So the Clean List is Dirty

So the clean list is dirty?Dear Editor. Am I to understand that the pains of going through the re-registration process to produce a "clean list" was wasted on the impulses of certain unpatriotic individuals?

It would seem so.

Now the Antigua & Barbuda Electoral Commission will have to conduct an election, knowing fully well that more than 600 people who do not qualify to vote can do so.

Shame, shame, shame.

Whether or not one supports the United Progressive Party (UPP) or the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party, country should come before party.

No one, no matter his or her political affiliation, should in any way take the right to vote so lightly.

The registration officers who deliberately registered people who did not qualify to do so should be outed and condemned; seriously.

The right to vote is too sacred to be taken so lightly.

And those persons who know that they do not qualify to register, much less vote, should take this process seriously.

The names of those people, along with the names of the registration officers, are known and should be published for the world to "see" them for who they are.

And the members of the Antigua & Barbuda Electoral Commission, who recognised the travesty of the constitution and who kept quiet until the 11th hour, should be ashamed.

True commissioners are people with political affiliations and preferences, but again, country should be held above party.

It is shameful the way members of the commission would come out and speak openly in a partisan manner on matters of such national importance.

Okay, more than 600 people were registered despite the fact that they did not qualify to register.

Even if that was an honest mistake, and I doubt it was, then why did the Commission wait until the day before the deadline of claims and objections to notify the political parties?

How could the commission print a preliminary list knowing that people who did not qualify to be registered were on the list?
And they did know.

The Commission should be disbanded for its ineptitude, and I mean each and everyone, including Juno Samuel and Lorna Simon.

It's obvious that the Commission does not have the ability to work together for the betterment of Antigua & Barbuda.

It looks like the March 12, 2009 election travesty all over again.

People who have the right to register and vote should be allowed to do so, but those who do not qualify should not be allowed to participate.

The Commission may argue that the case was being challenged at the Caribbean Court of Appeal, which is true.

Therefore, they should have put a system in place to ensure the sanctity of the registration list.

The "war" inside did not allow for such a procedure, and that should disqualify the Commission.

And for the political parties, they too must take some heat for this.

Agreed that the opposition ABLP is of the view that the ruling UPP should not have changed the time limit for "non-nationals" from three to seven years in order to qualify to vote.

However, they took the matter to the High Court and lost.

Further, the ABLP appealed the High Court's decision during the re-registration process.

Leader of the opposition Gaston Browne chose to "fight" for illegitimate people to remain on the list rather than deal with the matter in a responsible, patriotic manner.

Browne and his party threatened legal action to safeguard those who seemed willing to run foul of the law.

Had Browne and his party won at the appellant court earlier, it would have deemed the entire re-registration process illegal and squashed.

With this being said, Browne had an opportunity to put country before party.

He chose the latter.

The UPP should have been more proactive in this matter and they may very well pay for that lack of foresight at the polls.
But every legitimate voter should condemn the Commission, the registration officers, and those who knowingly perverted the law.

These illegal electorates may be registered and issued a voter identification card, but their names should be published for public condemnation.

Who knows, the court that Browne and his party love to engage so much may have something to say on this very matter after the elections.

One who has a passport or a driver's license may not necessarily qualify to drive or travel, if they got those documents falsely.

Just Ask QT

Reporting by Caribarena news, publishing by Ofer Shaked.

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Concerned Citizen

#6 Bluetifull » 2014-05-17 04:26

Well reasoned article. The Supervisor of election conducted an audit of the list prior to publishing the preliminary list. I am sure that it was found out then that these people did not meet the requirements to be registered. Why were they put on the preliminary list is beyond me. ABEC is responsible to ensure that the list is clean. The claims and objection process is assistive or supplementary. It is not the only process as some would want us to believe. Some people are claiming that there was nothing wrong with the those names. If there was nothing wrong with the qualification of those persons why then did the Supervisor write to the political parties alerting them? Was she just being mischievous? I hope not.


This article is

#5 ANTIGUAN WOMAN! » 2014-05-16 21:09




#4 young analyst » 2014-05-16 14:39

Why and how they got registered in the first place? It had to be that they were fully qualified.

young analyst

@ Concerned Citizen

#3 Dax Rebel » 2014-05-16 10:36

Concerned Citizen, you are probably unaware that making a false declaration on an electoral form is a criminal offence, punishable by a fine, and/or confinement.

Having said that, it is the duty of ABEC and the political parties to ensure that the persons in question are brought to justice. It is therefore questionable that proof of wrong-doing is evident, but actions are not taken to have the accused persons prosecuted. There is something amiss in this scenario.

If Juno Samuel and his UPP cohorts have irrefutable proof of wrong-doing, legal proceedings ought to be initiated. Then, and only then, after conviction, can those names be removed from the register.

If there is no proof that an offence have been committed, where is the authority to remove names arbitrarily? I'm convinced that this is all hot air, and an attempt to remove known supporters (non-nationals) of the ALP from the list of electors. Nothing less, nothing more!

If dictatorial Juno and ignoramus Chaku have evidence to the contrary, let them take the issue before the Courts.

Either put-up, or shut-up! Full stop.

Dax Rebel

Where are the printed lists?

#2 Che » 2014-05-16 07:56

Where are the clean and dirty list posted online?


RE: So the Clean List is Dirty

#1 tenman » 2014-05-16 06:28

Concerned Citizen when was Serpent on the air with his breaking news that a number of person may not have met the qualification criteria? My memory indicates this was a long time (probably dec 2013) before claims and objections deadline (Feb 5th). It was not until March 10, 2014 that the UPP chairman asked that claims and objections be extended (see Hundreds of Ineligible Voters Listed,March 11, 2014 Kyle Christian, Observer Antigua). Is it that the members of the UPP do not listen to Observer Radio and ignore letters? Is it hard for you to understand that persons should never be arbitrarily removed from the list? You cannot have persons pay for time (regularize) and then tell them it does not count. Any one who believes in a system which would disenfranchise persons for minor infractions (which were legally regularized) is not a concerned citizen but a undemocratic one


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