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Drugs Your Doctor Won't Take

Drugs Your Doctor Won't TakeThere are over 4,000 prescription medications approved almost universally for human use. Unfortunately,

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Crazy But Far From Stupid

Outcast-of-societyPatients at the Mental Hospital often beg for money. One day, I asked one rather persistent patient, "How do

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How Unhealthy Are Our Schools

Cobbs Cross Primary SchoolRecently, we heard of the unfortunate situation at the Princess Margaret Secondary School, where teachers had

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Wounds That do not Heal- The Plight of a Rape Victim

The Plight of a Rape VictimMeet Cynthia. She is a 24 year old medical school student from one our neighbouring Caribbean islands. She is

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Pharmaceutical Companies- The Biggest Drug Dealers

The Biggest Drug DealersWhen I see prescription drugs being advertised on television I can not help but think that there should be a

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Dengue Prevention Needs Some Attention

Dengue preventionHaving heard of the dengue infestations and deaths in other Caribbean countries, the authorities in Antigua

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Dr. Jerry Simon

Dr.Jerry Simon,a general physician, is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and Villa Clara (Cuba) Medical School. He has previously worked in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. Presently he is Medical Director of the NSA Medical Surgical Rehab Centre and is a certified member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

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Govt to give Two Uniforms
Antigua St. John's - Minister of Education Dr Jacqui Quinn-Leandro has confirmed...  Read more

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