The People Want to Know

L- Miister Dr Errol Cort;  Police Commissioner Vere Browne Dear editor. For quite a while back, either Commissioner of Police Vere Browne or Justice and Police Minister Senator Dr Errol Cort has promised to inform members of the public of the outcome of investigations into several incidents in which police officers became the focus of attention.

More than ever, the public wants to know the status of the investigations into the shooting death by police of a resident of Potters; the shooting death of a man allegedly caught in a police officer’s home on Fort Road; the shooting death of a man reportedly running away on Corn Alley; the shooting by a male police officer of the husband of a female police officer, allegedly caught in a compromised position at their Golden Grove home; the disappearance of a large quantity of drugs from a cargo container from the American Road police headquarters that had resulted in the removal of the head of the Drug Squad; the disappearance of EC$1,500 from the Governor General's office that saw the removal of two suspected officers; the disappearance of several guns from the police armoury; the disappearance of, and or distribution of ammunition sent on a boat to Barbuda; the recovery of a police firearm reportedly found in the possession of a Santo Domingo national and the recent disappearance of a motor car belonging to the son of Patricia Julian.

And what about the results of investigation into a report in which it was alleged that an officer received some 65 gallons of gasoline over a period of time last year from the government motor pool under fraudulent circumstances; or the disappearance of thousands of dollars of a Rastaman's money during a police search of his home?

The public believes that since the role of the police is to protect and serve the public, there should be transparency in the investigations and police officers should be held accountable for their actions.

The public is therefore appealing to both the Commissioner of Police and the Justice Minister for reasonable answers to these alleged incidents.

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Crime Plan??

#7 skyewill » 2014-01-31 00:33

We Caught the Error or is it the Error Caught? Either way we finally found them out. So long we waiting for a comprehensive crime plan that was promised. Just like everything else about this administration they are BLUFFERS. HERE IS WHY: Dem na no wa fu do!! They bullchit those with low self esteem to believe they above them but little by little we are beginning to see the light. Personally I don't think they have the talent to get the job done and it shows.


RE: The People Want to Know

#6 Dr Dr BS » 2014-01-30 09:10

Thanks Dr Baldwin Spencer and Errol Corte. Job Well done. Now the Police is in Shambles...When crime happens we now have to look at the police first before anywhere else. Great leadership guys great leadership. But I will say this, if you pay these people so little and tax them so much then they will find "creative" ways to feed their family. There are no jobs so they cannot find a second job, the economy mash up so they cannot do a legal side business...well well well.

Election will come and the UPP will go!
E880l C0rt3, mind jail....I hear the [email protected] want you [email protected]

Dr Dr BS

Slinging dirt?

#5 Ah so! » 2014-01-30 08:23

Seems like Lester getting nervous....

Ah so!

@ Citizen

#4 Dessalines » 2014-01-30 08:23

Dont raise your hopes too high. How are the police going to get time and resources to investigate themselves when they are executing search warrants on our elderly to look for weed??? These police only go after low hanging fruit.Weed. Once the task at hand requires investigative and deductive prowess our cops are clueless. Do we know how many murderers are walking free in Antigua to date?
The top cop has never made a statement on the disappearance and burning of a recovered stolen vehicle from the police headquarters. We might as well bring back the Mounties.


RE: The People Want to Know

#3 Fresh Water » 2014-01-30 07:46

That certainly is a LONG LIST. I too want answers.

Fresh Water


#2 Meigo Man » 2014-01-30 07:10

Time for Cort and Co. to go!

Meigo Man

Curry goat...?

#1 Julian » 2014-01-30 07:07

...and what about the police officers caught stealing dem goats?
Yes, the people want to know.


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