Dr. Quinn-Leandro - Tenacity In Me

Power of a WomanRecognizing the “...the complexities of life; ...unpredictable nature of man; ...power and influence of women and for companionship; their love and affection; ...caring attitude; ...patience, tolerance; their understanding; ...inspiring presence and soothing human touch.

” Endeavouring to inculcate a deep sense of manhood and responsibility, former Commissioner of Police, Wright Fitzgerald George MVO, QPM, CPM, sought to impress something of grave importance upon the “...minds of young and inexperienced officers.” Advisedly, he cautioned “...Never underestimate the Power of a Woman,”

Thus, in order to maintain some degree of professional behavior, respectability, stable and amicable human relations,” he had urged trainees “...If you intend to build a serious personal relationship, start with a Parson’s daughter.” Incidentally, when the suggestion was made, Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, a Parson’s daughter had not yet come into existence. He knew that in short order, “...many officers would have been in Church quicker than they may have reported for official duties.” However, it was his “...constant gentle reminders,” impressing upon officers that they have “...moral obligations; ...duty of respect; ... according courtesy and showing regard for members of the opposite sex.” Finally, he admonished personnel that“...The hand that rocked the cradle rules the world” [WFG: COP: RPF/ANU: 1970-1991].

It was undeniable that modern civilization has brought about myriad changes in human life and specifically, public affairs. It was also undeniable that in public life, women have played, and continue to play critical roles in various fields of human endeavor. Most women remained with parenting; ...some in religion and some in “...Public Life.” This was evident in nations where “...Democracy prevails and related Principles” were allowed to work in an enabling environment. More significantly, many of the ambitious women who had sought to realize aspirations to public office had been forced into situations, necessitating compromise and/or personal sacrifices. Many were spiritually, ethically and morally strong. These had declared their “...independence; ...maintained their dignity; ...persevered, even as they persistently struggle to remove and/or eliminate “...discrimination.” They had persistently fought against institutionalized and/or organizational practices based on “...Sexism” as a deciding factor for consideration to be elevated to national leadership and or other positions in public office and/or public affairs.

Though women may have seen slow progress and may have enjoyed limited opportunities for elevation to high public office, “...Women Leadership” had manifested itself across the globe. Internationally, research showed early accession to the “...British Throne by Queen Elizabeth II” [June 2, 1953].This was followed by other women on continents, even where men had maintain a dominance. Within the male-dominated “...OECS and CARICOM Region” three women have held “...National Leadership Positions.” These include - (i) ...former Prime Minister Dame Eugenia Charles of the Commonwealth of Dominica [1980-1995: May 15, 1919- September 8, 2005]; ... (ii) Portia Simpson-Miller of Jamaica [December 12, 1945-] and (iii) ...Kamla Persaud-Bissessar of Trinidad and Tobago [April 22, 1952-]. These leaders showed much more than intestinal fortitude. All have exhibited traits comparable to their male counterparts. They have exhibited “...purposefulness; ...mental toughness; ...decisiveness, interspersed with “...radicalism and ruthlessness.”

Notwithstanding, only few women in “...Leadership Positions” that may have matched the leadership of former “...British and the Commonwealth of Dominica (OECS) Prime Ministers Margaret Hilda Thatcher-Baroness Thatcher [1979-1990: October 13, 1925-April 8, 2013] and Dame Eugenia Charles.” Their “...Tenacity,” may have been unrivaled by any other modern day women leaders. Equally as much, many of their male counterparts may have envied their approaches to complex national and/or international policies.” Conversely, many males may have also loathed them, yet fearful of their “...Power of influence; ...strength of character and possible wrath. Both leaders were known for their individual “...ruthlessness and decisive leadership.” Both Leaders, now deceased, had left their names firmly etched in the annals of world history. Irrespective of the animosity they may have provoked, disappointments they may have caused, logically speaking, that was what “...Positional and Decisive Leadership” were all about.

Internationally known as the “...Iron Lady,” after her death, when Baroness Thatcher was being eulogized, reportedly, many “...Britons applauded her life and time.” Others jeered; ...still others rejoiced at death’s calling.” She had reportedly caused many “...Britons unbearable pain; ...intolerable hardship; and unending misery.” She had left some with bitter feelings and unpleasant memories. In the final rites, with solemnity and brevity, officiating Bishop Charles had summed  up her experiences, “...After the storm of a life led in the heat of political controversy; ...there is a great calm; ...Lying there, she is one of us, subject to the common destiny of all human beings” [BBC NEWS: April 17, 2013].

There was no doubt that “...Jamaican and internationally acclaimed Reggae/Pop Super Star Orville Richard Burrell,” more popularly known as “...Shaggy,” may have had his own “... fantasies; ...fascinations and machinations” in gaining the “...attention and affection of women.”  Firstly, at childhood, he must have been taught “...Who Jesus is” and/or by whom the “...Heavens, Earth, all living creatures and everything were created.” In the song “...Strength of a woman,” Shaggy seemed perplexed at “...God’s Creations” and more particularly, the “... captivating and awe-inspiring beauty and breathtaking physicality of a woman.” Caught up in his own imaginations and inquisitiveness over creation, ostensibly he wrote “...So amazing how the world was made; ...The GIFT OF LIFE astounds me till this day.” From the “...dark recesses of his mind,” Shaggy, with pretention asked a most mindboggling question, “...I wonder if GOD was a woman.” Declaring a commitment, he said,” ...I give it up for the woman” [Sing365.Com: October 22, 1968-]. Many men have made the ultimate “...sacrifice with their life.” Sometimes,” ...Fools tread where angels fear.”

Biblical and Sunday School teachings; ...Parenting, as well as“...Early Childhood Education,” could NEVER have ignored the song “...Everybody Ought to Know.” Thus, the Grammy winning Shaggy shall have known the lyrical content that states, “...Everybody ought to know; ...Everybody ought to known; ...Who Jesus is; ...He is the LILY of the valley; ...He is the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR; ...He is the fairest of ten thousand; ...Everybody ought to know” [Martha Reid]. For those who BELIEVE, “...HE is Lord and the Savior, JESUS CHRIST” not only of “...Ten thousand,” but also in view of the advancement of human civilization and the spreading of the gospel, tens of millions across the globe. “These include “...the Good; ...Bad; ...Evil; ...the Indifferent and those religiously perpetrating “...Wickedness.” For those who believe in HIS “...Saving Grace and Healing power,” provided they seek redemption, their “...Salvation is Sure and Free.”

Consequent to personal growth and development of personnel in the “...Public Service and/or Public Administration, the Constitution Order 1981 provides fundamental “...Founding Principles” that shall guide policy-makers. For instance, it states “...There should be opportunity for advancement on the basis of (i) ...Recognition of merit; (ii) ...Ability; and (iii) ...Integrity” [CO: Principle B]. Notwithstanding, people were frequently considered for positions “...without merit, ability and integrity.” Invariably, out for reasons, primarily of nepotism“...some pegs were known to have ended up in wrong holes.”When it was cronyism, special positions were created for friends and colleagues, such as the “...heftily paid salary Honourable Senator Dr. Edmond Mansoor revealed in the Senate, where contractual persons were being paid over “ $17, 000 monthly for three and four hours work daily,” while others toiled and paid starvation wages and salaries. In the Senator’s mind, such salary ‘MAY’ have reflected the “...Power of the human brain or other influences.”

Within the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, there has been gradual progress of “...Women’s Advancement” in key positions in governance If it were not so “...Dame Bridget Harris” may not have led the way for “...House Speaker D. Giselle Isaac-Arrindell; ...while former Senate President Millicent Percival may not have cleared the way for “...Senate President Hazelyn Francis.” If progress was not being made “...Education and Gender Affairs Minister Honourable Jacqui Quinn-Leandro may not have led the way for the possibilities of “...Senators Samantha Marshall and Shawn Nicholas” to take opposite seats in the House of Representatives. If the latter, considers Member of Parliament Honourable Robin Yearwood the “...Constituency Devil,” then she would have to find an electoral way in removing him from the “...Bridge.”

In light of “... objectionable crude and offensive remarks” attributed to Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro in “...hurting the pride, dignity and worth” of respectable pensioners, including a Dame with Magic in her Cooking,” this commentary may not necessarily reflect “ ...the true character and respectability of Gender Affairs Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro.” This comes against the background of allegations, if they were true, that she had “...unwittingly and in-discretely” referred to her “...seniors as Rag Tag,” as they sought in earnest in” ...recouping benefits rightly due and constitutionally payable to them.” Hence, lest she was purposefully derailed from the “...White Pearly Gates; ...Lest she show that she was concerned, and still concern about “...Gender Affairs,” whether or not taken out of context, then surely, there must be “...Something Noble and Honourable to say,” in what is seen as a “...correctable character flaw.” Apart from this gray area, the contents seek to reflect in her a “...Woman of Tenacity; ...Strength of Character; Fearlessness of Man and Death.”

Life is full of “...Rebellious People.” ...Parents have found their children unruly and rebellious; ...Nannies have found some toddlers extremely difficult; ...School Principals have found some students virtually unmanageable; and in institutions for societal rebels, Prison officers have found some prisoners dangerous and rebellious. Invariably and/or unfortunately, it was either the impatient Nanny who had snapped, abruptly. Conversely, even after “...Suspension of School Bullies’, Principals seen as “...lacking managerial skills” and/or considered “...Functionally Ineffective,” were transferred. Former “...non-rebellious” Principal of the Ottos Comprehensive School, Roselyn Beazer, may attest to “...her humiliating experiences with recalcitrant and rebellious students and the concerned Ministry. In the wider society, when leaders ruled dictatorially, the military revolted, and when the people see democracy being trampled upon, they had rebelled. Since responsibility was “...NOT TRANSFERRABLE,” those who managed shall be held responsible. Such has always been a management principle. These were all part of the human experiences.

As an adult, Jamaican and international Reggae artist Jimmy Cliff has provided and explanation for his youthful streak of rebellion. In the song “...Rebel in me,” he explained to Jamaican journalist Mel Coke that which had prompted the song, “...I have always been a rebellious person against authority and a rebel against injustice” [Island Mix: September 29, 2013]. In another of his songs and movie performances, he let “...Bad men know” that   “...The harder they come; ...The harder they fall” [1972]. In leadership positions, there may have been as many rebellious women as there have been men. Some have been as “...Reckless as they have been as Ruthless and Decisive.” The following paragraphs make the point more of “...Tenacity” than it is of “...Rebellion.”

Within the “...Sacred Halls of Parliament,” incumbent members of a sitting administration and opposing parliamentary colleagues,” had, invariably, been antagonistic toward each other. Whether on enactments and/or decisions that may have affected, inter alia, “...social, economic well-being, and/or moral issues; ...rights, freedoms and liberties of the individual and quality of life,” rarely had they supported an initiative. However, occasionally, matters that were likely to have adverse effects on their’ “...Sense of reason, conscience; ... justice and fair-play,” principled compromise had often been reached. Similarly, House Members with vested interest and/or “...Participating in a Process,” apprehending and/or harboring fear of being placed at a disadvantage, had often joined forces in eliminating potential threats, while “...protecting individual interest and/or that of the citizens as a whole.”

Thus, in an environment that seemed almost always “...hostile; ...antagonistic and adversarial,” Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro had taken her personal concerns and that of her Constituents, “...Beyond Political Lines.” She may have been showing that in spite of her spiritually induce miracle, returning from the “...Edge of Death,” her mental capacity and intellect were still functioning. She appeared confident that with God’s Grace, abiding faith and a“...Will to survive”, she may even Conquer” Pastor Jackson’s Willikies Church called “...Lion of Judah.” In a principled turn of events and moving “ ...Beyond Political Lines,” in show of support for opposing parliamentary colleagues Members of Parliament Honourable Molwyn Joseph and Robin Yearwood, she too had voiced strong objections. She had stopped short of referring to the idea as that which ruminants frequently discharged from the excretory system. They had all strenuously objected to the idea of a “...Super Registration Center.”

Endeavouring to seek a “...third term in public office,” Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro appeared to have been faced with numerous “...unforeseen circumstances of life.” These include (i) “...Health and wellness (ii) ...Challenging contentious Electoral policies, practices and/or actions collectively or contemplated and/or initiated by her administration. Compounding these a plan apparently hatched from a “...Preposterous Idea.” Seemingly, this may have been conceptualized by “...overly ambitious, officious and insensitivity of members” of the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC). They had proposed of a “...CENTRALIZED VENUE” for the purposes of (i) “...Re-Registration and/or ...Registration of new Voters.” The contemplative initiative necessitated “...Timeline for residency; ...Requisite Documents; ...procedures and processes in facilitating and formalizing such registration for National Elections in 2014.” Her only qualm appeared to have been the proposed venue and seemingly, wherever the Devil was to be stirred, she seemed “...Hell Bent” in bringing him to the Parliament.

Reacting to the proposed “ ...Super Registration Center,” an irate Dr. Jacqui-Quinn-Leandro,  had indirectly told Members of the House of Representatives, many of whom have been formally identified as “ ...Candidates in the upcoming 2014 General Elections,” that those who may have conceived and/or proposed the “ ...Super Idea of a ... Super Registration Center” for the conduct of one of the most significant national exercises, the collective membership of ‘ABEC, “ ...were short of administrative vision.” This may have been consistent with the cliché “...Where there is no Vision, the people perish.” There was evidence of “...lack of managerial skills” and were egregiously insensitive” to the many possible electors, “...healthy or physically challenged.” She was clearly not amused and had no desire to be “...Electorally Perished.”

Articulating with “...sound memory and discretion, reason, logic and intelligibility,” she had forcefully reproached the current six members of the ABE Commission. They were “... (i) ...Juno Samuel, Chairman; (ii) ...Nathaniel ‘Paddy’ James, Deputy Chairman; and Commissioners (iii) ...Anthonyson King; (iv) ...Jack Kelsick; (v) ...Glendina Mc Kay and (vi) Paula Lee” for their shortsightedness.  Seemingly without malice or ill-will, but most certainly of disparagement, she had rebuffed the idea that these intelligent people should consider “...corralling an estimated 54, 000 voters” for an exercise of monumental significance at a facility, frequently used for the hosting of “...moral, religious, social and cultural functions.” Super Registration Center!  “...No way Jose’!”

Few people may have incensed Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro (JQL) like members of the “...Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC). Even to a woman of superior intellect, they seemed to have brought out “...The Rebel in Me (JQL)” [Jimmy Cliff: 1980]. In a calculated response” to a proposed “...Super Re-Registration Center,” JQL had avoided suggestions that members of the “...ABE Commission” may have been on “...sojourn at the Ras Freeman for Communal Rastafarian Rituals and/or viewing the anger-provoking African movie “...Sankofa” with Rastafarian Elder King Frank I. Regional leaders who may have seen this movie, are now seeking “...Reparation” through the intellectual efforts Dorbrene O’marde et al.” The Dictionary defines Tenacity as” ...Determined or Stubborn; “...Tending to stick firmly to any decision; ...plan; or opinion without changing; or ...doubting it” [Encarta].

Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro had prudently avoided visits to ABEC’s office. She also had no intention of placing its members at such “...Ritualistic Gathering of Elders,” neither with “...King; ...Frank; nor I.” She knew, more than likely that “...Chalice” will have been emitting “...choking asthmatic smoke” from a particular prohibited vegetable substance, fumigating the atmosphere with the resultant “...non-aromatic scent.” From Law enforcement experience, detection of the use of such substance was aided by moonless nights. Thus, from a reasonable distance and wind flow, “...specially-crafted pipes” had produced “...fascinating sparkles, likened to incandescent fire flies.” However, even in her moments of outrage, Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro had kept her faculty composed, avoiding imprudent incriminatory utterances that may have upset the ABEC Commissioners. When she spoke in opposition to the “...Super Re-Registration Center,” very prudently, she had refrained from accusing them of “...passive inhalation of smoke and scent,” that could easily have induced a “...Minority or Majority” of ABEC members to become even more “...IRIE” than King Frank I.”

While Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro was neither “...Baroness Margaret Thatcher nor Dame Eugenia Charles,” when an Electoral Decision was taken for a “...Super Voter Re-Registration Center,” she had given clear indications, that though it may be seen as “...self-serving,” she was born free to “...Express her views on Decisions,” she may have considered “...idiotic, egregious and/or counter-productive to her interest and that of her constituents.” Thus, irrespective of organizational consequences, likened to Trinidad and Tobago Member of Parliament, Jack Warner, she was prepared to follow her “ ...heart, convictions and aspirational dreams.”

She had taken umbrage with the proposed “...Super Center at the Multipurpose facility at Perry Bay, in the city of St. John’s. Seemingly moved by “...Reason, Conscience and Common Sense,” Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro may have considered ABEC’s proposal“...Irrational and/or Illogical”. Clearly using her “ ...superior intellect and comprehension ability,” she was convinced that ABEC’s Chairman Juno Samuel might have ignored, if sought and obtained Legal advice of ABEC’s  attorney Patricia Simon-Ford or a Legal opinion of the nation’s learned Attorney General, Honourable Justin Simon QC.” If it was neither, then reasonable inferences may be drawn that “...ABEC’s Commissioners were operating like crustaceans, wandering dangerously from their holes to fall into the pots of roadside vendors.” When she raised her objections to the preposterous idea of a “...Super Re-Registration,” Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro had shown that she had not forgotten the “...Provisional contents of the Bill” she had previously debated and supportively passed by “...an incumbent Majority Votes of the House of Representatives.”

Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro was against any situation that may result in “...Disenfranchisement,” whether by inadvertence and/or calculation.” She had expected every eligible voter within the seventeen constituencies to be availed the opportunity to be registered. She knew that there will have been procedural, operational. She was also mindful of technological glitches, but seemingly not those that may have occasioned through “...induced frustration due to managerial and/or operational inefficiency or through inordinate delays” as reportedly experienced by her colleague, Honourable Senator Dr. Edmond Mansoor. For Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, the least of her care was “...Gender.”Thus, irrespective of glossary used“...Concubinage; ...Shape or Form; ...Legal Fiction or how ...Progressive” - it was about “...Electoral Votes,” whether or not registrants were “...Male, Female or Shemale.”

Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro was aware of consequences for dissent. She had seen Senators being humbled into submission; ...some had fallen under Executive hammer. She recalled the “... Senate Rejection of the contentious “...CIP Bill” and was aware of the wrath descended upon “...Senators Malaka Parker and David Massiah” were humbled and were saved by “...Beg Back Pardons.” More recently, she was aware of Telecommunications Science and Technology Minister, Honourable Senator Dr. Edmond Mansoor who bravely expressed dissatisfaction over the “...questionable hiring of an academic and assignment to his Ministry.” She may have also heard his complaints respecting “... a hefty monthly salary of over...EC$17, 000 for two or three hours work a day.” She knew where that Ministry was subsequently placed.

Assessing every area for “...Dangerous Threats.” She harbored none from Parliamentary Assistant and the “...Degree-less” Honourable Senator Winston Williams.” She had found fortification in the influential “...POWA House of Women” and former Journalistic colleague, Honourable Senator Shawn Marisa Nicholas may have been in her corner, while ousted Senate Minority Leader Gail Christian, attorney-at-law, may have “...shown empathy and provide gratuitous legal services, if situation so demanded, in other forum. She also knew that the corporate community and other social partners may not have seen her” ...Fall to pieces” [Jim Reeves].

Resorting to her right of “...Freedom of Speech,” with vociferousness and candor; “...Unrepenting and Unapologetic,” likened to the “...Destructive Atomic bombs descended upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan” [August 6, 1945], she exploded “...NOT ONLY IS THE CENTER ...ILLEGAL, BUT TOTALLY ...RIDICULOUS” [ANU: September 24, 2013]. At the end of the debate the “...Super Center” was completely demolished. Choosing to show her “...dismay, consternation, displeasure and intent”, in uncompromising mode, she had chided “...ABEC Chairman Juno Samuel and Commissioners, from “...Captain to Cook” for their shortsightedness.

Dependent upon her trend of thought, inserting an “R” between the “...C and O” in the word “...COOK,” she may very well have been speaking to those so suspected. With knowledge of the provisions contained in the contentious “...Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2011,” she spoke “...passionately with purposefulness and authoritative forcefulness.” Thus, she may have “...Saved the Day,” not only for herself and supporters, but also for constituency “...arch-rival Dean Jonas and his supporters.” Generally, she had “...Saved the Day”  “... for all incumbent candidates, contenders and/or aspirants and all eligible voters across the nation.” She had influenced the Decentralization of the Venue.”

When “...Parliamentary Wimps” mounted challenges to “...defy; ...heckle; ...jeer and/or interrupt her deliberations,” they were given a “...Rude Awakening.” This seemed reminiscent of former Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams, who, in “...admonishing dissenting Cabinet Ministers over the appointment of Dr. Solomon as Foreign Minister,” sternly cautioning them that “...My word is Law,” therefore, “...When I talk, No damn ‘Dorg’ bark”[1955-1981]. Unlike Dr. Eric Williams, she did not say “...Let the Jack asses bray,” Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, neither yielded nor sought the protection of House Speaker D. Giselle Isaac-Arrindell. Thus, with measured aggression, she asserted, “...LET ME SPEAK MAN; ...Let me speak.” With authoritative commands, “...firmly, sternly and assertively,” she had hushed the rattlers into deafening silence. [ANU Parliament: September 24, 2013]. She may have inadvertently or deliberately refrained from telling them “...All you wimps, Tek Dat.”

In spite of “...electorally earned and exercisable power” derived from the electorate, “...Parliamentary Wimps” had feared consequences brought to bear upon rebellious “...CIP Senators,” Collin Derrick; ...Anthony Stewart; and “...Beg back Malaka Parker and David Massiah.” Demonstrating that she was au fait with the legal provisions contained in the “...Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2011, Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro expressed vehement disapproval of the “...Preposterous Idea of centralized Super Center.” Showing great “...Strength of Character,” Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro spoke “...fearlessly, candidly and publicly” of her concerns. She was in fact sounding warning to most of the “...Disapproving Wimps,” that had they allowed the “...Super Center” to prevail, their “...DARKEST ELECTORAL HOUR” was about to come over (i) “...Their Constituencies and Constituents; (ii) ...Candidacy; ...Eligible voters; and (iii) ...the Finances they may or may not have to expend for possible re-election to the Parliament in 2014.”

In her “...Formative Years in Journalism” with the Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Service (ABS), Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, might be the first in acknowledging that her “...Career path; ...Growth and Development,” were greatly influenced and/or shaped by her “...mentor and supervisor James ‘Tanny’ Rose.”Nationally known as “...The Voice,” he was well known for speaking publicly on various social issues, particularly those affecting “...the quality of life of indigent people, their despairing cries, Health and safety and/or the plight of displaced workers and non-payment of severance benefits.” As it was known in all human and public affairs, “...positional status; ...strained relations, compounded by a hostile work environment,” both parted ways. ‘The Voice’ was eventually“...Severed but not Silenced” by an administration. Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro currently has responsibilities for “...Education and Gender Sports and Youth Affairs.” Formerly she had ministerial responsibility for “...Labour.” It was said to be an environment that was “...pregnant with antagonism, resulting in acts of victimization and acrimony.” Both are now in different capacity and are affiliated to “...opposing groupings.” He harbors no “...bitterness and wishes no evil to be descended upon her position.”

Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro reportedly studied at, and meritoriously earned a “...Bachelor of Arts Degree, First Class Honors in “...Mass Communication” from the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona Campus Jamaica.” Demonstrating a studious attitude, she pursued further studies at “...Cambridge University” in the United Kingdom. Through commitment, dedication, hard work and perseverance, she attained a “...Masters’ Degree in the same discipline. Still “...Striving for Excellence,” she earned the prestigious “...PhD.” at McGill University in Canada [2004]. First elected to the House of Representatives, [March 23, 2004], Education Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro became the “...First Female” to have achieved such feat. Elected by popular votes, “...she had convincingly defeated her rivals Dean Jonas,” while trouncing retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Cardinal A. King in the March 23, 2004 General Elections. Jestfully said the latter, “...I got 37 of the popular votes (4,414) and mine.”

Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro may not have created the “...Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC),” but has shown “...Tenacity” symbolizing a “...woman of abiding faith; ...extraordinary intellect; ...fearlessness, with courage of a lioness protecting her defenceless cubs; ... assertive, purposeful, firm and decisive. Shackled by heavy burdens of responsibility, she proudly tells the nation that “...He touched me.” For now, JESUS touched me and SAVED my Life.” There was no doubt that either before or after the “...2014 General Elections,” high on the “...Spiritual List of Priorities” shall be her “...Soul.” When the Parliamentary and national history will have been recorded, fittingly, something special shall be done in recognition for her service to the people, the Parliament, Education and the nation as a whole.

Caught in the “...Changing Scenes of Life,” facing “...mounting challenges; ...with trials and tribulations; ...successes and failures,” Education and Gender Affairs Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, has not only demonstrated a “...tenacious attitude, resolve and resilience in adjusting and/or overcoming challenges and adversities,” but has also shown a “...Survival spirit; ...Will to Live; ...Determination to fight and a ...Keen desire to Win.” In a male-dominated organization, equally as much as in a male-dominated work environment, she has had many disappointments and professional fights. She had won some, lost some, yet she had walked away mentally unscathed with self-esteem, her dignity and life. These may have been evident from that which she believed was a “...Spiritual Miracle” that had brought her back from the “...Edge of Death.” Consequently, she may say with profound gratitude and satisfaction, even with the “...Changing Scenes and fortunes of Life “...I will Survive-both the “...Wrath of Man and of GOD” [Gloria Gaynor].

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#11 RAWLSTON POMPEY » 2013-10-18 06:28

Dear Pottonian,
You have contributed nothing positive to the discussions advanced by other commentators.

Believed Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leadro might feel complimented that someone has highlighted her " ...Tenacity" in a male-dominated Parliament.

Not a p**, but had basic training in " psychiatry and advanced training in " ...Criminal Psychology."

The latter relates to " ...Criminality" and clearly you have not been suspected of this type of behavior.

However, if you are confused, then it might provide good reasons for " consideration of early " ...Psychiatric Evaluation."


happens all over the world

#10 New yorker » 2013-10-17 20:21

Heyguys didnt we have a politician who got far more than that for cosmetic surgery? Wasnt this woman sick with a terminal illness? Why is this even an issue.? All countries take care of their leaders in this type of position hugo chavez venezuela, david thompson barbados. Why are we so backward.?

New yorker

my rep

#9 pottonian » 2013-10-17 20:15

All you bitter people would rather my representative die..you must know when and if you will get sick. We love you doc and we voting for you come election day. Pompey your article is confusing and oddly written.


strength of a woman

#8 jess lews » 2013-10-17 20:12

We need more politicians like Dr. Quinn. I have always admired her tenacity, strength and brilliance. She has stayed above the fray and conducted herself with dignity and decorum. I wish more of our leaders were like her.

jess lews

Just one question...

#7 Keith Crowe » 2013-10-17 16:37

A dreadful example of a Christian she is..about a100.000 us worth of dreadfulness...

Keith Crowe

Dr Q-L's friends

#6 JD » 2013-10-17 13:19

It's nice that Dr Q-L's friends stand up for her and I'm sure she's a very nice lady, but we are all allowed our own opinions and that's what being in the political arena is all about.


My Rep

#5 Blessed woman » 2013-10-15 20:45

You guys back off! We sending her back to parliament to represent we! Which politician on any ticket can express as well and represent us than the Doc. And as for you Slapping hand, one never knows when sickness will come. She contribute to MBS like ebrybady. She help plenty in her constituency to get medical and educational and other help. Le t she lone!!! She is blessed.

Blessed woman

Very well spoken

#4 Tricia S » 2013-10-15 20:38

I cannot agree with you JD. She is one of the most eloquent Ministers in this crop of politicians. I watched her on TV last night at the OECS meeting. She was in fine form....very articulate, riveting and eloquent....not to mention elegant.
Give Jack her jacket!

Tricia S

Hopeless bunch all

#3 JD » 2013-10-15 07:40

Very oddly written article. That aside - on last night's TV broadcast of this OECS meeting, our so-called Minister of Education didn't even speak properly or coherently. I am going to keep repeating this today - our politicians and political candidates lack charisma and charm, humility and class, mandates and matters of substance. On a worldwide scale they are pretty hopeless. These people should be stand-up examples of society - instead, so many of them are the dregs. Step it up - we deserve better than this.


Quinn Leandro?

#2 Slapping Hand » 2013-10-15 06:53

Don't cry for me Antigua and Barbuda...cry for all those less fortunate women who are unable to get even a mammogram!

US$100,000.00 (at least) for Quinn and not even US$1,000.00 for the other poor black mothers in Antigua and Barbuda suffering with a similar ailment!

Talk about an iron conscience - not an iron lady!

Slapping Hand

RE: Dr. Quinn-Leandro - Tenacity In Me

#1 ABLP DIEHARD » 2013-10-15 04:49

Nice work Dr. Pumpey. Elections must be around the corner. Where were all these UPP ministers for the past 10 years?


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Govt to give Two Uniforms
Antigua St. John's - Minister of Education Dr Jacqui Quinn-Leandro has confirmed...  Read more

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