Adversarial Senatorial Squabble-Ruffled President

Adversarial Senatorial Squabble-Ruffled PresidentWhenever there was a sitting of Parliament, listeners and viewers to the proceedings may have hardly found moments when there were not “...good-spirited joviality; ...good natured by-play; ...occasional light moments for laughter over some gestures or remarks, followed by disruptive cross-talk.

Thus, if citizens were looking for mild “...Drama and Excitement,” then whichever House was sitting, the place to be and/or focus on, was the Parliamentary Chambers. However, dependent upon the contents of the presentations and existing atmosphere, listeners and viewers would most certainly know when the “...Spirit of God” had left the Chambers.


Though the complexities of life are sometimes difficult to comprehend and the mysteries intriguing and challenging to unravel, so too are the “...Oddities” associated with human behaviors, expressions and/or expectations. For instance, citizens expect a higher standard of behavior of their parliamentary representatives and/or those appointed to the Senate to conduct the people’s business. In the wider community, Legislators speak to a “...New Social Order and societal discipline. They looked to Law enforcement for social control in maintaining Law and Order. Youth Director Cleone Athill [ANU] speaks to the formulation of programmes intended to help youth-(disturbed, depressed or otherwise), through their “...pre-teen years to the threshold of adulthood, and ultimately, adult life.


Yet in Parliament, Legislators have exhibited total disorder. That which was displayed in the Senate recently, was nothing short of a “...Rumble in the Jungle.” That was the scene created in the nation’s Parliamentary Chambers when the Senate met on Thursday September 12, 2013. Ironically, today, a youth falls into trouble and tomorrow the same disrespectful and “...Unruly Bunch of Legislators” go to Parliament and enact Laws for “ ...Harsher Punishments. In the Senate Chambers, there was irrefutable evidence of “...gross disrespect to human dignity; ...insults to intelligence; ... rude discourse and utterly unruly behavior” that had developed into a dance hall-like atmosphere. Frequently, the nonsensical attacks were directed against personalities, as opposed to addressing critical matters under legislative consideration. Then back to Parliament on Monday, there is still more “…Chaos and Confusion.”


The moralists speak to acts of immorality; while more fundamentally, law abiding citizens speak to the “...breakdown of Law and societal order and fear of crime and violence.” Then in Parliament Legislators appeared to have been abusing the provisions under Section 58 that allow for certain remarks that may not be subjected to civil and criminal proceedings for “...WORDS SPOKEN” to each other in the Parliamentary debates. They have been constantly practicing violence-verbally by their “...insensitive, crude and offensive discourse.” If there were “...Myths and/or Illusions,” there are no immunities for any act of violence, even as they sought to make amendments to the “...Offences Against the Person Act, Chapter 300.”


Much of the parliamentary upheavals may have been attributed to “...Unfamiliarity with the Standing Orders,” since some members have acted with impunity, showing persistency in breaching the Rules of the Houses. Thus, when parliamentary proceedings appeared to have been conducted in an atmosphere of hostility, such may have been likened to those obtained in the “...Kenya between warring tribes.” Comparatively speaking, the Senate Chamber and the conduct of some Members appeared to have been no different to that frequently obtained on many radio programmes.


These were evident within the Senate Chamber, when Members sought to exhibit behaviors, consistent with that “...instigated and spurred on by the Devil.” These no doubt, reflect the “...Impulsive characteristics and the disruptive nature of humans. Insinuations into the Senate proceedings, though they may have been  seen as ill-timed and/or insensitive, may have been averted by early intervention of the Chair, before allowing “...All Hell Break Loose.” Notwithstanding, there may be no justification for angry and vociferous, feudal Senators to trade cross-talk across the Senate Chamber “...inflaming the situation and annoying the listening and viewing audiences. Even the Archangels may have been peeved by those who may have been audibly heard in the background “...Playing Devil.” This was all part of the daily lives of many across the globe. Even “...Sly J” invariably accepted the role of “...Advocate.”


In spite of the profoundness of religious prayers, preceding the parliamentary debates, identifiable members of both Houses of Parliament have persistently shown inclinations to be reckless and/or callous in their expressions, insinuating contentious issues not under legislative considerations. Not infrequently have there been controversial remarks leading to prolonged disruption and frequent chiding of guilty members. These assertions may be viewed from the perspective of subsequent developments that had occurred in the respective Chambers. For instance, after Cannon, Reverend Bernard Hodge had delivered his carefully prepared religious prayers, invoking the presence of God and imploring Him to “...Guide the feisty lips of Members, the Devil also appeared to have been silently praying to “...Himself,” that Cannon Hodge should leave the Chambers with his “ ...Bible and the Spirit of God,” that he may invoke his spell upon those willing to raise the blood pressure of either the Speaker of the House and/or the President of the Senate.


Squabbles were known to have occurred in Parliaments across the globe. Several, as in the case of India have not only ended “...chaotically or destructively, but also bloodily” [Al Jazeera: August 18, 2011]. When Senate President Hazelyn Francis appeared to have commanded some semblance of attention and order, dejectedly, she remarked “...This is a Sad; ...Sad day.” Inferentially, such remarks may have been viewed from the perspective of “...her tenure; ...life of the Senate and the caliber and behavior of appointees to its membership. These remarks were capable of being interpreted by the citizens as the events unfolded. Comparable to the “...market place environment,” such squabbles were known to have been occasioned between “...fishmongers and buyers.”


Invariably, either the “...Cost of the Fish or the Smell of it,” had been the bones of contention. There may be no need to quarrel, since neither “...buyer nor monger” may get the “...Fish or the Money.” Fish squabbles have been a natural phenomenon and so too are remarks that may have been uttered recklessly or provocatively. Notwithstanding human emotions, prudence dictates that “...sanity and commonsense” shall be allowed to prevail. It may also be seen that if errant Members had achieved anything, it may have been “...Raising the Blood Pressure” of Senate President Hazelyn Francis. Given the history of Senatorial Bacchanal, “...Induced Hypertension,” may have may have been correctly diagnosed by Senate Member and medical practitioner, Honourable Dr. Edmond Mansor. Senator Lennox Weston may have ensured that the economy thrived that Senate President Hazelyn Francis received the best medical care for such inducement.


Two weeks apart, there have been two “...Dramatic Presentations” that have clearly stirred emotions and provoked consternation among the respective House members and sparked intense public debates. Firstly, there was House of Representatives Member, Finance and Economy Minister Honourable Harold Earl Edmund Lovell [Wikipedia: September 27, 1955-], who appeared to have unwittingly presented a “...non-related issue during debate on “...Amendments to the Offences Against the Person Act 2013.” Then mere days later were “...Raucous Rattling Remarks” by two distinguished Senators of the Upper House of Parliament respecting the “...death of a pregnant woman” [ANU: September 12, 2013].


This may have been evident, as two angry Members; well learned academics- Senator Edmond Mansoor with a Medical degree and the other Senator Lennox Weston, an Economics scholar. Both were deeply engrossed in an apparent “...personal verbal battle,” prompting the intervention of Senate President Hazelyn Francis. Their unresponsiveness to her tersely chilling commanding words may have been reverberating across the Senate Chamber, equally as much as they came to citizens listening and/or viewing through the radio/television simulcast.


The Senate President may not only have lost control of the proceedings, but also the respect and cooperation of those who were “...locked in the verbal exchanges.” Living up to his “...Crocodile –skin toughness,” Senator Dr. Edmond Mansoor had shown that he “...could swim fearlessly with the marine animals that have infested the Miami Everglades.” Adopting “...Dundee-like character,” Dr. Edmond Mansoor demonstrated that he was neither afraid of    “...Senator Weston; ...the Senate President nor the ferocious nature of crocodiles, none of which exists in the nation.”


Citizens who had listened and/or viewed the televised “...Senatorial Uproar,” evidenced by the noisy exchanges may have found the parliamentary display nothing short of pandemonium.” Then tried as the Senate President may, the raucous behavior reflected evidence of either their dislike and/or intolerability of each other. More fundamentally, it suggest inter alia “...parliamentary indiscipline and powerlessness of the President. There was no doubt that what had transpired had outraged many citizens, while the heart of the President may have greatly saddened. Disregard to the President’s orders were suggestive of ominous signs of lack of authoritativeness in dealing effectively with recalcitrant Members [ANUSenate: September 12, 2013].


Such exhibition of conduct may have been seen as that associated with “...Market Scenes” and had clearly brought the institution close to the “...Border of Disrepute,” Being a party to the proceedings, may very well have implications for new Senate Member, Honourable Shaw Nicholas, who resides close to the “...Bridge” where legends have suggested the “ ...Devil resides.” However, if graciousness enveloped his heart, and he is so inclined in relaxing at any “ ...Verandah” near to the legendary Bridge, puffing his Cubana cigars, Member of the House of Representatives, Honourable Robin Yearwood, might just keep the Devil away from her adventurous descent from the “ ...Upper House to the Lower House.”


It is undeniable that both man and beast co-exist as they belong to the same Kingdom. However, man by reasons of his “...superior being and intellect,” have “...developed communities; ...established institutions- such as Parliaments; ...systems, procedures and processes for their effective and efficient operations; ...Codes of Conduct of its members; ...developed societies and ultimately built nations.” Man has, therefore, chosen the best part of civilization and land space in which to dwell, while the animals stayed in their natural habitat-the jungle. Animals do not have comparable life-styles and do not enjoy the glare and glamour available to humans. Instinctively, animals kill only for “...food, safety and protection.” Impulsively, man kills for everything-“...love, status, power and money.”


In the animal kingdom, man, as a reasonable creature in being, uses his superior intellect, different languages and various medium for communication. Thus, humans enjoyed superiority over the animals. Each is guided by that which was innately endowed as “...Reason and Conscience.” With such endowment, man was further provided with “...Cognitive Skills,” that allow for the acquisition of knowledge through “...reasoning; ...intuition and/or perception.” These are the skills that have produced in humans an understanding of the environment in which they dwell, work or seek pleasure. These are the skills that alert humans that danger was imminent and that they shall take “...evasive action and/or employ reasonable measures” in protecting himself, family from harm and danger to his valued possessions. These skills that bring early signals when people found themselves in environments that were socially and politically hostile. Thus, the “ ...Cognitive Skills” caution individuals that James ‘Tanny” Rose had popularized “...I come in peace, ...I leave in peace.” In some instances, this was easier said than done. If there were doubts about this assertion, then gently grill “...ABEC IT Specialist, Samantha Leacock.”


In many instances humans have shown scant regard to the “...Dignity and worth of the human person.” Additionally, humans were impelled to take umbrage with “...expression” uttered with animosity or remarks that were considered “...objectionable and vexatious to the spirit.” This may have been the case, when a distraught Senate President Hazelyn Francis had sought to maintain and/or restore order to the Chamber. Thus, there may have been good reasons for her to have felt the way she had expressed her feelings. More fundamentally, she had tried vainly in seeking to “...instill discipline and respect; ...influence decorum in raucous members and bring a sense of civility to the unpleasant Senatorial discourse that had digressed from the Bill under legislative considerations. These were no more evident, than that which had transpired recently in the Senate [ANU: September 12, 2013].


Humans have been acknowledged as the superior being among the animals God has created. As a consequence, each person was said to be endowed with “...Reason and Conscience.” Frequently, people have shown that they possess neither attributes. These were said to be the “...intuitive forces” that helps to guide human actions and aid the advancement of civilization. Thus, these have been man’s guide in influencing each individual to “...Act towards one another in a Spirit of brotherhood” [Article 1: UDHR: December 10, 1948]. Notwithstanding, it was the experience, that when such spirit had left the physical being, man became “...annoyingly rowdy; ...behavior erratic and expressions obnoxious, giving his fellowmen reasons to apprehend fear. For instance, in a swing in mood, individuals have been transformed into earthly devils. Then impulsively perpetrating acts deemed “...harmful, senseless, reckless and ruthless. It was then that “...The Wrath of Man” was known to have descended upon others frightening consequences. Recently, Kenroy Marshall may have had good reasons to run from such wrath” [Caribarena: June 3, 2013].


Ever since creation, animals were provided with, and act upon “...Instinct.” Humans on the other hand, though endowed with “...Reason and Conscience,” were situationally driven by Impulse to act or to speak.” Invariably, man’s actions and/or expressions had brought tears to the eyes and sadness to the heart. Then in seeking earthly possessions, man’s intelligence, knowledge and skills, allow him, particularly those of affluence in acquiring “...the finest clothing made from textiles; ...shoes from animal skins and jewellery crafted from precious earthly metal.” In his pursuits of “...power and wealth,” man has killed- physically, any human being that was seen as a threat, hindrance or an obstacle in his path. Verbally and psychologically, man had waged war against adversaries. Man, however, remains the dominant creature, until he perilously wandered or encroached upon and/or encounters a pack of hungry lions. Instinctively, humans have demonstrated their capabilities in employing “...Animal instinct” as circumstances dictate.


Given man’s endowment with “...Reason and Conscience,” humans are expected to exhibit behaviors that was to be seen as consistent with “...Modern Civilization.” Thus, such civilization demands that humans shall “...recognize the inherent dignity and worth” of all members of the human family.” Then as far as reasonable practicable and as the conscience would dictate, endeavor in seeking peace and to live in harmony with all a sundry. Supporting this contention, the “...Universal Declaration of Human Rights” in its Preamble, speaks to this principle, urging that recognition shall be given to every man, woman and child, since “...All is equal with inalienable rights that form the basis and foundation of ...Freedom, Justice and Peace in the world” [UNDHR 1948]. If that which was reported at ABEC, then it might not be difficult in comprehending this principle.


Notwithstanding his superiority over the animals, humans have invariably displayed “...Jackass Instinct” in many forms of behavior. Calculatedly, when humans were faced with situations, difficulties and/or challenges, they had reacted “...senselessly and recklessly,” frequently, like the animal called “...Jackass.” Though animal scientists have suggested that they have various forms of communicating, the day a Jackass passes by and says “...Good Day Mr. Panday,” like Sanford it would be time for man to clutch at the chest and say, “...Elizabeth I am coming” [Redd Foxx: Series-1972-1977].


Humans were known to display hypocrisy, in some form or shape. Dependent upon the occasions-“...Old year’s night; ...Good Friday; ...Weddings; ...Infant Baptism; ...Christening or Funerals, most Sanctuaries are full to capacity. Normal Sabbath or Divine Service, on Saturdays and Sundays, “...the religious leaders single out Parliamentarians as a mark of courtesy and respect and/or “...Expectations of Faith- either the “...Evidence of things not seen or ...Substance of things HOPE for” [Hebrews 11.1]. They speak to “...Satanic behaviors,” not among Parliamentarians, but among congregants and other members of society. Then seemingly, not necessarily moved by conviction, with “...Sheer Hypocrisy,” both the conscientious and guilty members and/or attendees, are impelled to drop on bended knees, asking the Lord for repentance.


The experiences of humans are wide and varied. Daily, humans speak to “...love and unity,” yet daily, they have exhibited behaviors, showing not only the impossibilities in showing and/or maintaining good human relations, but also their “...hypocrisy in preaching “...peace, but practicing disunity.” At bed time and in the morning, the conscientious say a little prayer, beseeching the Lord to guide and protect them from evil and evil-doers. Prior to the commencement of his programme “...Your View,” popular radio personality James Simon “...Sly J,” religiously prayed that not only the Lord may “...Guide and guard his thoughts, but also “...to put a bit and bridle on his lips from speaking guile.” Then as the programme continued, the “...Spirit of God” seemed to thrive elsewhere.


Man’s desires are said to be wide and varied. Invariably, certain aspirational moves have brought “...prosperity” to adventurous aspirants, while for others, it has brought “...wretchedness and misery.” With this scenario, it may not be difficult in discerning why there is chaos and confusion in every sphere of human interaction. Adding to man’s troubles, are the insensitive and inflammatory utterances that have been spewed from lips out of hearts saturated with evil. World renowned social commentator, the Mighty Sparrow, Slinger Francisco (gravely ill-September 9, 2013, NY), speaks to the things that man have said or likely to say that he considers as causing “...Half the trouble in the world today.”


The Mighty Sparrow noted in the social commentary that which sometimes causes confusion-the things people say to others, consciously or ignorantly. He said “...Half the trouble in the world today; ...Come from people who don’t know what to say.” For instance, he revealed that some Moppers visited his home one Christmas day and after they had their fill, well boozed and drunken they gleefully toasted, “...May your cup of sorrow never run dry; ...May misfortune follow you until the day you die; ...You are such a nice quiet, illiterate lad; ...Your obnoxious company make me feel glad”[Well Spoken Moppers]. Clearly not understanding that they were stirring up trouble, one of the moppers shouted “...I second the motion.” Former Senator Elmore Charles was always “...quick to second motions,” even when the contents were clearly beyond his capacity to comprehend. In spite of his absence, others seemed to have adopted his legacy.


. The Scripture teaches that whatever is in a man’s heart, he will pursue it. For instance, it is written “...His heart is established; ...He shall not be afraid, until he sees his desire upon his enemies” [Psalms 111: 8]Further it warns “....Make no friendship to a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself” [Open Bible/Proverbs 22:24]. It is to the citizens’ knowledge that Parliamentarians have made remarks that had the effect of provoking parliamentary strife. When adversarial Senators described the Senatorial presentations of others as “...Crap and Trash”   [Senators Dr. Errol Cort/Dr. Edmond Mansoor-Medical], rightly or wrongly, they may have supported Sparrow’s contentions that insulting expressions have been causing “...Half the trouble among Parliamentarians today.”


It was the experience that humans have shown through expressions that they had aught against their fellowmen. Frequently, this had come about over that which may have been seen as “...bruised ego and trivialities. Invariably, some expressions are seen as frivolous and/or vexatious.” But as the cliché suggests “...What is joke to chauffeur is death to crapaud.” Sometimes, however, what might be perceived as personal attacks may be easily shrugged off. For instance, former Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr. Eric Eustace Williams seemed to understand when humans appeared to want to communicate, using the “ ...Animal instinct” [September25, 1911-March 29, 1981].


As far as Dr. Williams was concerned, if it was a human being behaving like an animal, he had no qualms over which “...Jackass Brayed.” Research revealed that when one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most popular social commentators, Dr. Hollis Liverpool, more widely known as “...Chalkdust” sought persistently in attacking his administration, shrugging off his attacks, Dr. Williams, simply and unapologetically retorted “ ...Let the Jackass Bray” [Express: November 29, 2011]. Even after DR. Williams’ grossly insulting remarks to the social commentator, in other places, humans continue to mimic the animals and provocatively behaving like a “...Jackass.” Thus, he may have been seen as the only Leader on record who showed no interest in “...Jackass Noises.”


Members of both Houses of Parliament were either “...Elected and/or Appointed” to grace the sacred halls not as a social club, but as a serious place for the “...legislative conduct of government business.” Such was to be conducted in an environment that was conducive to, and allow for “...informed, sane and sound decisions” for the common and national good. In many instances, such privileges were accorded, not necessarily contingent upon “...merit-based considerations,” but primarily on the basis of “...affiliation and/or association.” Then there were the other considerations of “...influence; ...affluence and ...societal status.” Some were known to have made a mockery of their parliamentary positions and/or associated privileges. Frequently some have exhibited “...bad manners; ...showing pompousness, arrogance and were obnoxiously rude and offensive. Some were reckless in their expressions, callous and grossly insulting to members they felt were “...Out of their depth.” In making his maiden presentation to the supposedly august body, Senator Honourable Paul ‘Chet’ Greene, was given a rude welcome, when Senator Honourable Joanne Massiah had remarked “...Cockroach have no business in fowl house.” In any event, that has always been a very dangerous place for any cockroach-brown, black, red and white-never saw blue.


There is the bi-cameral Chambers of Parliament.  Miles away there is the prestigious “...House of Lords and Commons.” Within this jurisdiction, there is the “...House of Representatives (elected members) and the Senate (appointed).” There is also the House of Culture. The Houses of Parliament were specifically established for the conduct of parliamentary debates” on matters of State, including issues affecting the “...socio-economic life of the citizens and nation and fundamental individual rights. These include “...life, liberty, freedom of expression, movement, association.” The latter House addresses, inter alia, “...Cultural issues.”  Then there is the “...House of Payne.” This is a skillfully crafted journalistic column of “...factual events and/or developments,” interspersed with sarcasm, irony and humor. This is accessible in the weekly newspaper called “...News Pages” [Publisher/Editor: Timothy Payne].


Should the nation’s Parliament be dissolved into a House Confusion? That may have been the question on the minds of many law abiding citizens. Within the nation, there are many “...Houses of God.” This reflects the foremost principle that speaks to the “...Conscience of the people.” Thus, it is proclaimed in the Constitution Order 1981 that “...The people of Antigua and Barbuda acknowledge the Supremacy of God and the dignity and worth of the human person” [Proclamation (a)]. In Parliament, some Members have given no such acknowledgements and have shown no such recognition, neither for “...God, Man nor Beast.” Chances are, with the frequency of disruptions, feuds and quarrels among Members of Parliament may very well precipitate transformation of both Chambers of Parliament to be called the “...House of Confusion” or even the “...stage name once adopted by Playwright Vaughn Walter who called himself “ The VAGA BOND.”

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We Bring no gods into this World!

#2 John French II » 2013-09-17 16:20

Notes From A native Son Of The Rock! Victorio us God Willing! Quote:
"If you want to walk fas, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk with others>" African Proverb.
Once again the Venerable Pompey has outdone himself to the delight of the "Bewildered & Bemused Electorate", Residents and th rest of the Cyberspace Heads. The Kenyan Mau Mau's who have been vindicated in the Privy Council by The Law Lords will pass on their ancient wisdom.
"Lord, fill me with gratitude for your boundles love and mercy towards me. And purify my love for others that I may seek their good rather than my own benefit or gain. Free me to love others as you love."
Thanks Mr. P.
Go Well! Much Respect!

John French II

All the presidents fault

#1 Wisdom » 2013-09-17 08:48

I followed the debate and it degenerated when Dr. Cort was allowed to make insulting comments about the senators on the other side, including the independent senator, Sylvia O'Marde.
Hazelyn Francis is too damn biased and needs to act with balance. If it was one of the others she would have demanded a retraction or apology. Chet and Weston were right, Errol Cort is not above the rules and I must commend them on their fearlessness in challenging the president in the name of justice.


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