Don't Shoot the Messenger

Don't Shoot the MessengerWith nations experiencing grave fiscal challenges, governments within the global community have been forced into various programmes of “...Structural Adjustments.” Moreover, nations constrained by financial arrangements with the “...International Monetary Fund (IMF),” are obliged to meet stringent conditionalities.

These include compulsory Reform of the Public Service.” Interestingly, in its Press Release No 13/200, IMF Mission leader, Geoffrey Bannister highlighted certain economic challenges facing the nation. Recognizing difficulties bedeviling Finance and Economy Minister Honourable Harold Lovell, he urged that continued efforts are needed to (i)”...Improve administration; (ii) ...Rationalize Tax Expenditures and (iii) the critical “...Move forward with Civil Service Reform” [IMF Website: June 5, 2013].


When Parliamentary Secretary Senator Shawn Marisa Nicholas spoke to “...Job Security and Benefits Protection,” she had given an inklin that reform was imminent. Since private sector employers have no control and/or obligations to public servants, surely, she may have been speaking to “... Internal Threats” posed by her administration. This may have been reasonably inferred, given the recent urging by the IMF.” Such reform may not be confused with possible threats looming over workers in the “...Private Sector.” Even so, there are safeguards under the “...Antigua and Barbuda Labour Code.” Notwithstanding such protection and/or guarantee, the economic conditions seemed not to be conducive to sustaining an apparent “...distended public service; ...providing requisite social services and servicing a Public Debt,” reportedly peaked to a height towering over Mount Obama (Boggy Peak).


On Law enforcement training, trainees had feared when soup was the meal of the day. Such fears had stemmed from the fact that there was always more soup than there were solids. Though the culinary staff had not provided forks for its consumption, with “...two little stringy dumplings floating in the bowl,” likened to three people swimming in the sea at Fort James, Trainees were forced to describe the meal as “...Swimming and Life saving.” Had the staff provided forks then consumption may have been easily done with bowl to mouth. In Laboratories, scientists were known to have performed experiments on “...Guinea Pigs.” In secular organizations, humans were often placed in “...Awkward Positions” where they were used for “...Mass Communication” of information. Though some information was intended for public awareness, invariably some had provoked consternation.


It was the real life experience of people being placed in compromising positions. Some, through their loyalty, allegiance, docility or innocence, were made “...Bearers of bad news.” Some were also known to have been given “...forks to drink soup.” When the Honourable Senator Shawn Marisa Nicholas appeared on the electronic media to speak to the “...Merging of the two categories of public service workers-Established and Non-Established,” Trade Unionists believed that she may have been served a “...bowl of hot chili soup.” Thus, she may have been provided with a spoon. Boasting no such magical skills, Senator Nicholas could “...NEVER” have been saying that her administration was about to induce the fall of manna from the heavens” for the approximately “...800 Non-established workers.” She had assured non-established government workers of “...job guarantee and protection of benefits and security of tenure” [Radio Observer: October 3, 2013]. As the citizenry has been reminded, “...Don’t shoot the Messenger; ...Accept the message” [Pastor Clifford Haynes: ZDK]. 


Whether before or on the return of Jesus Christ mankind is sure to die. Thus, as death is inevitable, so there will be moderate to radical “...Changes in Human Affairs.” Such has always been part of the human experience. Frequently, messengers were shot, either as they were delivering or had delivered messages that had incensed receivers. In governance, it has been the “...lack of public information and/or citizen’s sensitization” that had aroused citizen’s suspicion, thereby provoking resistance to Change. As it affects workers in general, their jobs are protected by Law. For various reasons, employers of both the “...Public Service and Private Sector,” appeared to have made “...Security of Tenure,” a recurring problem. However, unlike workers in the “...Private Sector,” jobs, benefits and workers’ rights protection were the responsibilities of the State and those elected to govern. If it were not so, there will have been no need for “...Ministries and Ministers of Labour; ...Labour Codes and ...Industrial Courts for arbitration.” Even Chamber of Commerce Director, Avery Jonas was forced to alert policy-makers that the organization intends to break its “...Seal of Silence” by speaking on issues affecting workers on “...Chinese funded projects.” [Radio Observer: October 8, 2013].


Not infrequently, “...elected and/or appointed public officials,” whether fortuitously charged or hoping to “...Administrate Public Affairs” have always harbored thoughts of possessing masterminds in handling complex social issues for the public good. Invariably, some impressionists have been successful in convincing the unsuspecting citizen that they possessed the skills and wherewithal in transforming the social landscape, yet giving the impression that they were “...extending gratuitous favors.” Few seemed to have recognized that they were in fact “...Discharging Constitutional Duties” to the citizenry, consequent upon the official subscription of the “...Oath of office.” Such impressionistic view appeared to be nothing short of a mythical belief.


In every grouping, and specifically in governance, there will be members displaying abrasiveness and a heart full of vengeance. Many will appear not to have any appreciation and/or understanding of the nature of the subscribed “...Oath of Office.” Conversely, there will be public officials, who, even without previous experience in public administration, they will have brought some measure of respectability to governance. For instance, seemingly composed and people-friendly, Senator Shawn Nicholas had revealed good temperament and exceptional human qualities. She obviously came from a different school. Appearing recently on a Radio programme, she had demonstrated professionalism and cultured politeness. In control of her mental faculties, she had expressed herself with intelligibility. Senator Nicholas might very well be the catalyst in sensitizing and/or reminding those with “...Reckless Abandon” and seemingly not fully appreciative of the nature of the solemnized Oath of office  “...to do right to all manner of people.”


Most of the officials seemed to operate “...Under Illusions,” thereby giving false impressions that they were “...Extending empathy or doing personal favors to the citizenry.” Once elected and/or appointed to public office, the Oath of Office clearly showed they were “...Servants of the People.” In fact, it sets out their “...Constitutional Duties; ...Responsibilities and Obligations” to the nation and people. These may be seen from the recent subscription of the Oath of office by Senator Shawn Nicholas. The consequential Senatorial vacancy created by “...absconding Senator Elmore ‘Tamo’ Charles,” was filled by a promising aspirant Shawn Marisa Nicholas of Paynters Paradise” [Government Website: April 4, 2013]. Likened to Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, she holds degrees in “...Journalism and Mass Communication.” Sometimes, crudeness, insensitivity and/or ingratitude appeared to have influenced some public officials into making objectionable remarks. Thus, some had incurred the wrath of citizens for offending their sensibility by callously referring to“...decent, peaceful and law abiding citizens as Ragtag.”


Yet in electioneering mode, there were those who had played on the emotions of the gullible people who were given assurances of one kind or another. Invariably, worker’s fears are magnified and led to believe that they were at “...risk of losing jobs and/or benefits.” In Manifestoes, at rallies and public meetings and through the print and electronic media, they were “...given assurances that their salvation, prosperity and/or economic future lies in the palm of their hands.” This has been an international phenomenon and appeared to have worked well on the susceptible and poverty-stricken people. Reinforcing their beliefs, both academics and non-academics have even given the uncanny impression that they possess exploits comparable to that of master magician Harry Houdini [March 24, 1874-October 31, 1926]. Some, using intellect, wit and illusion, had played upon their imaginations, inventing non-existent non-calendar months called “...Magic.” Supposedly, these were to be months in which “...innumerable investments and countless job opportunities were to be available to the employable.


There was no doubt that the newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary possesses high intelligence quotient (IQ) and appreciable qualities and may have noble intentions.  The apparent frequently ignored Oath unambiguously states “...I Shawn Marisa Nicholas, do swear that I will honour, uphold and preserve the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda and the Law; ...That I will conscientiously, IMPARTIALLY and to the best of my ability discharge my duties as ‘...Parliamentary Secretary’ and do right to ‘...all manner of people’ without fear or favour, malice or ill-will” [Schedule 3: C.O. 1981]. Though his administration may have caused the citizenry some anxieties and/or uncertainties, seemingly the only public official who considers himself a “...Servant of the People,” might be the Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer. With national pride and patriotism, he has referred to himself as the “...Chief Servant.” Perhaps, just perhaps, he might wish to inculcate such understanding in officials who appeared to have harbored other beliefs. . It is therefore, incumbent upon every public official to be au fait and mindful of the “...Oath of Office.


Contrastingly, Minister Baptiste, a veteran politician, loved in some quarters for his passion for the growth and development in agriculture, but despised in others for his brashness. Boasting a port folioed Ministry, firmly entrenched in Parliament, early-o-clock in his tenure, he had reportedly, but unwittingly called upon his administration to “...Tun way all dem Bird people” [2007]. Since it has been said that “...Prejudice is the enemy of justice,” such call appeared smack of “...Acrimony and Vengeance.” It was clearly not consistent with the solemn “...Oath of Office,” hence the ill-advised call reflected much more than a “...Mentality of Brashness.” The Minister’s call also reflected a “...void of professional decency; ...lacking of consideration for others; ...offensive to human dignity and worth and provocative to the human spirit.” Seemingly being more aware of the functions and responsibilities of government to its expectant citizenry, Senator Nicholas appeared to have been singing from a hymnal clearly different to that of Agriculture Minister Honourable Hilson ‘Brother B’ Baptiste


It is instructive to note that Framers of the nation’s Constitution Order 1981 anticipated that various strategies and/or means might be employed by some unscrupulous public officials in wooing people into making decisions adverse to their interest. They knew that those who may have been so influential were likely to win the “...hearts, trust and confidence of the unsuspecting, hopeful electorate,” thereby electing hem to public office. Such election and/or appointments would have been done on “...Promises and Premise” in bringing about “...Social Transformation and Economic Prosperity.” Thus, many were likely to be promised changes in the way “...Social Justice” was being dispensed. In the public service, they will have been looking at the bureaucracy and ways people were being “...treated; ...the way they were hired and the circumstances under which some workers were fired from the “...Public Service.”


Foremost, however, were “ ...Fundamental Promises” such as (i) “...Providing a better quality of life and (ii) ...Bringing economic prosperity to the citizenry.” The Framers anticipated that whether through “...egregious and/or acrimonious acts or through “...uncontrollable factors affecting the global economy,” public administrators may instead bring upon all a sundry, inter alia “...pain, hardship and misery.” If there were evidence of such fact, then one may simply look at the current “...budgetary stalemate” existing between Republicans and Democrats in the United States. The miseries, anxieties and uncertainties that appeared to have been brought to bear on the American people, speak to the selfish attitude of those they had elected to serve the common good and the national interest as a whole.


As it affects the concept called “ ...Social Justice,” for this commentary (i) “...Security of tenure; (ii) ...protection of workers’ rights; ...jobs and benefits losses; (iii) ...showing concerns over hazards in workplaces; ...health and safety issues; (iv) ...guarding against unfair dismissals; (v) ... exploitation, ...manipulation; ...guarding against victimization and/or discrimination.” These, without a shadow of doubt, have always been the responsibilities of, and safeguards by government. The concept “...Social Justice” is a universally accepted principle, particularly in democracies that practiced such principle. It is said to be “ ...An idea of Justice that affirms social equality against any kind of ...Discrimination; ...Abuse out of social Class, social status or any other reasons-Equalizing wealth and Opportunities” [Wikipedia].


As a Consequence, Framers of the Constitution Order 1981 had prudently inserted one of the “...Founding Principles” as the primary safeguard. It states “...The people of Antigua and Barbuda respect the principles of Social Justice, and therefore, BELIEVE that the operation of the Economic System should result in the resources of their community being so distributed as to serve the common good; ...That Labor should not be exploited or forced by economic necessity to operate in inhumane conditions, but there should be opportunity on the basis of recognition of ...merit, ability and integrity” [Principle B]. Consequently, these were to be discharged, particularly by those assuming public office through electoral or constitutional appointments” to the House of Representatives (Ministers) and/or through the Senate Chambers, whether as “...Ministers or Parliamentary Secretaries.” Many workers, and with specificity, Law enforcement personnel have often bitterly complained that these principles were seen to have been observed more in the breach, than in practice. Most have, rightly or wrongly, complained of “...nepotism, cronyism and insularity.”


It was not in every instance of “...Reform and/or Review Exercises” had there been desired “...Structural Change.” For instance, had there been no re-assignment of port folios, “...former Tourism Minister Honourable Harold Lovell may have been soaring like an eagle in the territorial space of Monaco, then settling into a “...Romantic mood and Dancing to Monacan Rhythm.” If it were not so ...former Justice Minister Honourable Senator Collin Derrick may not have been frowning over injustice; ...while former Public Works Minister, Honourable Wilmoth Daniel may still have been “...building sidewalks, with contracting religious Pastor Cornelius Glasgow (deceased) “ ...paving them with Jelly beans.” If such exercises were not necessary,...former Commissioners of Police, Delano Christopher and Gary Nelson and Deputy Commissioner of Police Albert Smith may have retained their respective positions in the Police Service.” Finally, if it were not so, former Principal of the Ottos Comprehensive School Roselyn Beazer, may not have been “...transferred” to the Pares Secondary School. These moves reflected only “...Structural Change,” and not necessarily consistent “...Structural Adjustment” as advocated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


Such exercises have not only revealed extreme administrative and financial challenges, but also necessitating “...decisive remedial actions.” Difficult, disappointing and/or as painful as they may have been, such have always been the results of “...Review and Reform of Public Services” worldwide. Therefore, as it is in non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), so it is in “...government institutions, departments, agencies and statutory bodies, where “...Reform Exercises” could bring “...Economic Woes and Financial Worries” to workers. In some instances, mere shifting of the human resource has meant no financial gains to the national Treasury. These, therefore, reflect the “...harsh realities of life.”


Though not necessarily curtailing expenditure, some “...Reforming Exercises” had resulted, inter alia, “...Streamlining of personnel.” If it were not so, “ ...former acting Permanent Secretary Clarence Pilgrim may not have been edged out of the Ministry of Agriculture to be re-positioned at the Clare Vue Hospital; ...Telecommunications, Science and Technology Minister Honourable Senator Dr. Edmond Mansoor may not have been placed under the Ministry of Finance. If streamlining was not necessary, Justice Donald Mitchell may not have caused “...former APUA Manager Leon ‘Chaku’ Symister in resorting to ...private legal practice.” If it was a question of seeking professional assistance in “ ...effective water and electricity management,” then former APUA Water and Electricity managers John Bradshaw and Lyndon Francis might be discretely asked what might be causing “...suppression problems” or who might be streamlined in solving them. Further, if the current state of affairs at APUA was not one of “...operational inefficiency,” water may have been flowing with consistency to the “...Ottos Comprehensive School and the St. John’s Magistrates’ Courts.”


There appeared to have been more people traversing on an irreversible perilous “...Journey to Hell,” than leaders within the religious community seemed to care about or have been able to exert efforts to derail or divert to Heaven. Then there have been the social ills that sufferers, who have been constantly wallowing in poverty, have held aught against them for their deafening silence on critical social matters of import, and/or questionable behaviors of public officials. While some spiritual leaders remained “...Spiritually and Secularly Corrupt,” many had witnessed disadvantaged people suffered mercilessly. Seemingly, only a fearless few whose voices that have been audible in the valleys, nook and cranny. Even though intermittently, the voices that have billowed and heard widely were that of the venerable Bishop Charlesworth Browne of the Christian Ministries, Pastor Clifford Haynes and Reverend Paul Edwards of the Wesleyan Holiness Church. These religious leaders have distinguished themselves in speaking out against matters that had outraged public morals and/or offended human sensitivity. Their individual and collective voices reflected those of “...Reason and Conscience.”


There has always been controversy surrounding the notion of “...Separation between Church and State,” yet the Church is recognized as having, not necessarily a secular role to play, but a religious role.” The Constitution Order, like many across the globe provides no direct role in the administration of public affairs. It made no distinction in denominational and/or professional calling in the “...Fundamental rights, freedoms and liberties” to be enjoyed by the individual. Speaking on the controversial issue of the “...Separation between Church and State,” former United States President Thomas Jefferson posited “...Religious institutions that ‘...USE GOVERNMENT POWER’ in support of themselves and forced their views on persons of other Faiths or of no Faith, under-mind all of our Civil Rights; Therefore, erecting the wall of Separation between Church and State is absolutely essential in a free society” [Wikipedia: April 13, 1743-July 4, 1826]. Such Heresy may have been discerned when Roman Catholic Bishop, His Grace Kenneth Richards publicly stated that he “...Supports decriminalization of the Buggery Laws” [Observer Media: March 3, 2012]. Such might just have been that which former President Thomas Jefferson had intimated as “...forcing their views on members of different Faiths.” One of the Founding Constitutional principles of the nation also speaks to the “...Position of the family in a society of free men and women and free institution” [Principle A].


Foremost among the principles in the Constitution is that which states “...The people of Antigua and Barbuda acknowledge the Supremacy of God” [Principle A]. The Church as one of those institutions is recognized and considered for a pivotal societal role; primarily the “...Spiritual Development” of the nation.” Thus, for Scriptural enlightenment, edification, guidance and/or counseling, and to a large extent, “...promoting human civilization and advancing the causes of humanity, that peace and goodwill may prevail among men, the Church is looked upon for “ ...Spiritual Leadership. Secularly, religious leaders and congregants are expected to play their part in other areas of national development. At a national evening of prayer, Roman Catholic Bishop, His Grace Kenneth Richards urged businesses to “...pay your taxes.” On the immoral side of life, he had advocated “...Decriminalization of the Buggery Laws.” Even against the people’s religious beliefs, social and moral values, namely (i) “...acknowledging the Supremacy of God; (ii) ...belief in family as an institution; (iii) ...practice of holy matrimony and (iv) ...acceptable standard of behavior,” His Grace Bishop Richards, disgracefully appeared to be advocating “...Institutionalized Buggery and Anti-manism.”


Then seemingly, every five years, on the approach of “...National Elections,” many pundits and political scientists have concluded that leaders in the religious groupings known as the “...Antigua and Barbuda Christian Council (ABCC) and the Evangelical Association,” speaking through infrequent sparsely prepared “...Press Releases,” appeared to have been practicing “...Religious Heresy.” Leaders of these groupings have seemingly held the secular view, opinion, belief or an adherence, that they reserved the right in dictating “ ...Political Rules and/or Codes of Conduct” for “ ...an errant and non-compliant Political Directorate.” For non-scientific reasons, Barbadian Political Scientist Peter Wickham, like Thomas Jefferson, prefers the Church to stick to its religious principles and practices.


The renowned Scientist saw such “...Codes of Conduct,” as having no bearing on the political landscape, neither across the region, nor within the nation of Antigua and Barbuda [Observer Media: 2013]. It was, therefore, the strongly held view of the Social scientist that the political directorate shall not “...encourage, entertain or accept any Code of Conduct conveniently proffered with obscurity by the religious community. This was also a widely held view by the citizenry, and particularly among the electorate and opponents. For good governance and for engendering public trust and confidence, the “...Founding Principles of the Nation” have stipulated that which public officials shall be held “...responsible and accountable for to the citizenry.” Though there were many “...social ills, depravity and acts of immorality” affecting society, it shall not be observed that leaders within the religious community seek with expediency in engaging themselves in “...Religious Hypocrisy.” Thus, it shall not be seen that “...GOD’s Existence,” was more pronounced on the eve of elections and only through the farcity and/or symbolic gesture of “...Political Codes of Conduct.


Even as the economic challenges seemed insurmountable; ...Even as policy-makers seek to “...Reform the Public Service; and ...Even as the possibilities exist for “...job losses, hardship and misery,” religious leaders shall still pray for “...ALL Souls,” including those in their respective groupings, that appeared hell-bent in “...traversing on that journey to purgatory.” Notwithstanding Peter Wickham’s vehement rejection to its proposed Code of Conduct, as part of the Church’s “...Religious Mantra,” leaders shall still endeavor to ensure the consistent flow of “...Spiritual Goodness and ...enhanced civil, moral and orderly societal behavior.” Consequently, religious leaders shall encourage spiritual enlightenment and growth among “...All manner of people” and earnestly pray for the elimination of “...Spiritual and Secular wickedness in high places.” For these accounts “...Don’t Shoot the author; ...Accept that these irrefutably reflect the “...True Facts of Life.”

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good Article

#8 skyewill » 2013-10-10 06:22

@ Dr. Francis, college writing will not allow this style but you can adapt your own style after you get your PHD. Good to know you are pursuing it along with a few other bloggers here. The treatment you got is typical of those who not use to nothing as the old people would say. Don't be fooled by that behavior inside people like that are miserable inside. Keep smiling and pray for help for them.


On Masterminds & Masterplans! PT3

#7 Enoch The Ethiopic » 2013-10-10 04:52

RP notes Don't Shoot The Messenger! To those who prefer Coles Notes, As the Vendor at The Market says "Pay Attention" to INTERNAL THREATS, PROMISES AND PREMISE, SOCIAL JUSTICE, CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION, STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT, WOES AND WORRIES, STREAMLINING PERSONNEL, CONSTITUTIONAL DUTIES. Lest we forget and fall UNDER ILLUSIONS The Chickens Must Come Home To Roost. In 2010 GoAB & the IMF Signed an SBA of $128.0M USD. At the end of the 3 yr agreement/imple mentation it is said that GoAB received $118.0M USD. GoAB Touted its Home Grown NEST Plan.
The IMF rejoiced in its Fiscal Adjustment & Structural Reform of A&B, patted itself, left but advised that it would be keeping an eye on GoAB. Among the Visible reforms was the Restructuring of Social Security which the IMF insisted on. There were calls for Wage reductions. The Good Hon Dr. PM & Min of Finance advised the Nation there would and will be none such. GoAB did not affect the 150 Staff reduction at the Port.

Enoch The Ethiopic

On Masterminds & Masterplans! PT2

#6 Enoch The Ethiopic » 2013-10-10 04:50

Thanks to the Venerable RP for advancing through this Teachable Moment the Ethos of Masterminds & Masterplans.
“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, & unto God the things that are God’s.” Some will quibble “Should we pay or shouldn’t we?” Some will argue the Constitution’s Separation Of Church & State & the relationship between Buddhism/Christianit y/Confucianism/Islam /Hinduism/Rastafaria nism & secular authority in these English Speaking Caribbean SIDS. This Peddler from The Bridge will leave the Religiosity to the Ecclesiastics & Focus on Masterminds & Masterplans.
Has GoAB incurred a debt to the Modern Caesars – IMF & WB? Every Man Woman & Child on this Rock Know A&B owes $128.0M USD SBA -$118.0M to IMF & $10.0M to WB.
RP begs “Don’t Shoot The Messenger.” All 3 local News Portals carry those words penned by RP. This commenter reminds of one John French II who since 2010 has been speaking to “The Medium As The Massage”. The Venerable has now deftly enjoined the Messenger(s) without rancour lest we forget the Masterminds who brought this “small place” the Masterplan.

Enoch The Ethiopic

On Masterminds & Masterplans!

#5 Enoch The Ethiopic » 2013-10-10 04:48

Discourse From The Amofah Market At the Bridge On Masterminds & Masterplans.
The Oracle of Kick 'em Jenny has spoken! After his service in the war "To Protect & Serve A&B" The Venerable Oracle has devoted himself to his favorite pastime: The Pursuit of Truth. With a masterful stroke of his pen, the baton he now weilds, the Oracle provided the smoking gun for the Fates - GoAB (Be they UPP or ABLP), The IMF & WB - "when Parliamentary Secretary Senator Shawn Marisa Nicholas spoke to “...Job Security and Benefits Protection,” ... she may have been speaking to “... Internal Threats” posed by her administration. " Socrates in his quest to find who was the wisest man in Greece would smilingly have cast his gaze to the Venerable. This reminds of the well known phrase, Never Kick a Woman: Popeye teaches Olive the art of self-defense, which comes in handy when a woman boxer flirts with him. They fight over Popeye, with Olive losing until she eats Popeye's spinach.

Enoch The Ethiopic


#4 RAWLSTON POMPEY » 2013-10-09 21:27

Know you are just mischievous. What did the last line in the conclusion say?

Be guided by the Scripture that teaches " ...The mouth of a fool utters foolishness?

Since you asked the question and placed two answers, the single answer to both is " ...YES."

Nonetheless, hope you glean something from the information contained herein- even an understanding of the " ...Oath of office."



#3 My way of helping » 2013-10-09 10:29

Honestly, I love reading this. It is informative, but the writing style, I get jealous I did not come up with it or used it in college. We will hAve to speak when I start my PhDs.

I went to the embassy in New York, do we really need such expensive location and arrogant staff who walk in without saying hello?

My way of helping

Pompey Shoots

#2 wisdom » 2013-10-09 08:57

This is yet another of the Pompey articles which lend enlightenment to the reading public. He has placed his intellectual finger on the myriad challenges facing our nation as it prepares to elect a new government. The candidates are clearly far from wealthy and require support that enable the selling of their strengths. The weaker the candidate, as in the case of Shawn Nicholas, the greater the support forthcoming from the government coffers. The Senatorial appointment, the Parliamentary Secretary salary, the exposure to the UN by way of her inclusion on the Delegation to NYC, and other perquisites that cost taxpayers, serve as evidence. Maybe Shawn's worthiness will be enhanced, but at whose cost?


OH My OH Mei

#1 ABLP DIEHARD » 2013-10-09 05:24

Lets get this straight upfront, are you the UPP messenger or PRO?


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