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Focus-Antigua-&-BarbudaHopefully, the break for Carnival was well worth it, and the holiday was fun. It’s time to get on to the work at hand. I humbly suggest a motto, “Focus Antigua & Barbuda".

It means that it’s time to put our political affiliations aside for the good of the nation. The politics of the day has divided this nation long enough. We need to refocus our energies in the right direction, towards the rebuilding of this nation. The current direction - all that political fighting - has left the country divided, and we all know what happens to a house divided.

I know that there are many who believe that the main problem facing the nation is the ruling government, the UPP. There are those who are of the view that all we have to do is replace the UPP with the ALP, and viola all our problems will be solved.

Whether it’s the UPP or the ALP in office, if we continue with this political climate, our problems will be forever. The thing is, there is really no need to fight. If the UPP must be out of office, there is a process by which to do so. As a matter of fact, there is a judgment being awaited from the appeals court that may send the country to by-elections or back to general elections.

So, why fight?

We all claim we love this country, yet each day we tear this country apart with our partisan politics. Until the court ruling comes down, let’s try to put our personal feelings aside for Antigua & Barbuda’s sake. Perhaps after that, we would recognise how important it is to continue on that path, together for the country.

Now, I do understand politics, and yes if those in authority are mismanaging, the opposition will point that out. Sure, that’s understandable. The problem in Antigua & Barbuda is that supporters of one party or another are unwilling to hold members of their own party responsible.

The economy is still in trouble, and we need all hands on deck to fix it. That the opposition is willing to sit idly by and watch the destruction of the country simply because they are not in power is not good enough.

Worse, the opposition leader is of the view that he has the solution to the nation’s financial woes. So why not give us the help we need for the benefit of the nation he loves so much? Country first is important.

As we move into early August, it’s time for the reopening of our schools, and there has to be a renewed focus on our young people. Our public schools are dilapidated. Hopefully, our young people will not be entering a new school year in these deplorable buildings. That should be our focus, rather than who is in office or not.

Poor conditions affect children, notwithstanding the party their parents support. The school meals and schools uniform programmes are good for families, especially those who are extremely challenged.

For those who may not need that relief, it is okay to make a charitable donation for the benefit of other children. We are all in this together, and we should not forget that. Businesses that made loads of money during the time of plenty, especially those who received government contracts, should now be giving back.

That’s why it is important that we hold our government officials accountable for their actions. The point is, if we are to make any positive strides, we cannot afford to continue to play politics with our future.

The responsibility for the future development of the country rests on the shoulders of the general public. Parents, businesses, NGO’s, pastors, and all in this society must come together for the good of the country.

The politics will take care of itself in time. The process is very simply. We should not allow 34 persons, members of two political parties, to dictate the future of an entire nation.

With Carnival over, let us not revert to the politics that has divided us to our own detriment. There is so much to do, yet the little time we have to work with, we spend fighting each other for the benefit of personal gain for a few.

We have been extremely fortunate that we have not been hit with any natural disasters to add to the woes of the international financial crisis.

Let’s therefore focus our energies on fixing the economy for the good of this beautiful nation.

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#4 biggie » 2010-08-05 09:21

If I am an investor why would I want to put my money in an island like yours when all I hear coming out is one political argument after the next? All I am hearing is blood will flow in the streets, pickets here and there and it seems that it is politics all the time with an atmosphere like that it would be fool hardy for me or any one to invest money under those conditions.


#3 Bam Ba La'la » 2010-08-04 16:44

We told them once we told them twice, but I shall repeat it for the knuckle heads who believed heaven on earth was going to commence on the 23rd March, 2004:


Bam Ba La'la

Whap & Whootup

#2 alp to me bone » 2010-08-04 01:28

Magic, I wish you would stop being a hypocrite and call a spade a spade. You are reluctant to put the blame squarely at the feet of your Government. It was your PM who divided Antiguans and Barbudans into sheep and goats. It was your PM who erected tent for the UPP supporters while ALP supporters were left in the rain. You seem to forget that the UPP is in power and they were elected on the premise that they had all the answers. We were told that we did'nt need new taxes - we just needed to collect the exisiting ones. The investors that were promised have not yet materialized. The existing investors have been targeted in one way or the other. The middle class has almost been wiped out. The UPP still behaves as though they are the opposition and ALP are the government. I have heard the opposition make many suggestions in parliament only to be reminded that "they are not in power". Gaston Browne is forever giving advice much to the chagrin of the ALP Supporters. Come on Magic, stop being a hypocrite.

alp to me bone

Commendable Article

#1 Uni » 2010-08-04 00:09

I applaud you Mr Hughes for writing this article but i doubt it will resound in the minds of those who read it, as we have been raised to question everything that sounds too good to be true. None the less i completely agee with you and i will continue to pray for the day to come when the politicians tirelessly fight to gain power in this twin island state will become as useful as toilet paper and we the people with a mind of perseverence and prosperity will start to chart our own way forward out of this mess. However, this can only happen if we change our present mentalities.


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