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DissonanceAt this moment, the “war of words” between globe-straddling United States of America and puny Antigua

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – A Certain Mentality

A Certain MentalityAntigua & Barbuda is a political society. Imagine a culture where absolutely everything – everything

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Mobilizing the 40%

Mobilizing the 40%My double-bubble telescope tells me that moves are underway to mobilize the 40%. Several of my Facebook

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – The War Escalates

The War EscalatesIf the recent gunplay in that neighborhood of “The Point” known as “Booby Alley” might have made the

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – The Forty Percent Solution

The Forty Percent SolutionA new organ has entered the body politic. Its existence has been scientifically attested to. It boasts a

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The Lion that Whimpered

The Lion that WhimperedAs a new day dawns on Antigua & Barbuda citizens of our unfairly-treated land are rising up to the

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – A Serious Talk

The blame gameEvery now and again, normal people get the urge to talk to somebody. I mean – man is a social animal,

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On the Re-election of Barack Obama

President Barack ObamaBarack Obama, the first American of African descent to be elected to the presidency of the United States, has

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Low Earth Orbit – Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part IIRecently, I wrote a column entitled, “Back to the Future,” in which I highlighted the tendency we have

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – No Year of Peace

MP Chester HughesUnited Progressive Party Member of Parliament for All Saints East & St Lukes Chester Hughes was most

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – A House Divided

DividedDebate on the 2013 Estimates of Revenue & Expenditure (more commonly known as ‘the budget’) kicked

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Low Earth Orbit – Small Island Big Brains

Small Island Big BrainsAntigua & Barbuda is a paradoxical place. Looking at the way things – especially in public life –

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Blood from Stone

Blood from StoneRecently, Chairman of the Social Security Board (SSB) Everett Christian complained that response by the

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – What about Barbuda

Ignore the obviousHopefully, in the end, perhaps the greatest lesson to be drawn from this entire public relations fiasco

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Gearing Up for General Elections

Gearing Up for General ElectionsPrime Minister Baldwin Spencer has opened the New Year 2013 with an attempt to portray himself in the role of

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Birdlings Beware

BewareAntigua St. John's - These days in good old Antigua & Barbuda, birds are big news. All the talk on the

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – What UPP Public Relations

Mission ImpossibleAnd now the game is on … Harold Lovell has been offered, and he has accepted, the Impossible Mission: to

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Assessing the Impact of Scholarships

Assessing the Impact of ScholarshipsIn Antigua & Barbuda today, scholarships have become a national issue. To make that trite statement is

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Prove Me Wrong

Prove Me WrongWell … here we go again. We’ve been here before, have we not?

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Fooling the People

Killing two ‘birds’ with one stoneDuring his New Year’s Message Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer announced some minor changes to ministerial

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Mein KampfAs the New Year 2013 opens Antigua & Barbuda is in a state of ferment. Issues and crises abound … in so

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Déjà vu All Over Again

It’s like déjà vu all over againIt’s like déjà vu all over again. I’m watching the mad fandango going on down there on the surface of

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – My New Year Message

My New Year MessageCircling the planet at a safe distance, keeping a sharp lookout for North Korean missiles – damned

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – A Shot in the Foot

A Shot in the FootCiboney Poultry Company. Well, well, well … here we go again. After all the hot air about an “enhanced”

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Our Political Society

Tim Hector Memorial Society photoAll too often, as our twin-island nation lurches from one mini-crisis to another, those of us who attempt to

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LOW EARTH ORBIT - Therapy for the UPP

Therapy for the UPPLast Friday, January 11, was a remarkable day in Antigua & Barbuda. On that day, a highly respected

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – In the Christmas Spirit

DradlesWriting about the Winter Solstice and its relevance to the Christmas celebrations turned my mind to the many

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The Under Debated Budget

The Under Debated BudgetThe week-long parliamentary debate on the 2013 Estimates of Revenue & Expenditure was remarkable for two

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Revenge of the Amerindians

Coat of arms of Jamaica.svgCircling the globe idly, panning from one interesting situation to another, my double-bubble telescope often

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