Huge Floods Hit UK

Huge Floods Hit UKStorms have struck parts of England and Wales, bringing with them days of strong winds and heavy rains that have caused severe flooding across large swathes of the UK from Cornwall and Devon to Wiltshire and Worcestershire. According to reports, flooding affected over 800 residences in those parts of the country.

Two persons have been killed as a result of the flooding. In the County of Exeter a woman died when a tree fell on her, and in Cambridgeshire a man perished when his vehicle drove into a flood-swollen river.

Elsewhere only minor injuries were reported, but in the town of Malmesbury in Cambridgeshire four persons were rescued from their homes. The flooding in Malmesbury was termed the worst in over 70 years. Safety issues prompted the precautionary evacuation of some 60 residents from the village of Kempsey in Worcestershire.

Flood Warnings are in effect from the Southwest to the Midlands, as more heavy rains – and more serious flooding – are expected across Southwestern England and Wales on Monday. The UK Met Office on Sunday issued an ‘Amber Alert’, forecasting up to 50 – 70 millimeters of rainfall by the end of the following day. Up to 90mm are expected in some areas.

Meanwhile, 60mm of rain fell on Sunday, saturating the ground and threatening flash flooding on Monday in many areas.

The flooding has wreaked havoc across the landscape, causing landslides, road closures and disrupting rail transportation.

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