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Fight Your Fears

Fight Your FearsNegative emotions such as jealousy, anger, and frustration have a great impact on our daily lives. In many

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Bibliotherapy- The Reading Cure

Bibliotherapy- The Reading CureAs a clinical psychologist, I am always looking for effective ways in which my clients can help themselves at

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My Tears

photo credit- mikeely.files.wordpress.com“Scottie! What’s up?” I shout as I drive slowly past.
“Misser Mutley!” “Teacha!” were shouts I

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Let’s Not Call Them Thugs

Let’s Not Call Them ThugsAs the recent incident at one of our secondary schools suggests, not only are we faced with violence

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Tricky-dadian Disaster Capitalism

An investment gift“We will stop at nothing in ensuring that our brothers and sisters in the region receive the level of

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Ask Backwards vs Ask Forward

Ask Backwards vs Ask ForwardAs I see it, one of the issues which bedevils both political and business leaders in Antigua (and beyond) is

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The Pope the President and The PM

Skeletons-in-the-closetFor the last ten years I have been seriously disenchanted with the Catholic Church. Well… to tell the

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End Political Arrogance in Antigua Now

Spotlight of public scrutinyAntigua, St John's- Whether it is Mubarack of Egypt, Ben Ali of Tunisia, or Gaddafi of Libya, the spotlight

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Can You Feel It

Are we in good hands?I was recently on a Southwest Airlines flight from Houston to Baltimore. We left Houston about forty minutes

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Govt to give Two Uniforms
Antigua St. John's - Minister of Education Dr Jacqui Quinn-Leandro has confirmed...  Read more

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