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Talk to the Back

HandWhen Minister of Finance and the Economy Harold Lovell gestured for bi-partisanship on matters of the

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Cut and Contrive

CrisisThe effects of the world economic crisis are on our doorsteps, and there seems to be panic around the

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No First Lady, Second or Third

First LadyIt was so refreshing to see the prime minister with his wife Jackie at his side at many of the UPP’s

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Get In Line Or Else

Free rideIt’s no secret that with the world economy is in shambles and leadership will decide how we face the

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Leave the Non-Nationals Alone

Non NationalsThe 2009 General Election is over and the United Progressive Party (UPP) has returned to office with a

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The Value of Change

ChangesFor some persons, change is seen as a curse word, even something threatening. For others, change is welcome.

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More Embarrassment For Antigua

LineThat some polling stations did not start operation before midday, six hours after the slated opening time, is

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You Approached... No, You

PM and BirdPrime Minister Baldwin Spencer’s most recent national address has drawn sharp criticism from former PM

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Make Your Vote Count

voteToday, Antiguans and Barbudans go to the polls to elect a government for the next five years. This time

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Reflection Time

PMOn Sunday, March 22, the United Progressive Party (UPP) held its Victorycade to celebrate last week’s

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Of Dead Beat Dads and So

Dead Beat DadsSurely the problems plaguing the nation have a lot to do in many instances with the absence of fathers in the

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Stanford: Dispelling the Myths

StanfordA recent edition of Business Week chronicled the career and empire of Sir R. Allen Stanford, and to my utter

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2009 Elections: Anything Is Possible

blue redCome Thursday, judgment will indeed be rendered by the electorate. The United Progressive Party may be

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Proud to be Antiguan!

MagicI love Antigua.  It’s the land of my birth and I love it so much that I willingly gave up my life in the

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Promises Promises

Bird & SpencerThe two main political parties, the ruling United Progressive Party (UPP) and the Antigua Labour Party (ALP),

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Who’s Wooing Who?

RainSince losing to the United Progressive Party (UPP) at the polls on March 12, the Antigua Labour Party (ALP)

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What constituents want?

Bird & CortNext week over 52,000 registered voters will have a chance to choose the next government to run the affairs

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Leader or Jester?

Lester BirdHowever he did it, one has to give some credit to former Prime Minister Lester Bird for pulling off his

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ALP’s Outside Chance

PollsIn just over a week, citizens of Antigua & Barbuda go to the polls to decide the government for the next

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