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Inside Politics – Understanding Obama’s Victory

President Obama, David Axelrod and David PlouffeLike many Antiguans and Barbudans, I slept very little Tuesday night as I found myself glued to the

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Inside Politics - The Politics of Polls

The Politics of PollsOver the past week several people approached me seeking my comments on the recently published polls conducted

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Inside Politics – Daniel, Game Changer

Daniel, Game ChangerPolitics is often described as the art of the impossible. Here in Antigua few politicians have been able to

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Inside Politics – The Politics of Righteous Indignation

Righteous IndignationI was not able to follow the full debate in parliament on the new law setting up the guidelines within which

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Inside Politics – End of An Era?

A giant size egoWhen the Antigua Labour Party emerges from its biennial convention tentatively set for November 25, 2012,

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Inside Politics - The Politics of Suicide

The Politics of SuicideOver the past week two men, about 30 years apart in age, made attempts to end their lives. One was

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Inside Politics – Job Creation Is Wealth Creation

Economic stimulusAntigua St John's - It was heartening to hear that the new chairman of the Antigua & Barbuda Investment

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Inside Politics – Carnival Vs Politics

“Government in the Sunshine”Going into the 2004 general elections the United Progressive Party had a number of slogans or catchy phrases

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Inside Politics – The Politics of Carnival

Quiet as a lambThe late minister of Education and Carnival, Reuben Harris, was not always the easiest person to get along

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