The Upholder is Worse than the Thief

Police commissioner Vere BrowneDear Editor, Being the head of any police force is a very important job and
whoever holds that position must act responsibly.

In Antigua & Barbuda, the head of the Royal Police Force, Vere Browne,
needs to reflect on his responsibilities as commissioner.

Browne undoubtedly has a difficult task, but surely he knew when he
took the job that it would not have been an easy one.

If one was to grade, Browne he would definitely get an "F" for his
handling of his duties as the nation's top cop.

There are reports that members of the police are still claiming that
they have no vehicles when persons call for help.

Not once after such reports were made has Browne come out in condemnation of
such behaviour.

The Royal Police Force has more vehicles now than it ever had.

Many months after reports surfaced that three members of the police
force were caught 'red-handed' stealing cattle, Browne is still
investigating the matter.

What type of confidence can the public have in Browne and the force if
they are unable to complete investigations into persons caught

There is a slogan making the rounds in these charged election times -
"leadership matters," and surely it does.

As leader of the ABPF, Browne has demonstrated “poor” leadership in many cases.
Take for instance the police's decision to allow the two major parties to hold motorcades, whistle stops on the same day.

That less than a week after Browne heard members of these opposing
parties accusing each other of political intimidation.

Browne was very clear that persons must be wary of speech that incites
violence, politically or otherwise.

One would have thought that Browne was talking from the heart and
would send a strong message to anyone who violated the law.

Well, Percy Simon called on the ABLP supporters to kill if they have
to during an outburst on ZDK radio.

If that is not inciting violence then I don't know what is.

Three days later, I have not heard of the commissioner calling on Simon
to answer to such irresponsible speech.

What is Browne waiting on? Hopefully no one will heed Simon's call.

Browne, however should send a strong message to the public that such
behaviour especially during such charged political atmosphere is

Leadership does matter and hopefully Gaston Browne will come out and
condemn Simon for his stupidity.

That however is another story.

As commissioner of police I wonder if Browne has his ear to the ground
as it pertains to crimes of all types.

Surely gun crimes and murders must be of major concern but those are
not the only crimes committed in the country.

Persons are brought before the courts for fraud and money laundering
and other types of as they call them 'white collar crimes.'
Does Browne care about such crimes? I think he should.

Recently, the top cop asked about recordings of persons admitting to
such crimes was explicit.

Browne said that he was too busy to listen to any tapes. Really?

Browne from time to time would call into talk shows to make his
contribution on a number of topics.

So what is Browne too busy doing, listening talk shows or solving crimes?

Well we know he cannot be caught up in solving the case of the stolen goats.
And while the theft of goats may seem inconsequential, it's who was
caught stealing the goats that is of importance.

That investigation should have been swift and decisive so that the
public understand that such behaviour by members of force will not be tolerated.
With the political climate as charged as it is, leadership at the
 level of Commissioner of police is extremely vital.

Anything short may result in chaos and public unrest, which would
surely negatively impact our economy.

We must understand that after the elections, no matter who wins the
services of the police will still be needed.

Vere Browne needs to improve his grade  for the benefit of the nation,
especially the good men and women in law enforcement.

Reporting by Caribarena news, publishing by Ofer Shaked.

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RE: The Upholder is Worse than the Thief

#11 CIROC » 2014-03-31 08:49

What Antigua needs is a regulatory board to monitor the media.Especially the talk media.They would have the power to fine radio stations for inflammatory remarks.What the man said is very irresponsible.It shows the level of immaturity in this individual.I am glad that Gaston Browne was quick to distance himself from such remarks.ZDK such suspend this person if they have any morals.The Police Commissioner has a really tough job.It is very easy to criticize when you are not in a top level position.You would have all of the answers.However if you are put into that same position.You would stumble and fall for sure.Citizen,you gave the COP an "F".I after reading this piece by you.I am giving you a "Z".Your opinion piece is filled with fluff/hot air.



#10 CARIBARENIAN » 2014-03-31 08:09



Another Brown Clown

#9 Law and Order » 2014-03-31 08:08

Browne has his agenda and he is not hiding it. He has thrown in with the ALP and not in a subtle way either. He has an ugly voice. His speech is so poor. Bad grammar, poor language. He is very amateurish and full of himself (I am a lawyer, etc). Lawyer of what? Incompetence? Where did we get him from? We need to move him from this job as soon as possible.

Law and Order

a stale article

#8 tenman » 2014-03-31 07:46

A report entitled, Police investigate comments ‘inciting violence’
March 30, 2014 OBSERVER media, has the leader of the opposition distancing himself and the ABLP from the statement made by Simon. In addition the Chief Of Police has made clear that the matter is being investigated (see www.antiguaobserver.com/police-commissioner-investigates-comments/)



Lester and his gang should be in jail

#7 Gripe water » 2014-03-31 07:28

Wisdom - Chet, and the the other pseudonym used by you and your minions, addressing all the thieves within your party. Why should anyone take your candidacy seriously, you are all the same. You are very quick to score cheap political points, but what about the robbery under former PM Lester Bird. Dies this nit concern you, does it not concern you that tapes exist of ABLP admitting to fraud, and bobol.

You are quick to condemn the Commissioner for not completing the investigation into the gun dealer activity, but mention nothing about investigations already completed. Lester and his gang should be in jail. All this says a lot about your party and you, another reason I will never ever vote for ABLP.

Gripe water

Hoodlum type behaviour

#6 GRY FARM MAN » 2014-03-31 07:10

Where will you spend eternity? Why you ignored the hoodlum type behaviour of Baldwin Spencer, Chacku Sysmister and the bus load of supporters down five islands interfering with the whistle stop tour of the opposition. Baldwin is Prime Minister behaving like a hoodlum. Two weeks ago UPP went thru Liberta with their motorcade. Opposition supporters line the street in their red and a UPP male supporter in the motorcade did not like what he saw so he pulled his gun and up to now no news of his arrest in this now gun culture society. Think on these letter writer and add them to you failing grade for Commisioner Brown.


RE: The Upholder is Worse than the Thief

#5 Morris » 2014-03-31 06:56

We need honorable men and women in u inform to bring the best possible service to the good citizens of ANU. The crop of individuals at the top have all been compromised and have passed their expiration dates.


RE: The Upholder is Worse than the Thief

#4 DadliMan » 2014-03-31 06:42

I guess it's safe to assume that the writer just got back to A&B from under a rock some place. Where was the writer when Baldwin Spencer entreated his supporters to chop up anyone who came to their doors to collect taxes?

While Percy lost his cool and said what he would do if any UPP supporter troubled him, it seems as if he is being held to a higher standard than Baldwin Spencer.

Yesterday, I watched a Noah van driven by Chaku, with all the UPP flags and blasting pro-UPP music from a PA system, join in the middle of the ALP whistle stop. That was provocation of the worst order. It seems as if the UPP strategy is to provoke ALP supporters into action and then implement a state of emergency. People need to be wary of this and not act irresponsibly


RE: The Upholder is Worse than the Thief

#3 Fresh Water » 2014-03-31 06:27

Wisdom, you are so sick you need to visit Clear View.

Fresh Water

RE: The Upholder is Worse than the Thief

#2 Wisdom » 2014-03-31 05:58

It is clear to me that the author of this piece has a beef with the police commissioner and the opposition ABLP. Might I remind "Citizen" that a selective review and target CANNOT help our country. If you are serious about getting things right in this our homeland you must be prepared to call a spade a spade.
Among the most troubling issues are, the prime minister directing his supporters to "confront ALP supporters", him dividing Antigua into sheep and goats, declaring that he has more gangs than any other gang leader, advocating violence against tax collectors (chop dem up) and a long list of stupid, inciteful indiscretions.
As for the police commissioner, he needs to complete the investigation into the gun dealer who enjoys comfort from the prime minister while arms and ammunition have gone missing and the possible link to the rising crime affecting the country. I agree that the animal theft should be investigated but the loss of human life is certainly more important an issue


RE: The Upholder is Worse than the Thief

#1 Police » 2014-03-31 05:58

As for the goat stealers, one of the three allegedly was given two month sick leave. He was allegedly caught by a senior officer at the verandah resort in a chef uniform. Writer, these guys have their godfather like any other favorites in the force. One was promoted so fast people wondered what was so specular about his three years service and top flop failed to see the shame and disgrace that was brought to the force. It was all edge that monies were paid on their behalf to the goat owner. But trust me we are just waiting on the next suspension for whatever offense another member commits, to cry foul.


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