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Seeing the Light

Seeing the LightThe transformation was as amazing to the ear as the demeanor was to the eye. An ebullient Hilson Baptiste,

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Low Earth Orbit - Behind the Boundaries

The cats have been set among the pigeonsWell, dearly beloved … if we thought the plots were thickening before, they are really beginning to congeal

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Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between the LinesAt long last, member countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have swung behind Antigua & Barbuda

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Counting Our Chickens

Counting Our ChickensLong ago, before finally escaping into low Earth orbit, Yours Truly came into contact with a book.

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Wha’ Garn Bad Ah Marnin’ III

Wha’ Garn Bad Ah Marnin’As the spiritual exile lounges around up here in low Earth orbit, cocooned in my space capsule, observing the

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Blood on the Floor

“It’s not a hotel lobby … what do you expect to see … blood?”

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Wha’ Garn Bad Ah Marnin’ II

PM SpencerAppearing as it does on Thursday morning this article may very well be following a statement promised by the

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Kicking the Can

MismanagementThe first Media Roundtable hosted by the Public Administration Communications Unit was remarkable for the

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Wha’ Garn Bad Ah Marnin’

Wha’ Garn Bad Ah Marnin’Look yah now … ebryting crash. That, dearly beloved, is just about the long and the short of it. Anything

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – The Cubits of Death

leaner Summer SeasonCircling the globe cocooned within my space capsule – and keeping a sharp lookout for orbiting chunks of

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – A One Party State

A One Party StateSpeaking with people involved in the day-to-day struggle of adversarial politics in our unfair land can be

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The Arrogance of Power

The Arrogance of PowerVery soon after the general elections of 2004 a calypso became popular. Sung by the always insightful and

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More than Leadership

 Timely warningThe shattering news that four senators representing the ruling United Progressive Party in the Upper House

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Something Old Something New

Something Old Something NewThe healthy appetite for public office that so many bright, patriotic, ambitious, political hopefuls are

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Discriminating Against Ourselves

Discriminating Against OurselvesAs the year 2013 opens citizens and residents of our tiny nation are locked in an intense debate over what it

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The Bill that Dare Not Die

The Bill that Dare Not DieAs the first quarter of the year draws to an end the United Progressive Party’s very controversial

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – What’s Love Got To Do With It

What’s Love Got To Do With ItOne of the useful fringe benefits of being in low Earth orbit is the opportunity to watch as global events

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Closing the Barn Door

Closing the Barn DoorThat loud banging noise heard across the land is no sonic boom. Nor is it merely the sound of the barn door,

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The Day After

PENCIL MASTERS ART- WINSTON DERRICK“The Day After” refers to the day after the funeral; presuming the world still exists on Wednesday

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Hang ‘em High … Not

Hang ‘em High … NotAs the new week opens, our twin-island nation of Antigua & Barbuda dwells in a state of muted hysteria.

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Let Not Your Will Roar

Hide behindIt’s not that things aren’t happening all over the world, far too many of them bad … or at the very

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – This Older Generation

Charles “Eddie” HunteYours Truly endured an experience on Tuesday that threw into painfully sharp relief so many of the reasons

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By Any Means Necessary

GerrymanderFor many months Antigua & Barbuda has been rife with rumors of impending changes in the constituency

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The Senatorial Question

The Senatorial QuestionOne of the by-products of this new age of free media debate in Antigua & Barbuda has been a continuing

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – The War of the Words

 War of the WordsThe war of words is well and truly on within the Antigua Labour Party, the house that VC Bird built. My array

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A Time for Maturity

A Time for MaturityComing from the Book of Ecclesiastes, the words of chapter three, verses 1 to 8 provide the world with a

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The Governor Speaks

Sir K Dwight VennerThe short version of this editorial may easily be stated as: “It is a pretty pass we have come to, here in

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic VoyageIt really has been a wild ride, this absolutely amazing journey that Baldwin Spencer and his United

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photo credit - Pencil Master IncLike many hopeful and interested Antiguans and Barbudans Yours Truly had been keenly eyeing the adventures of

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