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L- Minster Jacqui Quinn-Leandro and Jacintha PringleThose who had conceptualized and declared the principles contained in the “...United Nation’sUniversal Declaration of Human Rights[1948], must have accepted the “...Scriptural Teaching” that speaks to the contents of the“...Heart of Man.

The Scripture warns that “ ...Man that is born of woman has few days to live and before he dies, he will make plenty trouble” [Job 14: KJV].Thus, it might be believed that with the “...Unpredictable Nature of Man,” the conceptualists anticipated, just as the Scripture edifies that “...Out of Deception and Desperation,” vindictiveness too, “...Man will Perpetrate Evil and Wickedness” against his fellowmen” [Jeremiah 17: 9 & Mark 7:21]. These were the daily occurrences, and these were the frequent “...Sensitization Teachings” of many “...noble and ignoble religious leaders.” Singularly and respectively, these were the staple religious teachings of “...Pastors Clifford Haynes and Raymond Prosper and Bishop Charlesworth Browne of the Christian Ministries Center (CMC)”to the wider community, and by “...Parliamentary Chaplain, Reverend Canon Reverend Bernard Hodge to Parliamentarians.” 


Within the Ministry of Education, there are “...administrators, Executive officers and technicians,” with special areas of responsibilities for “...Strategic Planning.” The educational experts comprised the core-group. Collectively, they have responsibility for “...Conceptualization; ...Formulation and Development of Educational Programmes.”  However, final determination and/or approval, rest with the Executive. The “...Minister listens” and accordingly the Executive sanctioned as the “...National Education Policies.”Within the Learning Institutions, there are “...Principals and Educators.” Fundamental to successful “...Policies and/or Programmes Implementation are resources, unity of purpose, collaboration and cooperation.” Hence, Staff with their respective expertise “...shall work assiduously towards the attainment of the defined educational Goals.


The greatest responsibilities, however, “...rest upon the shoulders of Principals and Educators.” They shall contend with “...Policy Implementation.’ Additionally, they shall also contend with the vagaries of human nature.” These are usually manifested in student’s conduct- “...indolence, aggression, persistent lack of respect in speech and behavior that is...Disruptive, Dangerous and Violent.” These, therefore, are the people “...most needed, and shall be specially appreciated by an Education Minister.” These are the ones who make “...Ministers’ faces glow with a smile that is as radiant as the setting sun.”


There have been suggestions that there may have been “...Procedural Irregularities,” that may have led to the “...hasty Expulsion of five Students from the Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS).” It is intended to look at (i)  ...the Principles of Natural Justice; (ii) ...Suspension and Procedures as contained in the Education Act No.21 of 2008.” As a “...Guiding Principle, it also looks at Two very important “...Tenets” as they affect “...Accusations and Allegations.” Referentially, they are (i) “...the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” [1948] and (ii) ...the Constitution Order of Antigua and Barbuda” [1981, Thus, for objectivity, the “...Merits or Demerits of the facts and circumstances,” surrounding the incidents are not considered. These were said to be the subject of continuing “...Criminal Investigation.” There may be a “...Two Part Series.”


Between “...November 2011 and November 2013,” two violent brawls had broken out among male students of the “...Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS). As a consequence, the Ministry of Education had taken decisive actions in “...Expelling Ten Vicious Students.” It was obvious that the school’s administrators and/or senior education officials may have ignored signs that may have been evident in the behavior of a “...handful of students,” seemingly prone to violence. In the first incident “...Five Cutlass-wielding students” had reportedly created mayhem and drama within the School’s fenced perimeters. Timid students and educators reportedly ran for cover. The “...stupid and the curious and the brave and daring,” risking imminent danger, edged close enough to view the “...dramatic incident unfolded.” When it was all over, only those who were involved in the “...frightening cutlass-wielding bloody incident,” luckily escaped life-threatening injuries” [November 4, 2011].


The “...Repetitive Violent Behavior” by the students clearly suggests “...UNDERLYING CAUSES” that may have been ignored and/or negligently left to fester. Previously, “...Five cutlass-wielding students” had been expelled for “...Gross Conduct” that had posed “...Risk to Staff and Students on the School’s Premises” [November 6, 2013]. Education officials appeared to have ignored the “...Red Flag of Continuing Violence.” Then “...Sandwiched in the Middle” was Education and YOUTH Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro. Parents and guardians were “...blaming Principal and Educators” of that which occurred within the confines of the learning institutions and under their supervision; ...Educators were blaming them for sending “...Bullies and Renegades to the educational institution.”  The Minister was inescapably“...Sandwiched in the Middle.” Educators and members of the wider society had shifted some of the blame on “...the Ministry; ...Director of Education Jacintha Pringle and by extension, the Minister. They were uneasy about the developments and unhappy with the seemingly ´...easy- going attitude” displayed by the Ministry on “...Dangerous and violent students.” 


When God awakened the “...Youth of My Sleeping Country” [Sir MacLean Emmanuel: King Short Shirt], He had given a sign of “...Continuing Violence” at the Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS). Thus, when several youth had engaged themselves in a “...Vicious Cutlass Brawl,” Education officials appeared to have interpreted the sign and figured that the best “...Solution,” was “...Expulsion.” They may not have known that the more Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh imposed “...punishment of institutionalized residency” upon offenders, the more Prison officials complained of “...Standing Room Only.” Clearly, “...students appeared mindless and/or unperturbed over where they were made to reside or stand.” The situation had escalated beyond their capabilities and their numbers were inadequate to counteract the students’ rage.


The Ministry of Education’s response was a “...Garrisoned Presence of heavily armed Law enforcement and Military personnel.” This may have been seen as evidence of administrative weakness. Seemingly, the personnel were “...hastily and/or ill-advisedly deployed,” inter alia to “...Maintain Order; ...Reinforce School Discipline; Conduct searches of Student’s schoolbags and/or knapsacks; they ...Performed intermittent perimeter patrols and ...Manned School gates.” They had taken on the role of “...School Police.” There was an air of expectation of “...Brute Force.” Principal and educators and timid students kept out of harm’s way. The atmosphere had changed rapidly and drastically. 


God knew that man would behave in the most “...Unreasonable and un-conscientious, reckless, vicious and deadly manner. He also knew, that whether Canon Reverend Bernard Hodge preached in a Sanctuary, at Parliament, at school or on the streets,   if man was “...Overwhelmed by ANGER or Inebriated by POWER,” man would act “...indiscretely, irrationally, irresponsibly to cause chaos and confusion. Thus, since He knew of these happenings, equally as much as He knew man would “...Betray and kill Him for a negligible sum of money.”God knew the inevitable would occur- “...Men will fight with guns, knives and cutlasses,” even for trivialities and/or that which there was “...No legitimate claims of right.” 


When God spoke to man, seemingly, many appeared not to have listened. Such inattentiveness may have been the reasons for “...man’s impulsive, erratic, irrational and vicious behaviors.” He knew man has many “...Moods- anger and craziness and even one of Pans.” Evidently, God had, and still has serious concerns over “...Man’s Behavior.” God has been speaking to the “...Students about their attitude toward each other.” Before, he cautioned them that if they want to “...Live long, they must honour their Father and Mother-Teachers too” [Exodus 20]. God has spoken to Principal Patricia Murraine of the Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS), about the “...torrid experiences of Principal Roselyn Beazer.” There was doubt, Principal Patricia Murraine may have been given “...Stones to make Bread.” God knew that STUDENTS will further create mayhem, at school or on the streets. 


In His absence,there will be “...problems with obedience.” Since He knew He would be subjected to man’s “...treachery and brutality” and forced to take a “...painful and perilous walk to Calvary,” He left several precepts in the form of “....Commandments” [Exodus 20]. He had commanded man, for “...My name sake, follow them.”  God knew exactly what will happen and what man will do. He knew that there will be “...procedural glitches.” Thus, He advised Principal Patricia Murraine that, “...Students armed with cutlasses will fight on the streets of St. John’s.... Do not go down there. ...Leave them to the Police.” Their duty is to “...Maintain Law and order on the streets;You take care of the students under your charge and immediate supervision.” 


God knew that it would be difficult for man to contain himself in the absence of “...His Spirit.” He knew that when “...His Spirit did not strive in man, to the extent that “...man’s flesh is provoked, Satanic Interventionists will cause .ALL HELL TO BREAK LOOSE.”Thus, man’s wrath will descend with “...telling effect.” He knew that “...Fighters and/or Defenders,” would either be left “...Wounded, writhing in Pain or Slain.” He implored Principal Patricia Murraine to look out for reactions by “...Director of Education Jacintha Pringle and Education Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro. Counseled “...Be still and know” [Psalms 46]. God’s Final warning to “...ALL Principals” was this “...Let your Yea be Yea and No be No;” ...Anything beyond these is EVIL; ...Run from it;” Thus, “...if you run from EVIL, there will be no need to run from your GOD; ...For vengeance is Mine” [Romans 12:19]. Give Me no reasons to judge you harshly; ...Therefore, do unto others as you would like them do unto you" [Luke 6: 31].


The students “...Education Records” have been blemished, by a single act of aggression and/or indiscretion and by officials, whose use of “...Reason and Conscience and display of insensitivity and inconsideration,” could make them become “...Fugitives from God [Bridget Blucher]. Consequently, their records may not necessarily reflect “...Expulsion” for “...Minor or Major breaches of School Rules,” but for alleged “...Criminal Behavior in the wider society.” The Education Act, No. 21of 2008 identifies behavior that may constitute a “...Major Offence or Gross Conduct” as that which posed “...Risk to Staff and Students” [Section 53 (a)]. There was “...NO EVIDENCE” that   “...Staff and Students” were in harm’s way on Sir Vivian Richards on the day of the incident. 


The previous incident had “...occurred on the PREMISES of the Ottos Comprehensive School” (OCS) [November 19, 2011] at the behest of the “...Ministry of Education, Law enforcement and Military personnel had taken up position on the School’s premises.” In the absence of the “...School’s uniform, schoolbags, Laptop computers, books pens and pencils,” the Security personnel were seen as being at the “...Wrong Place.”They were clearly were clearly not present for “...instructional, social, moral or religious purposes.” Their presence was seen as “...intimidatory, repressive and objectionable.” Trouble was brewing and by the seconds, it was imminent. Non-confrontational and non-combative students, spurred and heckled the Security Personnel.” 


 It was not very long after the “...restless, irritable, misguided male students” turned their apparent “...pent-up feelings into wrath.” Likened to a Vacuum machine, “...Security Personnel became embroiled with verbal exchanges.” Eventually they were sucked in. Clearly, “...THE INTRUDERS” may have been deployed in the wider community to “...apprehend those who were wreaking havoc in the communities and terrorizing the hapless and defenceless citizens.” In spite of their “...fully loaded weaponry,” the agitated students had refused to be cowed into submission. The personnel deployed got entangled in the “...Students’ Melee.” Some jeered and hurled insults.Animosity grew, tension heightened and hostility increased. It was time “...tensed atmosphere” to implode.” They needed reinforcement in helping to quell “...the Student’s revolt and the restoration of School order.” During the vicious tussle, several students were reportedly beaten and bruised.Members of the Security forces were not unscathed. Several had reportedly sustained “...non-life threatening injuries.” The students had won the fight, but LOST the battle-Five were Expelled.” 


The term “...Natural Rights” speaks to “...Rights Derived From Nature. Conversely, “...Fundamental Rights of the Individual declared by the United Nations” [1948], are enshrined in the “...Constitution Order” [1981]. Hence, these are protected by Constitutional Law.  On the other hand, “...Natural Justice,” speaks to a fundamental Principle called “...Audi Alterem Partem (Latin).”  This principle mandated that an accused person is not only entitled, but also reserves the “...RIGHT TO BE HEARD.” Except under “...Authoritarian Rule or in Kangaroo Courts,” this is a basic right allowable to an accused person. However, he may, or may not exercise that right, even when offered. 


In a democracy, the Judicial officers adjudicating “...Criminal Matters” are guided by the maxim that “...No person is obliged to incriminate himself in any wrongdoing.” Strengthened further is the associated principle “...He who asserts, must prove.” The Judiciary recognizes that people are “...mischievous; malicious and vindictive and are likely to make “...spurious allegations against others.” Thus, when such allegations are made, should the right to be heard is “...DENIED,” it was said to be “...Against the Principles of Natural Justice.” God knew this would happen among men and inserted it in “...The Commandments.” It states “....Never lie when you testify against your neighbor” [Exodus 20]. He warned that it is “...abominable” [Proverbs 6]. Lying was said to have stemmed from a dishonest heart-JUDAS ISCARIOT” [Mark 14]...


When students of the “...Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS)” were reportedly “...Summarily Expelled” from the learning institution, “...Without a hearing,” not only that the system had failed them, but the “...Procedures and Processes” that shall allow for a “...Fair Hearing,” were breached by the authority responsible. Within a “...formalized legal system,” there are procedures and processes to be followed by aggrieved parties for redress. The proceedings are conducted by Judicial officers, empowered to adjudicate i.e. “...Hear evidence and/or legal submissions; ...Make determinations on findings of facts” and accordingly, “...Dispensed Justice.” 


For instance, for behaviors deemed “...Uncivil, but Non-criminal” the Justice System provides for the institution of “...Civil Proceedings” for “...Tortuous acts or Civil Wrongs.” These proceedings are primarily “...Compensatory.” In criminal proceedings and/or “...Breaching School Rules,” it is “...Punitive- Fines or Imprisonment; the latter- Suspension or Expulsion.” This may have been seen in the litigious proceedings instituted against “...Radio Talk Show host, Senator Lennox Weston,” who appeared to have crossed the line with “...accusations against Gender Affairs Minister Honourable Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro who saw his expressions as grossly callous and deemed it “...Defamatory.He asserted and she resorted to the “...Legal System for redress.” In satisfying the “...Principles of Natural Justice,” he was given an opportunity to be “...Heard.”  


The Education Act No 21 of 2008, stipulates “...Procedural Guidelines for Disciplinary Control” within the learning institutions. Specific to “...Punishments-Suspension or Expulsion,” the Act provides for conduct considered “...Gross” as to have posed “...risk to Staff and students.” The Punishment imposable by Principals and applicable to offending students is “...Extendable Suspension” from “...two, but not more than ten days” [Section 53]. In of the absence of a “...Board of Management for Consultations, in breach of the School Rules and imposition punishment of “...Suspension by Principal,” may give students “...Dreams to Remember[Otis Remember]. 


An overriding “...Discretionary Power” resides with Director of Education Jacintha Pringle [Section 54]. Though it was Education Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro who spoke to the media on the issue, it was “...Practically expressed” in the “...Five Expulsions” dished out by Director of Education Jacintha Pringle..Instead of a Minister crediting him/herself, he/she may have expressed support for the “...actions of the Principal and Director;-the former “...Suspends [Section 53] and the latter “...Expels” [54]. A Minister might be “...quietly exhorted” to be careful of aggrieved parents and guardians harboring “...negative perceptions of interference and/or undue Influence on the actors.” A “...Press Release” from the Ministry may help to dispel such perceptions.


It was the experience that some “...Administrators and Executive officers” had succumbed to “...manipulation and/or environmental pressures”-(nothing to do with climatic conditions). Though in the instant case no evidence had been unearthed, should a “...Minister influence and/or determine” whether or not a student/s on the Principal’s Suspension, then there may be no need for a “...BOARD OF MANAGEMENT-IF ONE EXISTS, Director of Education and Principals” If it were so, there may be no need for a“...Director of Education Jacintha Pringle; ...Principals- Roselyn Beazer; ...E. Jonah Greene; ...Patricia Murraine; ...Dr. Colin Greene; ...George Edwards;... Charmaine Meade;...Foster Roberts, .” These are among the “...highly qualified Educators, whose professional competencies and commitment to the development of Education, reflect their knowledge ability, who in actuality, holdsresponsibilities for the “...daily administrative and managerial functions of the Institutions of Learning.” 


The vexed question is “...WHAT IF NONE EXISTS? It was the experience that “...personal biases, acrimony or environmental influences” may spell doom for some students. In making the point more explicit, “...Magistrates are not empowered to Try or Punish any person” without a “...Complaint without Oath” being filed before the Court by the Commissioner of Police. The prosecutorial process starts from his office. Similarly, the “...Expulsion of students starts from the desks of Principals.” Therefore, “...a Director of Education is not empowered to Expel Students” without a “Suspension Letter and accompanying Report on the incident. Firstly, for breaches considered “...Gross Conduct, a Principal is empowered to Suspend.” 


Therefore, parents and Guardians may wish to see the establishment of and a functional “...Educational Board of Management.” As there can be no “...HALF PREGNANCY, there shall be no “...Half Way Law.” Conversely, Legislators may wish to revisit the “...HALF COCK LAW” for legal remedy. Instructively, Parliamentarians have recently enacted Laws to give “...Second Chance to ex-convicts.” The “...Criminal Records (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 2013 is intended to eliminate “...Previous Convictions of Ex-convicts, who,” (i) ...Having spent time” or Served Sentence; (ii) ...Having spent periods of rehabilitation ranging from “...three years to ten years” [2013].


The “...Education Act” sets clear “...Goals and Objectives” for the Nation’s Educational development. Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, politician, Member of Parliament and the Executive arm of government,” has responsibility for the “...Educational Development” of the populace, and its learning institutions. Section 2 of the Act stipulates that which is intended as (i) “...The promotion of education of the people of Antigua and Barbuda by establishment of educational institutions for the purpose of (ii)  ...Fostering the spiritual, cultural, moral, intellect, physical, social and (iii) ...The economic development of the community” [No.21 of 2008]. Thus, in giving “...Legal Effect” to inevitable courses of action, all formalities shall be completed, employing “...Best Practice, rationality and be fair and impartial.” These they have urged will cushion the effects of “...Environmental Pressure.” Frequently, environmental pressure seemed to have been a deciding factor that had influenced “...Perverted Decisions.” Administrators were often advised to “...Keep an open mind,” garner the facts, before becoming “...judgmental as to make hasty, unreasonable and/or questionable decisions.” 


For a “...Gross Breach with risk to Staff and Students,” a Principal is empowered to suspend an offending student for “...Two days, but not more than ten days.” The “...Mischief Aimed by Parliament” is that conduct varying in gravity is to be determined by a Principal and tempered with mercy. Hence, a Principal may determine the seriousness of  breach, and accordingly, apply an appropriate “ ...Suspension Period.” that dependent upon the “ ...nature, gravity of the breach, including repetitious behavior,” a Principal may exercise a discretion in keeping School Bullies and/or any other conduct deemed “ ...uncivil, unbecoming, inappropriate and/or reprehensible.” 


As it is in the wider society, in “...Informal Institutions,” such as “...the family; ...Boy Scouts; ...Boy Brigades; ....Girl Guides; ... other Social and/or non-governmental organizations,” there has always been need for the enforcement Rules. For all intents and Purposes, Rules are necessary for (i) “...Instilling and inculcating good discipline; (ii) ... Maintenance and prevention of indiscipline.”  Likened to the enforcement of Law, citizen’s expectations are satisfied when such enforcement reflect “...Spirit as opposed to the Letter of Law. More importantly, when enforcement reflects “...consistency, rationality, impartiality and justifiability,” there are less grumblings. In an instructional environment, it was no different. However, in a learning institution, “...exceptionally high standard of discipline is desirous.” This is necessary “...for attentiveness, if receptive and comprehension skills were to be developed, that teaching would be effective and learning had occurred.” Frequently, educators were made “...Scapegoats” for that which they had not created -“...School Bullies, Violent Students and Stiff-Necked Fools” [Bob Marley].


The Education Act No, 21 of 2008 stipulates “...Progressive Punishment Procedures” for the infliction of punishment on Students ONLY for “...Conduct in Breaches of School Rules.” It was not clear what the Principal may have written to the Director (i) “ ...How the cutlass attack started in the vicinity of Courts Furniture Store on Lower Sir Vivian Richards Street; (ii) ... Teacher, Student or Police officer reported the incident; and (iii) ...Reasons for Expulsion as required by Section 53 (3)” [Education Act No, 21 of 2008]. Pause for a moment. Any time a Traffic Stop Light suddenly switched from “...GREEN to RED,” caution shall be exercised. That suggests a “...technical malfunction.” Therefore, inappropriate application of the “...Law of the Ministry” could bring “...peril unto students running afoul of the “...Criminal Law for Violence on the STREETS OF ST. JOHN’S.”


The Act not only provides a role for the “...Director of Education, but also a “...Discretionary Power of Expulsion.”  This, however, is contingent upon “...nature and gravity, persistency and repetitiveness of conduct prejudicial to normal discipline, or “...Grossly threatening to personnel and student safety, as may have be contained in the “...SUSPENDING PRINCIPAL’S OFFICIAL REPORT.” As in the instant incident, the logical questions that might be asked (i) “...What if there was no Suspension Letter by the Principal? (ii) ...How did the Director of Education arrive at the decision to expel the five students for their alleged criminal behavior?” 


The Section also imposes a “ ...Legal Duty upon Principals” to communicate” within a reasonable time to (i) “...Parents or Guardian; and (ii) ...Submission of a written Report to the Director of Education with a synopsis or comprehensive report, stating inter alia, “ ...Incident and/or Major Breach and ...Reasons for Suspension.” The Act, not only imposes a duty upon the Director of Education, but also provides a discretionary power of “...Expulsion of Student.” Thus, if the punishment is “...Expulsion,” then the Director of Education is obliged to “...consult with a Board of Management “...IF ONE EXISTS.” The Director MAY order one of “...five options,” including (a) ...Continued suspension of, or above that which was originally imposed by the Principal to (e) “...Expulsion” after consultation with the Education Management Board” [Section 54 (i) (e)]. 


Bishop Charlesworth Browne may have been given reasons to reflect upon his own experiences. He may have reflected, on a bright sunny Mother’s Day Sunday morning, freely and reverent assembled for “...Devine Service,” rendering “...Thanks and Praise for the gift of Mothers” [May 2011], he and his congregants, assembled in a building in the vicinity of the “ ...Nugent Avenue for Religious Purposes,” when armed Law enforcement personnel, acting contrary to the nation’s founding constitutional principles that “...Acknowledges the Supremacy of GOD,”  rudely interrupted the “...Divine Service” [Principle A: Constitution Order 1981].


The “...Expulsion Orders” appeared to have been received with “...Mixed Reactions.” It had prompted Radio Talk Shows, attracting media attention and provoking public discussions. For instance, those who wished to see “...School Violence completely eliminated,” embraced the Ministry’s action. This was seen as “...Proactive, Decisive and Preventive.” Conversely, those who considered that “...Due Process,” shall have been applied, primarily in facilitating (a) ...The right to be heard and (b) ...the right to a fair and impartial trial; (c) ...Respecting the Constitutional Right of Innocence,” were unsupportive of the actions initiated against the students. The procedure that resulted in the Students’ Expulsion was seen as offending the “...Principles of Natural Justice.” 


When reportedly quizzed by the media over the indecent haste with which the “...Expulsion Orders” were issued, with some degree of intolerance, “...Education Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro, a highly qualified journalist, privy to the journalistic exploits media personnel for “...Dramatization and Sensationalism,” responded, somewhat arrogantly, but unmistakably dismissive. She was neither “...accommodating, receptive, remorseful, amused nor fazed.” She retorted “...IF HIS SIDE WAS SEEN BY EVERYONE, THERE IS NO NEED TO HEAR[Observer Media: November 19, 2011]. The question was reportedly posed in respect to the earlier “...Expulsion of five students from the Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS),” including KIMANI GARDENER who was reportedly, “...implicated in the Bloody Cutlass wielding Fracas by association” [November 4, 2011]. 


In respect to the maintenance and/or enforcement of “...School Discipline,Section 53 of the Act speaks only to “...Suspension by a Principal.” There were two possible courses of action “...Suspension or Expulsion.” The latter resides with the Director of Education and may be enforced without “...Discretion. The Education Act, No.21 of 2008, is clear in its “...Purpose and Intent.” Its procedures are to be followed “...progressively.”Whether or not the procedures were followed in the “...November 2011 Cutlass Brawl,” that had already slipped into oblivion.


Mindful of the need for the “...Maintenance of Discipline” within the learning institutions, Bishop Charlesworth Browne of the Christian Ministries Center, was also moved by an understanding of the predicament of the expelled students. He expected “...recalcitrant students to be sanctioned.” As a disciplinarian, he has reprimanded congregants who had breached the denominational rules. However, had also expressed grave concerns over the apparent “...Systemic Official Reactions” to “...EFFECTS,” as opposed to ascertaining “...CAUSATIONS and seeking applicable SOLUTIONS.” Though he had not committed any societal and/or disciplinary breaches,” Bishop Browne seemingly understood what it was like to be thrown out of school. Hence, given the currency and untenability of the situation, he believed that there was the likelihood of “...Recidivism” in both the “...Expelled,” particularly those with exhibited propensities to exact violence on others. This was also the view shared by Member of Parliament Honourable Molwyn Joseph.


Since “...GOD” is perceived to be a “...MAN,” such act of indiscretion, seemed to have suggested a response by personnel who may either have been possessed by, or inspired to act for or on behalf of persons who may be characterized as “...She-Devils.” Hence, through a display of insensitivity, Bishop Browne and his congregants were “...IRREVERENTLY” forced from that which, for all intents and purposes, he had reportedly refurbished and used for “...Congregational; ...Spiritual and Secular Outreach Services.”For spiritual comfort, he may have been forced to say, “...Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; ...I will forever dwell in the House of the Living God” [Psalms 23:6].      



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