.
After carefully looking at it, the victim realised that it was her missing phone.
When she  questioned  the accused about the phone, he told the woman that he bought it, and quickly pulled it away from her.
The defendant later made contact with the Victim, via whatsapp, telling her that he would return the phone to her in two weeks time.
Another report was made to the police, and the man was charged with the offence.
The police were able to find the phone, but not without the memory card.
On June 1,0 the defendant  will return to court for sentencing.
The accused, who is blind in one eye, told the court that he is suffering from chromes disease, and receives a disability grant from the government.

Reporting by Caribarena news, publishing by Ofer Shaked.

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RE: Disabled Man Steals Phone

#1 Blind thief » 2014-06-09 10:15

He wasn't blind to thief! Lol

Blind thief

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