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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Personal Musings at Christmas

Personal Musings at ChristmasThis is going to be a very personal column today, for very personal reasons. The Christmas Season is one of

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Force Mek Water Go Uphill

‘ABST rollback’This past weekend saw the advent of a ‘first’ in Antigua & Barbuda. In a gesture that attracted both

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Albatross Around Our Neck

An unenviable positionOn Thursday November 29, 2012 an event took place in the High Court of Antigua & Barbuda that has never

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – A Diamond Bigger Than the Ritz

A Diamond Bigger Than the Ritz“The proper study of mankind is man.” This famous quotation from the works of the 19th century English

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – What Third Party

What Third Party ?Every now and again in life we run into something called ‘serendipity’. I had that happy experience on

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – A Rudderless Vessel

Political flip-flopsCircling the planet, surveying the seas … I espy a vessel; a ship of fools … there it lies,  just there

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – The Intelligentsia

The IntelligentsiaIt is a feature common to all imperial societies that three aspects of national life are deemed paramount.

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Nibbling on the Elephant

Nibbling on the ElephantIn a very short while Antigua & Barbuda will sit across the table in Geneva Switzerland. The venue will

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LOW EARTH ORBIT– Gaston’s Delicate Condition

Politics looks like a nest of ants Looking down at the planet through my double-bubble telescope from the relatively safe distance of Low Earth

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – My Chat with Errol

My Chat with ErrolA short time ago during a period of relatively heightened insanity, Yours Truly conceived the idea of having

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LOW EARTH ORBIT: Another Sacrifice To Birdism

Another Sacrifice To BirdismSenator Winston Williams Jr last week confirmed his decision to ‘bow out’ of the candidacy for St Johns

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

CuckooPeople in the know have long referred to Antigua & Barbuda as ‘Birdland’, the intention being to

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The Promise of a New Era

The Promise of a New EraUp until the time the vote count turned decisively against Lester Bird, few were prepared to believe that the

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – How Not to Conciliate

Very real conflictsSome time ago, idly girdling the globe in my space capsule and monitoring the surface action via my trusty

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – The Other Fellow Blinked

The Other Fellow BlinkedEvery Every ‘Great Divide’ requires an equally great compromise to bridge a yawning gap of understanding.

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Society at War with Itself

A frontal assault on the nation’s ability to provide an effective educational infrastructureThe phrase comes from a Jamaican social scientist, and was quoted during a brief telephone appearance on a

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Nearga People Life Cheap

Nearga People Life CheapIn my early reading days I stumbled over the word ‘niger’. Not the river in Africa, but the Latin word

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – The God Business

The God BusinessThis is the column that I have dreaded writing. Truth to tell, this particular message has been in gestation

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – ALP Follies Are No Joke

ALP Follies Are No JokeAt last, it seems, the pressures that have for so long been openly seething ‘beneath the surface’ of the

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Catching the Wave

WaterlooThe brand-new-minted Political Leader of the Antigua Labour Party, and also brand-new-minted Leader of the

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Low Earth Orbit – Undemocratic Antigua

Undemocratic AntiguaAntiguans and Barbudans seem to share the marvelous ability of being able to exist simultaneously in two

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LOW EARTH ORBIT - A Popular Delusion

A Popular DelusionMany people in a small, strange place in the Caribbean called Antigua & Barbuda have heard me refer to

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Low Earth Orbit – Grieving for Barbuda

Grieving for BarbudaAntigua st. john's - Recent events on Barbuda have caused me to meditate very seriously on the combination of

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Beyond the Boundaries

Beyond the BoundariesI must tell you … from where I sit … up here in my space capsule … peering down at the planet through

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Low Earth Orbit – Importing Wealth

Importing WealthWell . . . What a commess! Of all the devilishly entertaining episodes to pass under the lens of my

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Things Fall Apart

Wolves- in sheep’s clothingTurning and turning in the widening gyre

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Misinterpretation Caused by Clumsiness

ClumsinessThe Citizenship by Investment Act has been passed by the Lower House of Parliament, and now awaits attention

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LOW EARTH ORBIT – Emulating Adolf Hitler

R- Adolf Hitler and StalinThe name ‘Adolf Hitler’ will undoubtedly go down in history as perhaps the worst enemy of human

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Low Earth Orbit – A Crime Creation Machine

Stamping out crimeThe news that the home of a senior police officer had been burgled hit the local airwaves with a bang on

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