Crooked Attorneys - Criminal Exploits

Fraudulent BehaviorIn the various fields of endeavor, equally as much as there are “...many honest professionals,” so too “...are many Crooked ones.” That which sets the “...crooked apart from the honest ones is conduct inconsistent with the best policy-Honesty.

Invariably, such conduct was akin to “...avarice, treachery, depravity and criminality.” Hence, in every organization and/or institution, formal or informal, secular or religious “... the Church, family, sport, governmental, parliamentary, Judicial and Legal or political,” there are crooked people among the membership. This commentary examines the behavioral traits of the notoriously “...Crooked Attorneys,” nationally, regionally and internationally, with highlighted references to several legal practitioners who have been “...hurt over misrepresentation; ...litigated against; ...convicted and incarcerated for “...Deceiving and Defrauding Clients.”


Since the advent of modern civilization by the stroke of a pen or utterance of a few words man has engaged himself in “... crooked schemes in defrauding others of “...Money.” The Scripture reveals that which has become part of the “...human nature, experience and existence-Crookedness.” It is written that among “...Jesus’ Twelve Disciples” was a traitor called “...JUDAS.” Seemingly, he had a weakness for Money. At Supper, through a “...Deceptive Kiss,” worth thirty pieces of silver, he had proved himself as the most crooked Disciple. Hence, out of greed, he had caused Jesus to be crucified.” Biblically, there was where “...All Crookedness” started. Crookedness and Money are, therefore, synonymous with the behavior of Judas. Hence, man’s desire for wealth had influenced him into engaging in various forms of crookedness, either to the detriment of society or to his ultimate demise. Thus, Crooked people exist everywhere, reflecting the “...Judas Syndrome.”


While there were yet to be prosecutions in this jurisdiction, “...Criminality” was reportedly rife among a handful of attorneys. These individuals, by virtue of their superior intellectual and use of sophisticated documentation, have operated with “...vulture-like instinct,” preying on innocent and unsuspecting victims. Thus, the plight and woes of clients are well illustrated by a growing practice of “...Legal Crookedness.” In the case of non-legal third parties, authorized by principals to act in the capacity of “...Powers of Attorney,” they too were accused of “...joining the Crooked Gang.” These representatives were usually people, who, by virtue of their “...presumptive honesty, professional calling and/or societal status, holding positions of trust, were entrusted with “...private affairs.”


The main areas of crookedness include, “...Fleecing Clients by “...Siphoning off Trust Funds; ...Obtaining Money under False Pretence;  ...to claiming full or retaining fees for services partially or never performed.” Thus, in the scheme of things, some attorneys had reduced the legal profession into what British MP Austin Mitchell had coined “...Legal Mafia” [Daily Telegraph 2001]. He had seen British attorneys operated like crooks and con-artists. These were known to have brought consequences to attorneys of one kind or another These, therefore, support assertions that in every profession or sphere of human endeavor, there are a “ ...few crooks, hidden danger and tragedies.”


While civil society frowned over criminal behaviors among ordinary people, none appeared more vexing than those allegedly perpetrated by “...Crooked Attorneys against their clients.” They have exploited the inferior intellect, vulnerabilities and susceptibilities of the unsuspecting clients. Infrequently, there were dramatic turns of events. Some had resulted in “...tragedy, sorrow, pain and suffering.” These include “...criminal prosecutions and convictions, suspensions from practice, to grievous harm.” Thus, the harsh realities of life had brought to attorneys suspected of “...crookedness or misrepresentation,” imaginable and unimaginable consequences. For instance, young practicing and promising Vincentian attorney, Bertram Stapleton was fatally shot in the head at his Kingstown Law office” [Star 98-3FM: July 31, 2008]. Within this jurisdiction, attorney Vere Bird Jr (deceased) was almost fatally killed at his Law office” by a client” [Wikipedia: December 16, 1997].


 Facing “ ...Governmental Eviction” off Guiana Island after 30-years residency, voluntarily caring for wildlife, including “...fallow deer and Llamas,” Cyril ‘Taffy’ Bufton 72” an unassuming senior citizen of Welsh origin, (deceased), demonstrated that he had no intention leaving without a “...gunfight.” Frustrated and driven to desperation, over his “...attorney’s, (ironically, Minister of Land,)” handling of the “...eviction,” seemingly became irate, and launched a “...Surprised Gun Attack” against his attorney. Shooting him through the mouth, he was left seriously wounded. Empathetically, the accused escaped conviction for attempted murder of his attorney [Montserrat Reporter: October 1998]. In other jurisdictions, these tragic events are almost daily global occurrences.


These, therefore, reflect the fragility of the human mind, the darker side of his personality and the unpredictability of man’s nature. Frequently, these have resulted from, inter alia, “...intolerable attorney crookedness- ...deception, fraud; ...incompetence and/or gross professional negligence.” Thus, “...with mistrust, dissatisfaction spiralling high, and patience running critically low, overwhelming rage, clients implode, bringing upon their attorneys unsuspecting pent-up wrath. Therefore, when Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, reportedly revealed to “...practicing attorneys in the Magistrate’s Court of “... Summary, Civil and Criminal jurisdiction” of “...Dreams of Danger,” she may have been indirectly cautioning “...Crooked Attorneys” of the harsh realities of life.


Intellectual Fraud or “...White Collar Crime,” has been the easiest and most frequently committed criminal act against unsuspecting victims. It was also the least, suspected, reported and/or prosecuted. Perpetrators have often used their “...Intellectual Skill, ingenuity and sophistication” in defrauding their clients. By the crooked attorneys, before clients could say “...Jesus wept, they were weeping for something- “...property or money.” Though not the primary objective, to a depraved few a “...Degree in Law means a Degree in Fraud.” Thus, out of sheer crookedness, some attorneys were known to have preyed upon the vulnerabilities of clients. Invariably, “...financial constraints,” had militated against victims in the pursuit of justice. On the other hand, most reputable attorneys, have used their “...knowledge, intellect and professional skills honestly and productively” in creating and/or acquiring legitimate wealth. Notwithstanding attorney’s indiscretions, in the quest for justice, litigants have always engaged the services of those “...projecting an image of honesty, trustworthiness, efficiency and professional competency.”


Still, there were other despicable behavior, where “...Crooked Attorneys” were known to have used their intellectual skills to grievous financial loss to clients. Invariably, the guilty crooks had escaped amenability to the Law, while unsuspecting clients had suffered “...grave psychological harm.” On this score, no voices of public condemnation were heard from the legal fraternity. Research showed that within this jurisdiction [ANU], a young promising attorney “...Saw Mell,” had fled to Colombia, having been accused of fleecing clients of thousands of dollars. Another well known Jamaican-born attorney, Asquith ‘Alex’ Fearon, reportedly skipped town, following several Civil Judgments that were handed down against him for swindling “...Client’s Trust Funds.”


The deceased, well known for his “...Mastery of Glibness,” was alleged to have “...induced a state of mind in clients,” thereby deceiving and defrauding them of thousands of dollars. He had narrowly escaped the “...Short arm of the Law,” thereby avoiding several possible criminal fraud charges. The Long arm was never extended. There are still several known unscrupulous practicing attorneys within the capital of St. John’s. Clients have also accused them of inappropriate professional behaviors involving “...fleecing of collected compensatory damages, to refusing to refund clients moneys to which they reportedly had no legitimate claims of right.” The current guilty ones may, therefore, wish to reform themselves and avoid the embarrassment of imminent “...litigious and/or criminal proceedings and attendant consequences.”


Seemingly running out of luck, Fearon had reportedly evaded a Warrant duly issued by the Bench for his committal to Her Majesty’ Prison. While the legal fraternity had reportedly expressed shock at his sudden passing, few members may have been forthright in cautioning their colleague about his “...alleged fraudulent conduct.” He might have been prudently advised to do right to aggrieved clients that his “...Soul may Rest in Eternal Peace” [Deceased – December 20, 2012]. This may not now be achieved through “...Hypocritical Eulogies” and/or verbal expressions of sympathy. The Scripture reveals Jesus’ displeasure to the living “...I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked” [Ezekiel 33:11]. Therefore, with such understanding the “...Living” shall amend their crooked ways and make amends for their misdeeds- “...Seventy times seven” [Matthew 18:22]. For an understanding of the gravity of the situation, it was necessary to chronicle that which has impacted negatively on “...Client/Attorney relations, confidence and public trust.” 


The criminal exploits of attorneys in some jurisdictions make today’s Law enforcement agencies seem frighteningly ineffective. Though many honest attorneys have prudently avoided these pitfalls, others seemed to have used these skullduggerous acts to good advantage. Some of the “...Depraved acts” resulting in clients’ dissatisfaction include: - “...Professional negligence and incompetence, including, “...Non-fulfillment of financially-settled contractual obligations; ...Failure in attending Court Fixtures; ...Unsatisfactory case preparation and presentation; ...Unsolicited and/or clandestine pre-trial meetings with adversarial litigants; ...Double- representations; ...Exorbitant Fees in Securing Station Bail; ...Swindling; ...Extorting money for retention of clients Files, Passports and/or other documents; ...Forgery and Fraudulent conversion; ...Deprivation of proceeds of real estate sales/rent and collection of Compensatory damages; ...to Racketeering-Fronting for International fraudsters; ...Registering phony companies with fictitious or innocent directors; ...Obtaining land certificates for non-existent owners;  ...involvement in Money Laundering; ...Drug smuggling and Gangsterism.” These, undoubtedly, epitomized the prevalence and growing incidents of crookedness among minority members.


While the legal profession speaks to a practice of nobility that shall be performed by noble men and women, recent behavioral display had resulted in the apprehension of the ignoble, for conduct bordering idiocy. Seemingly borne out of greed, evidence revealed one of the most daring criminal acts, pronounced by “...intellectual stupidity,” was that reportedly committed by British attorney Ritesh Brahmbhatt 31. The ill-conceived act reportedly ran “...between March 1 and September 7, 2009.” Prison officials suspected the attorney of “...controlling a criminal gang” within the confines of the London Pentonville Prison. The crooked attorney had worn “...an over-sized pair of shoes” that concealed much more than his toes.


Unaware of surveillance being conducted on his “...frequent prison visits,” supposedly to consult with detained clients, the suspected “...Contraband Smuggler” was surprisingly guided to a room within the prison. The Canine Corp sniffed out from the unsophisticated method of concealment, “...a quantity of Cannabis; ...two electronic scales and a cellur phone” from the shoes and crotch.” Ironically, the dogs had sniffed him a six-year term of residency at the Pentonville prison.” Chiding the disgraced attorney, Her Ladyship, Justice Deva said “...You have shown arrogance and contempt for the Rule of Law” [Daily Mail: March 12, 2012]. There might be lessons for other jurisdictional Prison authorities.


The “Legal Profession” is universally recognized as noble. Some of the best legal minds have chosen it, necessarily as a means of livelihood. However, it was a practice to be performed by honorable advocates and with good and noble intentions. In the administration and/or dispensation of justice, it knows no colour or creed. Even with its nobility, it was said to be an unrewarding profession. This, however, was dependent upon the practitioner’s aims and objectives- (i) “...Quick financial gains; (ii) ...Amassing substantial wealth; (iii) or ...Advancing the causes of justice.” Practitioners of character, scruples, integrity and honor, had undoubtedly, chosen it not necessarily for personal gratification, but professional satisfaction in advancing the causes of humanity. However, it has been the conclusion of clients/litigants, that attorneys, whose primary objective was “...Amassing Wealth,” had often shown inclinations in displaying unsavory conduct. Thus, assertions of attorneys’ misconduct, indiscretion and/or injudicious actions might be best understood from the chronicled references of judicially proven acts of criminality, endemic primarily among “...scrupleless attorneys.”


Nonetheless, within the “...Legal Profession,” are many reputable hardworking professionals. Most have conducted themselves nobly. Most have also acquitted themselves exceedingly well, endearing themselves to clients and the citizenry by their “...honesty, professional competency, promptitude and reliability.” Contrastingly, through crookedness, others have caused clients to despise them.”  Those who had been retained by clients for their “...superior intellect, knowledge and legal practice,” in representing their interest, have chosen a path, seen as “...Crooked as a cork screw.” This has been evidenced by judicial determinations and criminal convictions.” Conservatively, they are small in number, but have exhibited conduct consistent with crookedness as to tarnish the reputation of the innocent.


The Judicial records, will show that there are many “...Noble Justices and Legal practitioners,” past and present. These include the estimable judicial tenure of current practicing jurists, the venerable Sir Dennis Byron President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and Justice Albert Redhead, practicing Judge with the OECS. They represent Justices of high repute, exemplary behavior and unmatched professional experiences. Both are held in high esteem by the litigant community. Even in their twilight years, their reputation speaks to “...attributes of propriety.” While the scallywags have inspired ‘AWE,’ they have performed and continue to discharge their judicial functions with “...inspiring confidence, assurance and professional decency.” Their primary objective has always been about JUSTICE. Like many others, they have avoided conduct that may have, and/or could bring the profession into disrepute. If it were not so, many Justices and attorneys who have demitted office or continuing practice, may not have done so selflessly or with “...pride, dignity and grace,” only to be left in eventual “...Financial Miseries.”


What might be instructive, were recent experiences of two deeply aggrieved clients. They were seeking alternative avenues to complain. Confidentially, they revealed conduct that Law enforcement may have determined to be the crimes (i) “...Obtaining Money by False Pretence or (ii) ...Fraudulent Conversion.” They had complained of “...Legal Fees” certain attorneys had refused to return, “...though they had provided no Legal Services” for which they were retained. These were criminal acts consistent with “...Stealing or Deprivation of client’s property.” It is obvious that if such conduct was left unchecked, the noble profession could easily evolve into a band of “...Crooked Attorneys” to prosper from their “...Criminal Exploits,” under the guise of a “...Legal Practice.” The Clients seemed to have run out of legitimate options, startlingly revealing that “...privately consulted attorneys,” had shown reluctance in litigating against colleagues, thereby adding further to their miseries.”


Another area of serious concern was that of “...Powers of Attorney.” Like the “...LEGAL MAFIA,” they make final decisions, invariably, adverse to the interest of principals. Frequently, principals were left in “...distress with heartrending grievances.” Innumerable complaints have been made, but seemingly, regional Bar Associations had proved ineffective in curtailing “...criminality” among their members. Hence, maintaining the integrity of the Legal profession, conventional wisdom demands that acceptable standards of behavior shall be void of all “...Crookedness.” Such, therefore, necessarily begs the interventions of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, in protecting vulnerable clients against “...Deception and Fraud.” Therefore, the time has come for greater “...Transparency and Accountability” and client’s protection from the legal fraternity. These, therefore, suggest an overall responsibility of Her Ladyship Dame Janice Pereira, Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC), and more importantly, the fundamental duty of Law enforcement.


Across frontiers, was said to be the “...Fraudulent Exploits” of practicing attorneys. Legally educated, several had gravitated to “...monetary temptations” of the Devil. Like Law enforcement personnel, public and judicial officers and religious leaders, it has also been said that “...Lawyers are held to a higher standard of conduct than that of the average citizen.” In respect to such standard, the Barbados Free Press (BFP) has posited “...except in Barbados” [Barbados Underground: July 21, 2013]. From Law enforcement perspective, the Code of Conduct speaks to a “...fundamental duty in helping mankind.” Such duty includes “...Protecting the innocent against deception.” Parliament anticipated fraudulent conduct, even by those with Law Degrees. Thus, the enactment of a Statute to address crimes of “...Theft (England/Dominica) or Larceny (OECS), fraudulent conversion of private funds and generally “...FRAUD” [ANU: Larceny Act: Chapter 241].


Such higher standard of conduct appeared not to have been just the perception of the Antiguan and Barbudan citizenry, but also the expressed views of many clients, respecting the conduct of a “...handful of greedy, deceptive, depraved and/or scruple-less attorneys.” Most appeared to have been flourishing with impunity and/or prospering on the susceptibilities of ignorant and vulnerable clients, through reported “...unprofessional and/or fraudulent conduct.” The Barbadian people, like the Antiguan public have seen serious breaches of client’s trust in their attorneys as a “...terrible and egregious offence.” Even more damning, the supposedly watch dog association- “...Barbados Bar Association (BBA)” was described by social media as a “...moribund entity” (Encarta Dictionary: ...nearly dead). Such reflects loss of confidence and/or impotency in those holding top or “...symbolic positions” within the respective jurisdictional Associations, be it Barbados or the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).


Commenting on the vexed issue of criminality within the legal fraternity, the Barbados Free Press writes “...We’ve had so many lawyers arrested in the last year that outsiders might begin to suspect that mass criminal hysteria has recently hit our legal profession” [BFP: March 12, 2011]. Void of statistical prosecutorial data, it suggested that only a few offending attorneys may have been actually prosecuted. There was no doubt that the Antiguan public felt or continues to feel the same way about some currently practicing attorneys. Some had reportedly caused their clients innumerable problems, conniving and dealing with others of superior intellect, thereby implicating innocent clients in apparent “...highly sophisticated Real Estate schemes.” Some had allegedly deceived clients into affixing signatures to documentation to their detriment. Diligent and painstaking investigation by Law Enforcement may reveal the deceptive and criminal exploits of identifiable attorneys, preying with impunity on the ignorance, inferior intellect of susceptible Clients.


Criminal behavior among attorneys was not limited to one jurisdiction. The Barbados Free Press had reacted to fraudulent conduct among some members of the legal fraternity and specifically to the arrest of attorney-at-law 61 year-old Leroy Lynch. Research, however, revealed that a Barbadian/American Joan Marville, residing in the United States had commenced real estate transactions, selling land to the value of $100, 000.” Unforeseen circumstances appeared to have forced her departure before the transactions were concluded. Apparently making a fatal mistake in engaging the services of the attorney for completion, the client reportedly “...saw red,” when after some six years, the proceeds of the land sale had not been credited to her “...Trust Fund Account.” The matter was reported to the controversial former Barbados Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin who had decisively dealt with the apparent crooked exploits of the attorney, in a manner normally accorded to hardened criminals. He was arrested by Barbados Police for allegedly stealing some $2.2M of client’s money” [BFP: March 12, 2011].


Then there was the “...Calamitous Warren Cassel affair.” Bringing misery upon himself through alleged fraudulent exploits, Montserrat’s enterprising “...Intellectual   Property and Entertainment attorney,” may have yielded to temptation, and apparently ruined a burgeoning legal and consultative practice. Research showed that he was as charismatic, as he was a successful “...entrepreneurial attorney,” having clientele such as the Antigua Carnival Board [LinkedIn]. He had reportedly shown great potential in other fields of endeavor. He too may have been caught up in a “...Race for Wealth,” practicing much more than law. He appeared to have been overwhelmed by “...financial greed,” to which he apparently succumbed to its destructive influences.


Warren Cassell was accused of “...fraudulently executing valuable security by deception; ...Transferring Shares from a company Providence Estate Limited” to an entity called “...Cassell and Lewis Incorporated” founded by him and of which he held the position of CEO. Substantiating evidence of “...Fraudulent Conduct” reportedly led to his arrest by Montserrat Police. He was “...Stopped on the Track” and slapped with several charges of “...Conspiracy to Defraud and Money Laundering.” These offences were reportedly committed “...between 2007 and 2011.” Found guilty on the charge of “...Money Laundering on February 15, 2012.”


Cassell was ordered incarcerated for five years in the island’s Brades Prison by His Lordship Justice Albert Redhead.” The alleged fraudster was tried by a Jury of his peers over a period of four weeks. He was “...convicted on January 25, 2012.” He was unsuccessfully defended at trial by visiting Antiguan and Barbudan attorney, Leon ‘Chaku’ Symister” [MNI Alive. Com: November 30, 2001]. Consequent upon a “...Prosecutorial Flaw,” resulting from apparent perusal oversight and/or inadvertence, the accused who was indicted under a “...nullified Law,” was acquitted on charges of “...Conspiracy to Defraud” [MNI Alive: Nov.30, 2011].


Research showed that several attorneys across the globe have been  “...arrested, prosecuted and convicted,” or had cases pending criminal trials, while several had fled jurisdictions or had suffered harm or perished at the hands of irate and/or “ ...dissatisfied clients.” For instance, practicing Jamaican attorney, Oswald James who was convicted of fraud, was slapped a negligible two-year jail term. Additionally, he was alleged to have ripped off some $20M from “Real Estate transactions” on behalf of Canadian clients.” The fraudster was arrested, charged and prosecuted by the Jamaica Law enforcement agency after he allegedly “...Misappropriated $230, 000 of client’s money that he had omitted to credit to client’s Trust Fund or refund on demand” [Go-Jamaica: July 31, 2013].


Using his “...Crooked Wit, intellect, legal knowledge and illegal entrepreneurial fraud scam,” Guyanese-born, New York-based attorney,  Ravi Persaud 44, was accused of masterminding what was described as a “ ...Massive multi-million fraud scheme.” He had reportedly conned banks into “...lending unqualified borrowers” through fraudulent applications, advising that they were “...Good Credit Risks.” His exploits continued for several years and led to his arrest, prosecution and conviction on August 26, 2010” [Stabroek News: August 30, 2010].


A high profile case of “...Mafiaism,” was the apparent “...Mystical Exploitative Administration” of former Turks and Caicos Islands Premier Michael Misic 47. An attorney-at-law, “...the dapper and flamboyant Premier” was removed from office in 2009, following allegations of “...Malfeasance.” He allegedly sold the Crown’s land asset, thereby, benefitting substantially from the proceeds, estimated in millions” [2003-2009]. Described as a “...Playboy Millionaire,” when British investigators appeared to have been closing in, the “...Elusive Mystical Michael” reportedly skipped town in “...October 2011” for safe haven in Brazil. Incidentally, as fate would have it, Misic ran out of luck for consideration of asylum, only to become a “...Fugitive from justice.” Subsequently arrested by Brazilian Police on December 7, 2012; ...languished in the penitentiary; ...granted bail on February 8, 2013 and was now awaiting Extradition proceedings” [Turks &Caicos Sun: April 28, 2013]. These, therefore, end the examination of the fraudulent conduct of “...Crooked Attorneys.”


The behavioral traits and criminal atrocities, undoubtedly, speak to the ever increasing “...Crookedness” among some members of the legal profession.” Thus, if its nobility and integrity are to prevail, as nature and gravity of “...Attorney Crookedness” persist, such persistency dictates, that there shall be intervention by Law enforcement. Henceforth, practicing attorneys known to have exhibited or continuing to display “...Conduct consistent with depravity and/or criminality,” they may wish to inculcate within themselves, such qualities as are necessary for enhancing “...professionalism, reputation, confidence and trust in the services provided to clients and the general public. These may augur well for client/attorney relations and their reliance on the legal services provided in their “...Pursuit of Justice;” respect for the Judicial System and the Rule of Law.

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#8 Vere C. Bird III » 2013-08-14 18:55

You should have put that bit of information in the original piece.

Vere C. Bird III


#7 RAWLSTON POMPEY » 2013-08-14 07:59

Good Day Vere Bird III,
This commentary makes no reference to any " ....misdeeds' of VB Jr. Just like all other professions, it shows associated danger.

You may have inadvertently omitted to note that VB Jr was MINISTER of Technology, Science and Communication-" ...from May 15, 1996 to 1999." He was hurt in 1997 as a serving Minister. From official knowledge, his client had issues with the eviction. Leave it this way.

VB Jr was a friend and legal resource attorney; ...very approachable, accommodating, pleasant and helpful.
You may wish to draw from his experiences. Let him rest peacefully.


Erroneous Reporting

#6 Vere C. Bird III » 2013-08-13 15:31

“...attorney’s, (ironically, Minister of Land,)” handling of the “...eviction,” seemingly became irate, and launched a “...Surprised Gun Attack” against his attorney. Shooting him through the mouth, he was left seriously wounded. Empathetically, the accused escaped conviction for attempted murder of his attorney [Montserrat Reporter: October 1998]

Read more: http://www.Caribarena.com/antigua/opinions/opinion-pieces/rawlston-pompey/104356-**ed-attorneys-criminal-exploits.html#ixzz2bsXEBjlT

Vere C. Bird Jnr. was NOT the Minster of Lands at the time of his shooting on the 16th December, 1997. Mr. Bird became the Minster of Agriculture, Lands & Fisheries after the 1999 General Elections. Mr. Bird was never shot THROUGH the mouth he was shot in the chin. Vere Bird Jnr. was not a Minister in Government for almost 10 years from 1990-1999 at which point in 1997 when he was shot by Mr. Bufton.

Vere C. Bird III


#5 LISTENER » 2013-08-13 14:44

Very informative.

Recently well known Antiguan businessman George Ryan disclosed on Radio Observer that that a St. John lawyer ripped him off of over one million dollars. How come the Police have not done anything to stop thes lawyers fro ripping off their clients?


...right or wrong...

#4 Jumbee Picknee » 2013-08-12 12:09

Pompey, since I've been reading your articles, you have tackled many subjects which are taboo in Our Culture. This is no exception. I do agree, that there are **ed elements in all walks of life. However, in this particular profession, which for the most part is charged with maintaining "Law & Order," at its highest level, I find that some do take advantage of their position.
1...They get paid/rewarded, whether or not they win or lose a case.
2...They are protected by the Order of which they take an Oath for, even though, they may be doing things contrary to the Oath taken.
With this kind of protection, some will go astray. This is the most difficult profession to "clean up." It's no wonder, it's used as a 'stepping stone' for Political Office.
This is a very timely article, keep up the good work.

Jumbee Picknee

RE: **ed Attorneys - Criminal Exploits

#3 SlyThatGuy » 2013-08-12 09:49

That is because we were born human and it's part of our human nature to be dishonest and corrupted. It makes no difference whether we're attorneys, doctors, politicians, preachers, teachers athletes, or parents--we all lie and cheat, and, occasionally, we teach our children to do the same. For instance, how many times a friend called you on the phone and you told him or her you were busy when you were not? Some greedy politicians, attorneys and preachers stole and got away with it; others who were not as fortunate stole and got caught, and they were forced to face the deep personal humiliation and disgrace that comes with it. The point is we as human being inherited a lot of bad traits and that's why we have to fight so hard to be good and honest people.


RE: **ed Attorneys - Criminal Exploits

#2 CIROC » 2013-08-12 08:33

In every profession you will find honest and hard working people.However,there are those who are very dishonest and bring the profession into disrepute.The lawyers that I have dealt with in Antigua over the years are very honest.Perhaps it is my luck and their integrity.We have lawyers here in USA who are involved with laundering money for their clients.Some are on the payroll of gangsters.When they are caught and found guilty.Their practices are closed and prison is where they are sent.When was the last time a lawyer in Antigua was arrested for illegal activities.Mr.Pompey this is one of your more interesting articles.Keep up the good work.


Expose Them

#1 Skyewill » 2013-08-12 05:29

Antigua and it's judicial system have a lot of them. Thank you Sir. This is one of the real reasons for our crime wave. In order to clean up our society we have to clean house on every level. Not just **ed police and **ed Politicians but **ed businessmen, **ed preachers, **ed high ranking public officials and **ed lawyers. Last week 2 Mayor in South Florida city's and the lobbyists who bribed them were arrested for corruption. The governor revoked their status.


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