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Of Mandela and Fidel

Of Mandela and FidelI read an article by Fabiola Santiago in which the writer claimed that were Nelson Mandela to visit Miami in

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Pinky, Brain, Power and Corruption

Pinky, Brain, Power and CorruptionThere have been numerous theories put forward as to why power corrupts, and why absolute power corrupts

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A Mango Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

The-forbidden-fruitAntigua St.John's- Though the Bible never gave the exact identity of the forbidden fruit, for about 15

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Yellow and Blue Make Green - Sometimes

Yellow and Blue Make Green - SometimesAs small children, one of the first laws we learned in art class is that yellow and blue make green. However,

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What You Can Learn From Rastas About Coconuts

Coconut waterAs a boy growing up in Liberta, Ital food was popular within the Rastafarian community there, as in other

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Before You Go Insane

Before You Go InsaneSo you want to be fitter, stronger, have more energy. You look at others with “hot-looking”  bodies and

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What's Clogging Your Plumbing

What's Clogging Your PlumbingImagine your home on the day the plumbing system fails. I am sure it's not something that you particularly

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National Heritage - National Shame

Fort JamesAs a person who hikes quite often in different areas of  Antigua's outdoors, I cannot help but notice the

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Of Rum and Red Bull

Of Rum and Red BullI do not always keep up with popular music, but recently I heard a song by Beenie Man, "Rum and Red Bull,"

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Killer Fuel for the Grass Fire

Killer Fuel for the Grass FireAntigua St John's - As I listened to a popular radio personality's account of the recent burning of

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Haiti Still Living in Shadow- Part II

Haiti Still Living in ShadowBy the 1920s Haiti was practically a re-enslaved country. This time, not by the old colonial power France,

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Honour the Hitman

Andy Roberts. photo-jamaica-gleaner.comI am certainly happy to see the honour and praise that has been lavished on Sir Vivian Richards on the

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Haiti Still Living in Shadow- Part I

Haiti Still Living in ShadowAlmost every time there is a story in the news about Haiti, some smart broadcaster has to add that it is the

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SOS Message in a Bottle

SOS Message in a BottleWhile I studied at the University of the West Indies (UWI), I had a roommate who was a big fan of Sting. It

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White But Not Right

White but nor rightAs a small boy, I can remember drinking lemonade sweetened with brown sugar. I could not wait to get to the

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Beware the Double Bubble- Bigger Can be Deadly

Bigger Can be DeadlySome of us might remember the Wrigley Double Mint commercial -"Double your pleasure, double your fun with a

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Not Another Wendys

Saturated FatsSeveral months ago, as I listened to ABS News, I heard the anchor man announce, almost with glee, the

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Consume Consume - Be Consumed

ConsumerismYou've seen the picture before. A father brings home a new flat screen TV. His little daughter is happy. She

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Children Just As Important As Whales

Children Just As Important..There are some people from European and other developed countries who want to tag those who carry out or

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Mr Magoo Works In Antigua

Mr Magoo works in AntiguaYears ago, my siblings and I used to look forward to the laughs we know we would get from Mr Magoo each

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The Cold Could Be Killing You

photo- mariosbistro.files.wordpress.comWith the hot conditions that prevail in Antigua & Barbuda, an air conditioning unit is considered

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One Rape Two Victims

Understand the rapistAntigua St John's - Some months ago, I wrote an article entitled, "Wounds that do not heal - the plight of a

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Date Rape Easier Than You Think

Rape-drugsWhile I was in secondary school, it was not uncommon to hear fellas talk about how they seduced girls using

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Graveyard Shift

photo - 4.bp.blogspot.comWhen as a boy I would be up watching TV late into the night, my mom would say, “Day mek foo work and night

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National Health Policy Needed Now

National Health Policy Needed NowWe are celebrating our 29th anniversary of Independence, but one aspect of our national existence that is

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Children on Legal Speed

Children on Legal SpeedThis article is not about aspirin. However, fundamental to its understanding is the concept or myth of the

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Free Internet- But No Free Books

Free internetThe efforts that have been made to increase Internet and information technology availability in this country

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Students Must Express- Not Expose

Are we teaching them ?Several times this season, I have watched the inter-school Science Quiz competition. While I must commend

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Outraged About Drunk Driving

Alcohol KillsIn this society (like others) we get outraged over a lot of things. The decision earlier this year by the

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Living With The Physical and Emotional Pain of Lupus

photo - isola.co.inIn the HAMA movie “No Seed,” a ruthless prime minister was brought down to earth by the combination of

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Bad Genes or Bad Lifestyle - Which Kills More

Bad lifestyleAt the age of 59, my mother died of kidney cancer. A few years before that, her sister died of kidney cancer.

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Dr. Jerry Simon

Dr.Jerry Simon,a general physician, is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and Villa Clara (Cuba) Medical School. He has previously worked in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. Presently he is Medical Director of the NSA Medical Surgical Rehab Centre and is a certified member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

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