Election Paraphernalia at War

Election Paraphernalia at WarAntigua St. John's - There seems to be a war of election paraphernalia underway in some constituencies, particularly St John's City West.

This has caused some residents concern.

It is evident that supporters for both candidates - Opposition Leader and head of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) Gaston Browne, and the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate Colin Derrick, have been destroying posters and buntins.

One Villa resident told Caribarena that she is fed up with the election campaign, and cannot wait until June 12.

She said supporters and campaigners from both parties are behaving childishly.

"They keep destroying each other's stuff. If Colin (Derrick) puts up a billboard, they (opposition supporters) go and drag apart the poster, tearing away the head part. If Gaston (Browne) people put up a billboard, they (Derrick's supporters) do the same," the woman said.

She continued, "I have seen people pulling down the plastics from around the posts or wrap the plastic over the opponent's own."

Asked if she intervenes when she sees the vandalism, the Villa resident said she tried once, but was met with verbal abuse.

According to the woman, the tearing down of the buntins (plastics) will later cause environmental concerns, because they are left at the side of road and not discarded properly.

"The plastics fly in the gutter and no one moving dem," she said. "Now we are in the hurricane season. If a strong shower of rain comes, I know there is going to be flooding and certain parts of Villa and Point are prone to flood."

The woman is appealing to both candidates to speak to their supporters and campaigners to maintain a beautiful community.

Reporting by Caribarena news, publishing by Ofer Shaked.

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RE: Election Paraphernalia at War

#3 bluranger » 2014-06-07 19:41

crazy people


RE: Election Paraphernalia at War

#2 JB » 2014-06-07 08:36

We need to have a national cleanup campaign on the weekend after the election! Both major political parities are overbearing with their paraphernalia. And whats worst, it's plastic - non biodegradable. Plastic will soon be damaging our reefs, polluting our soil and groundwater! We need to collect all the plastic and sell it to some recycling plant. Ridiculous!


RE: Election Paraphernalia at War

#1 annoyed » 2014-06-07 07:38

I agree with her, adults behaving like children. Thursday hurry up and come jack.


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