Running from Men with Fire

Running from Men with Fire

Within the regional ‘OECS’ grouping, Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island nation known for its hospitable and peaceful people, tranquility and stable environment. 

In its “...Fight against crime,” it was NOT the norm for the “...Civil Power to resort to the use of Gunfire” in protecting law abiding citizens. Those who now “...manage crime” must know, and may be considered “...reckless ‘NOT’ to know,” that such era had long passed. Notwithstanding citizens “...reasonable expectations” for their protection, safety and security, crime has been constantly evolving.Thus, certain frightening criminal trends have developed.Empirical evidence confirmed that (i) “...Criminals have increased in number (ii) “...More sophisticated; ...More heavily armed; (iii) ...More dangerous; (iv) ...More brazen; (v) ...More vicious; (vi) ...More merciless and (vii) ...More deadly.”


None may deny that violent criminals require a “...paradigm shift in the methodologies employed” in countering and/or eliminating threats to “...Public safety and the nation’s Economic and Security interests.” Thus, citizens seemed wary of their safety and that some kind of “...FIRE” was necessary to counter the heat being generated by the smoking guns of criminals. Lest Law enforcement and public officials remove from their minds, pretence that violent crime has been a serious threat to citizens; ...Lest a Crime Task Force continue in futility to chase after “ ...invisible shadows” from Camp Blizzard to English Harbour,” a paradigm shift to countering  “...FIRE,” necessitates measures that may involve “...responses” that may extend “...Beyond Technological Aids.” When social commentator Sir MacLean Emmanuel, “...King Short Shirt” prophetically sang “...The Coming After Fire,” he could not have been speaking to the “...prevalence of Gun crime and rampancy of Gun Fire.”


It was undeniable that prevailing circumstances in which “...brazen Gun-Toting Bandits” and other violent criminals have been using deadly weapons “...indiscriminately against law abiding and DEFENCELESS citizens.” Lives were being snuffed out “...brutally, cruelly, savagely and senselessly.” Physical harm was being inflicted mercilessly, while significant loss was being experienced, particularly, through “...armed or aggravated robbery and the unlawful and malicious destruction of property.” It was the experience that some “...Fires had raged extensively and dangerously out of control.” It was also the knowledge that when extinguishing agents were inadequate and/or ineffective in extinguishing those Fires, those uncontrollable Fires had to be fought with unconventional means.” Thus, as a method of control, those “...Fires were fought with Fire.”  Recognizing that citizens reserve the right to “...Live in peace; ...Move about freely and to ...Conduct their respective businesses in a “...safe, secure and stable environment, and one that is “ ...conducive to the promotion of peace and harmony, improved quality of life and elimination of financial losses ,” then “...FIRE” was needed to control the prevalence of armed robbers.”


Clearly recognizing the gravity of the situation, indicating his Ministry’s intention that Law enforcement may bring bandits to justice through the aid of “...Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras,” National Security Minister, Honourable Senator Dr. Errol Cort, may not have factored in a “...Clear message that some FIRE” could see unarmed citizens “...Running from the wrath of Predatory Bandits; or being attended to by Nurses and Medical Practitioners; and/or ...being remembered through unexpected eulogies that had left families grief-filled.” Invariably, even when some had braved the heat, Law enforcement personnel were forced to “...Run or took cover from men with exceptional Fire Power.” Some, for “...reasons of a delayed response,” had no bandits to engage. The bandits would have already fled the scene.


Such Fire shall exclude the “...Holy Ghost Fire; ...Melting Pot Fire; ...Reverend Olson Daniel’s Ministers of Flaming Fire; ...Short Shirt Fire; ...the Mighty Swallow’s “...Back Seat Fire; ...Burning Flames or any other entity, Red or Hot; nor ...the group Earth, Wind and Fire; ...Calypso Rose’s exclamations ...Fire! Fire; ...Jabbless Fire; ...Jesse Fire; or ...that originating from the “...Sunshine;” or “...Fire” interactively spewed by former diplomat Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst and Member of Parliament Honourable Molwyn Joseph.” Hence, the most appropriate “...Fire” may be the type that may allow religious minister Reverend Alister Jackson of the “...Lion of Judah Church, in preparing “...Rites,” where “...Eulogies may be delivered by Calypsonian Julian Lawrence- “...KING FIAH,” followed by a rendition of his social commentary “...Poor Man Feeling it; then the hymns “...Lift every voice and sing” and “...Let there be Peace on Earth.” In bringing “...solace to grief-stricken mourners,” intercessionally, All may join in singing “...Now the day is over,” the law abiding shall live in peace.


While Law enforcement had suggested that citizens “...incur additional security expenses” for their safety and protection,” the Police Act provides the agency that shall be employed for such purposes. It states “...The police force shall be primarily employed for the prevention and detection of crime and the repression of internal disturbance” [Section 3 (2): Chapter 330]. Then powers vested in, and the duties to be performed by every member, irrespective of rank, are stipulated in “...Sections 22 and 23 of the said Act.” Hence, outside the “...rhetorical cliché that“...Crime is the business of everybody,” in actuality the business of criminals is crime.” To all intents and purposes, Press Liaison officers had suggested that citizens -specifically business operators should “...Fend off criminals for themselves.” Consequently, he may not have been able to “...allay public fears; ...boost citizen’s confidence in the agency’s effectiveness in the fight against crime. Clearly, he may have ignored that revenues generated from the citizens were to be expended for Law enforcement remuneration, in providing for their “...safety and protection.”


In a non-interventionist or combative way, citizens have a “...Civic Duty” and moral obligation to assist Law enforcement with the suppression of crime. However, while citizens have such duty and obligation in assisting Law enforcement, “...when bandits cut loose,” the citizenry shall not be apportioned blame; neither for the ineffectiveness, inability, nor failings of Law enforcement.” Such responsibility is NOT transferable. Thus, while criminals make “...Crime a business,” the responsibility for “...shutting down such business, rests with Law enforcement. Therefore, accepting that “...Crime prevention is critical to “...Public safety; ...public order; ...public health; ...public morality and national security,” Law enforcement shall demonstrate that it has “...adequacy of resources; ...requisite skills; ...techniques and capabilities” in maintaining a firm grip on criminals. These may have been woefully lacking, when the “...services of four senior Barbadian police officers were engaged to assist in the detection of certain killings” [March 2013].


When one speaks to “...Private Security,” one is speaking to a “...commercially-driven profit making entity, offering security and other related services to the private and public sectors.” These include “...private citizens; ...private corporations; ...Statutory corporations and government departments.” Studies show that “...citizen’s non-reliance upon the State security agencies for their “...safety, protection and security.” When it became apparent that “...Law enforcement agencies has been seen as “...ineffective,” demand for “...Private Security Services” was said to have been attributed to the “...growing increase in the number of Private Security Firms.” Conversely, Law enforcement agencies are “...State controlled and are service-oriented.” These provide “...general security protection and other services to the citizenry from revenues derived from the public.” Such revenues provide for, inter alia, “...provision of resources for administration; ...operation; ...emolument for its personnel and miscellaneous expenditure.”


On divers’ occasion and in different circumstances, yet seemingly for the same reasons“...Predatory Gunmen” have shown propensity for violence and scant regard for the Sanctity of Life.” Those who went on the rampage for “...money, jewellery, GUNS and other valuables,” also snuffed out the lives of innocent citizens. While the United States recorded more murders, it was felt that for a small nation, the murder rate was alarmingly high. In a comparative report “...December 18, 2003 to March 28, 2011, it was revealed that per “...100,000 people the nation’s murder rate was “...8-6,” while for the same number of persons, the United States’ murder rate was put at “...5.” The World International Homicide Organization (WHO) ratings were Antigua and Barbuda “...77,” United States “...88” [US Country Reports].


 The “...Telling Effects of Crime,” that had resulted from the criminal’s wanton use of “...Illegal Guns” well known. Though chronicled incidents may not necessarily reflect the “...overall state of crime,” the criminal element has left citizens in gripping fear, and victims with “...Damning Marks of Violence.” Testimonies of these may be told by “...surviving victims and grief-stricken families.” Exploiting opportunities” offered through lack of, or weak uniformed police presence on “...streets, City center, isolated residential areas and vulnerable communities, bandits appeared unstoppable in their criminal exploits.” The experiences of German family speak to such exploitation and consequences. Many families were jolted into“...deep sorrow and left with unspeakable and unbearable grief.” The criminals have attacked victims, “...Robbing; ...Killing and Fleeing” crime scenes unscathed, but had left many “...Scenes of Horror.” None therefore, may deny the human carnage resulting from “...Gun Crimes.”


Left with permanent scars and indelible sorrowful memories, the carnage speaks to a lifetime of grief. Whether perpetrators had used “...guns or other offensive weapons,” they had inflicted violence indiscriminately and mercilessly. Many victims were left “...permanently immense pain and long suffering.”  For instance, quietly socializing with friends, reckless gunmen left “...Judith Wynter 62, “...physically incapacitated and financially crippled.” For reasons “...known and/or suspected criminal exploits,” death had visited upon several notorious victims. They include “...Desmond Octave 41, [Green House posse]; ...George Edwards ‘Little George’ 37; ...Rasgold Allen 29; ...Aaron ‘Gumby’ Joseph 38, a shady shopkeeper [October 30, 2007]; ...Cordley Frederick 36; ...Rafique Barton 33; while a suspected cold-blooded killer, Garfield ‘Lion’ Warner 32,” was gunned down at home. The suspected criminals had “...Lived by the gun; ...Ruled by the gun and ...Died by the gun.”


Thus, with reckless abandon, they have snuffed out the lives of the innocent, leaving many “...Scenes of Horror.” These include the fatal shooting of “ ...Randy ‘Joe’ Nelson; ....Benjamin ‘Ben’ and Catherine Mullany 31, honeymooners [July 27, 2008; ...Wauneta Anderson 43, shopkeeper [August 8, 2008];  ...Drew Golan, yacht captain]; ...Jones Bertram 40 [ January 7, 2009; ...Lyndon Mojo Isaac 41, [September 24, 2010]; ...Rondel George 34, butcher [October 21, 2010]; ...Melvin James 42, Tavern proprietor [May 4, 2011]; ...Caldric  Lewis 53, Bar patron, [June 19, 2011]; ...Dorothy Prince 37, Service Station employee [February 13, 2012]; ...Kadeem Lewis 22 [March 24, 2012]; ...Everette Sean ‘Freckles’ Camacho-Tittle 38 [June 21, 2012]; ...Melissa Rose 19, student [September 5, 2012]; ...Alex Riviere and Alwin Robin, [October 5, 2012]; ...Shenfield ‘Zyer’ George 54, carpenter [October 28, 2012];...Michael ‘Rocky’ Medica, barbecue chicken vendor [December 2012]; ...Susan Powell 39, store employee [February 26, 2013]; ...Amir Ghazala 24, Shawarma vendor [May 22, 2013]; ...Sylvester ‘Copperhead’ Carbon 41, shopper [April 10, 2013]; ...Rosemarie Lynch 48 [August 6, 2013; ...Edwin Williams Jr. 29, backhoe operator and Zephaniah ‘Zephy’ Joseph 75, businessman [August 11, 2013]; ...Shawn Williams 43, Mathematics teacher [October 21, 2013]; ...Megal Olviro 38, vendor, chopped to death [October 27, 2013], while retired German national Horst Sherping 63, mechanic was gunned down at home [January 13, 2014]. Charles ‘Bush’ Hughes 36 had his throat viciously slashed at home [February 11, 2014]. Citizens know not for “...Whom the next bell may toll.”


What might be reasonably presumed, was that something of “...extreme gravity,” may have troubled and moved Justice Minister Senator Dr. Errol Cort into considering the implementation of “...Gun Amnesty” [October 2010].  Furthermore, it might be wrong to suggest that he was not troubled over the “...Rampancy of Gun Crimes.” It might also be wrong to presume that the “...Security forces may have fallen woefully short of public and official expectations in arresting the situation.” What might be “...correctly presumed,” was that he clearly, he knew that crime evolves; and that an ineffective Law enforcement agency could “...compound a situation; ...compromise public safety and expose vulnerable citizens to “...gun-toting bandits.” While negligible success may have been achieved, armed bandits continue their “...criminal exploits.”


Through a “...Prosecution Free Initiative,” officially called “...Gun Amnesty,” the Justice Minister may have known that criminals were adept in perpetrating “...vicious criminal acts against unarmed and defenceless citizens.” Frequently, these were executed with “...surgical precision” comparable to the professional skills of “...renowned Surgeon Dr. Joseph ‘Joey’ John.” The objective was clear - seeking to remove “...Illegal Guns” from the hands of criminals with the propensity to use them with deadly consequences.” This may have been borne out in an official Press Release originating from his Ministry. Seemingly with grave concerns, he noted “...We also could recall the alarming increase in murders: ...19 in 2007; ...14 in 2008 and ...16 in 2009; ...Gun crimes too were at an alarming frequency” [Caribarena: October 11, 2010].


The availability and apparent ease with which criminals have been accessing, acquiring and/or possessing “...Illegal Firearms” has been a growing concern, not only to “...citizens and Law enforcement, but also to public officials. When the Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer, subsequently addressed the “...67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA),” he must have recognized “...an unusual shift, prevalence and sharp rise in “...Gun Crimes.”The resulting carnage suggested “...graphic representations of that which had resulted from the indiscriminate and frequent use of “...Illegal Guns.” Clearly, out of “...personal concerns for the “...citizens, economic and national security interests,” he spoke earnestly to the situation. He said, “...It was important to note, that neither Antigua and Barbuda, nor other Caribbean- CARICOM nations manufacture arms, yet one estimate indicated that there were 1.6 million illegal firearms in the region.” Consequently, “...gravity of the situation necessitated international assistance in stemming the flow of guns into the nation. Therefore, he posited that “...Crime Prevention and Small Arms Control were priorities,” and appealed to “...Gun producing nations to ensure tighter Gun Control” [UNGA: September 27, 2012].


While previous perspective and “...Gun Amnesty Initiatives,” may reflect seemingly “...unintentional contradictions,” when the Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer was recently quizzed by the media on the crime situation, philosophically, he retorted, “...You have to look at crime in perspective of the Caribbean; ...And looking at that this way, Antigua is not bad” [Observer Radio: October 28, 2013]. Ironically, even after National Security Minister had read the “...Riot Act,” defenceless citizens, residents and visitors continue to bear the brunt of “...Gun and other criminal attacks.” These have been occurring with telling effect upon both “...humans and property, and faster than the clock ticks.” Then, as officials sought to deny rampancy in criminal activity and boost Law enforcement morale through “...psychological lauding and applauding,” unsuspecting victims had experienced sustained criminal aggression.


When it appeared that Law enforcement agencies were overwhelmed by criminals and may have been at their wits end, enforcement agencies and other officials have resorted to the “...Myth” that “...Crime is everybody’s business.” This may have been seen by the citizenry as a “...simplistic faddist notion,” suggesting evidence of factuality.  Though frequently touted, since the overwhelming majority of law abiding citizens does not go out onto the “...streets, business places or into neighborhoods to commit crimes, it could never be said that “...Crime is everybody’s business.” In fact, the very opposite has happened to many innocent citizens and business persons, who were either “...Robbed, Shot or Killed.” For instance, in broad daylight, a handful of heavily armed masked robbers reportedly attacked “...Roberts Construction Company; ...Fady’s Aggregates and Western Union Money Transfer office.” Armed bandits allegedly hoisted significant sums of money for payrolls and goods and services.”


Citizens may, therefore, consider it good reasons in rejecting the “...Faddists Notion” that “...Crime is everyone’s business.” Then adding insult to injury, citizens were being called upon to engage the services of “...Private Security Guards to protect their businesses” [Observer Media: February 18, 2014]. Since rise in criminal activity has often place Law enforcement under public scrutiny, Crime managers may wish to avoid arguments recently advanced by Dr. Hollis Liverpool ‘Might Chalkdust,’ on existing situations within his nation Trinidad and Tobago. Suggesting that “...All ah Dem Guessing” [ABS Radio: March 2, 2014], he was saying that crime managers were unable to find solutions to growing incidence of violent crime. Crime fighting was said to be “...Strategy-driven.” This necessarily involves, inter alia “...Strategic and/or Contingency Planning and manipulation of human, machine and other resources.”


Research revealed that a rise and/or rampancy of crime had often influenced home owners and business operators with the financial capacity to make alternative “...security arrangement for their safety and protection. This had come when a citizenry was given reasons to believe that Law enforcement had reached its “...peak of performance and level effectiveness” [NDU. USA]. This may have been confirmed when Law enforcement may have unwittingly suggested to business owners to consider “...installing of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and/or hire Private Security Guards to protect their property” [Observer Media: February 18, 2014]. Undoubtedly, officials may have sent “...dangerous signals to both citizens and criminals.” Thus, this may have been reasonably interpreted that the agency had reached its “...Level of professional competence,” and may have outlived its usefulness and effectiveness.”


When Law enforcement suggested that the business community and the citizenry should consider “...purchasing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and/or hiring Private Security Guards for their security protection, it was in actuality “...shirking its responsibility,” thereby “...Passing the Buck.” It was in fact saying to law abiding citizens, “...factor into your business operations a budget that will provide for the protection of the business.” Given the challenges faced by existing economic conditions, such suggestion necessarily meant that “...only the affluent citizens” may have been able to avail themselves of such “...services and/or security equipment being offered.” Therefore, those with the financial capacity may have relied more upon “...Private Security Firms,” for their protection, as opposed to “...State remunerated services provided by its agency.” Therefore, Law enforcement ran the risk, “...confirming citizen’s suspicions of its inability” to provide the requisite agency services.


While citizens have a vested interest in” ...safety and security; ...prevention and/or reduction in criminal activities and a stake in the in the Law enforcement agency, in their personal interest “... Be on the alert; ...Have enquiring minds; ...Take precautions and/or evasive action.”  More importantly, potential victims of crime shall “...Avoid areas where angel fears.”  As far as the effectiveness of the agency is concerned, “...lend support and cooperation in their crime fighting efforts.” The role and function of the agency was sufficiently made clear to “...Law enforcement administrators and subordinate officers in the Police Act. Subscribers to the “...Oath of office,” undertook an obligation to serve the nation through the Head of State- the Governor General, The Queen’s representative. Such undertaking binds members to “...Well and truly serve Our Sovereign Lady the Queen as a member of the Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, without favor or affection; ...malice or ill-will; “...to preserve Her Majesty’s Peace; “...preventing offences against the same” and “...discharging all duties faithfully according to Law” [Section 17: Police Act: Chapter 330]. The vexed question is “...If crime is considered a business, “...Whose primary responsibility it is to put criminals out of business?”


The “...responsibility for Crime Control resides with a Civil Authority.” Such authority was vested in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda” [Police Act: Chapter 330]. The control mechanisms employed has been through the conventional methods of “...Prevention and Detection.” Such methodologies are further strengthened by “...Public education; ...Enforcement and ...Prosecution of offenders.” Invariably, law abiding citizens were either “...apportioned blame for failing to protect their property and/or not assisting Law enforcement.” There was no doubt that a troubling crime situation has developed within the nation. Evidence of this may have been seen as emboldened criminals continue to demonstrate that they not only ruled the “...streets; ...businesses and homes with “...Guns,” but are also capable of “...daringly attacking law abiding citizens, and those not so abiding, at will.”


In exceptional circumstances, a “...Civil Power” may be logistically challenged.  Through provisional “...Memorandum of Understandings (MOU’s) respecting “...Inter-Agency Cooperation,” a Civil Power may solicit “...Military Aid.” This has always been a calling by Law enforcement Commanders. Thus, only such Commanders shall “...Operationalized such Aid” as situations demand. While Military Aid to Civil Power” is welcome, “...Standard Operations Procedures” invariably dictates that “...Military personnel take final instructions from their headquartered Commanders.” Despite “...enactments to facilitate collaboration between the Security Forces,” their respective functions are completely different. For instance, the “...Civil Power” is trained to “...Maintain Law and order,” and is empowered to “...use reasonable, but justifiable force in performing its functions.” The Military has responsibility for protecting the nation from “...Internal Insurrection and External Aggression.” For“...Acts of Aggression” affecting national security, the “...Military, combatively trained shall kill or capture enemies of State.”  However, for the imposition of restrictions on the movements of citizens, it shall be deemed “...reasonably necessary in the interests of (1) “...Defence; (ii) ...Public Safety; (iii) ...or Public Order” [CO: Section 8]. This is effected by the exercise of “...Emergency Powers” through the “...Declaration of State of Emergency.” 


Scientific studies of human behaviors speaks to two critical components, the “...Id- Self or Physical being; and the “...Ego or emotional/desires.” These are said to be controlled by “...Will Power.”The former was said to be driven by the latter. Humans were endowed with “...Reason and Conscience,” and has the capacity to differentiate that which is “...Love from Hate; ...Right from wrong; ...Truth from falsity; ...Good from Evil; and Justice from Injustice.” Studies also show that if there is no desire or “...intention to commit a crime,” there will be no need to “...identify a victim and seek an opportunity.” In the commission of a crime, three elements must be at work. The experts have referred to it as the “...Crime Triangle. Thus, the act requires only (i) “...Intent; (ii) ...a Victim and (iii) ...an Opportunity.” Through the “...Element of Surprise,” these are effected by criminals. However, even after “...an intention is formed” and a “...victim is identified,” if there is no “...Opportunity,” no crime will be committed. However, at the opportune time and/or “...right psychological moment” [PM Spencer] and the “...Element of Surprise, “...All hell breaks loose.”


Frequently, people, whether possess “...strong mental or weak intellect,” had invariably found themselves in difficulties when the “...Ego (desires)” had overpowered the ...Id (self) in perpetrating evil.” People with a strong “...Will Power,” can engage the mind into “...looking at consequences,” be it “...Evil or Pleasure,” to the extent of developing “...Self-Restraint.” For instance, “...Observer” has no money; ...He develops a burning desire for food (hungry); ...He suspects that “...CIROC” has money (victim); ...There is now an urge to relieve him of either some or all of the money he possesses (Intent).” Without “...Will Power” to override the “...desire;” He anticipates that CIROC may offer stiff resistance; ...In his Plan, he factored in his move a weapon; ...This might be need to counter possible resistance; .He may have to shoot-wound; ...maim; or kill;...He picks up a gun; ...He seeks “...an OPPORTUNITY.” ...At the opportune time, with the “...Element of Surprise,” he strikes. Dependent upon what he encounters the “...EGO,” the may dictate to the “...Id,”  “...CIROC” loses his “...money and perhaps his life.”   Hence, that which started out as “...Robbery” now becomes “...Murder.” The case of the tragic killing of Service Station employee Dorothy Prince 39 makes the point [February 26, 2014].


While citizens unabatedly faced with the smoking guns of criminals, many remain in a mindboggling state of denial. Some appeared to have harbored thoughts of “...negative or negligible increase in crime.” Thus, exploiting the “...Age of Information and Technology,” many had disguisedly sought to induce a “...False Sense of Security” that their safety and protection are secured in the hand of Law enforcement. Frequently, a citizenry is either fed with “...misinformation and/or apportioned blame for that over which they virtually had no control.” Consequently, many seeking to shirk responsibilities, had taken refuge in the “...simplicity, gullibility and susceptibility” of the uninformed. This has been a global phenomenon.

While “...Security Chiefs” may have tried their best, the records may also show performances that citizens, rightly or wrongly, may have described as “...bordering inefficiency and/or ineffectiveness.” Such may have been the result of such critical factors impacting negatively on any agency and personnel operating in environment not conducive to productivity. Commanders saddled with clearly (i) “...Demoralized and/or de-motivated personnel; (ii) ...Inadequacy of vital resources; (iii) ...Substandard and/or dehumanizing working conditions; (iv)...Remuneration; ...Negligible welfare attention,” compounded by other organizational issues, including “...indiscipline; ...insularity, victimization and marginalization,” may not necessarily be vindicated for questionable stewardship.

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The Artful Dodgers - Running From Men With Fire! PT2

#6 Hercules » 2014-03-06 13:23

One Ashanti, who had been made to travel up & down, north & south after being landed at Parham reminded Nansi that he noticed in the English Speaking World most Law Enforcement Agencies' mottos & values were driven by Serve, Protect, Safety & Respect. He was quite sure that this was not for the Police but for the Citizens. To which Nancy ever the spinner quickly saw his opening & responded in the affirmative but reminding all that Where there is no Vision The People Perish. Then in a flight of fancy he suggested that with no vision no possible mission could be even contemplated muchless core values leading to a Strategic Plan with Initiatives & Actions, Deliverable Goals & Objectives & Targets. Ashanti was annoyed with Nansi & asked, then what is the Police Value Proposition to the fearful Citizens & "Bewildered & Bemused" Electorate?
The Akan offered that RP missed his opportunity to address not only to the Leadership of the Good Doctor Senator but moreso to the woefully inadequate Leadership of the Good Hon Dr. PM, missing from the National Debate, who some say has been seeking pond water from Big Creek to quench the Desires for meetings by the Crime Committee which he developed but has not convened for over five years. Ashanti chimed in that the Ancestors at "Eve's Garden" Lady Nugent & Green Bay Moravian Sacred Ground say "ah Pompey hi fren ee be!"
Keep Hope Alive!
Well Done Pompey! Police! Wada! Skyewill! Dig-It!


The Artful Dodgers - Running From Men With Fire!

#5 Hercules » 2014-03-06 12:39

Spiralling out from the notorious All Saints Crossroad, to Liberta, Sweets, Farm, Freemans Village, ancestors from those ancient sacred areas have viewed with astonishment the fear, caused by errant youth, which has gripped many on the Rock, sent them hiding behind ever visibly Metal Burgular Bars & Fences, Electronic Security Alams & Security CCTV Cameras "Running From Men With Fire".
At their recent Willoughby Bay Jumbee Jamboree, these creators of Emancipated Communities, save for Coromantees & Maroons habitating in the Sherkley Mountains decided to debate the question posed by the local Benna Singer "How did we get so?'
Anansi uninvited spun quickly "Crime was everybody's business." An Akan reminded that the congregants of a service is not responsible for the Ifa's delivery & quoted RP to **ress his argument: Quote:
... Law enforcement agencies ... overwhelmed by criminals '.., enforcement agencies ... officials resorted to the “...Myth” that “...Crime is everybody’s business.” ... a “...simplistic faddist notion,” suggesting evidence of factuality. ... , since the overwhelming majority of law abiding citizens does not go out onto the “...streets, business places or into neighborhoods to commit crimes, it could never be said that “...Crime is everybody’s business.” In fact, the very opposite has happened to many innocent citizens and business persons, who were either “...Robbed, Shot or Killed.”
Ee nah esy! Ah mi Broda!


Politricks in crime fighting...no crime plan

#4 Dig It » 2014-03-05 15:14

RP, what amazes me is the fact that some of the 'rank-and-file' don't believe we have a "crime problem. " They rather sit there and compare crime stats (no break down of gun related crimes) and then point fingers without "evidence" that we have a "organized criminal" enterprise. How can they play with lives of citizens and visitors? Just like tourism...crime should be everybody business! Politricks is our problem and that is an obstacle to get the root of crime. As OS said there is "no police or justice" in A&B. We have to come better than that.

Dig It


#3 Skyewill » 2014-03-05 11:28

Excellent vibe on suggesting solutions. I would add a prevention program targeting the very young and thoughout school age sponsored by law enforcement and education ministry. Mr. Pompey mad a good point that we seem to not pursue crime but wait until it happens this culture must change and we need new laws in place to help combat the hard core criminals and process them out of our society.


any solutions from your kind self?

#2 wada » 2014-03-05 10:09

We are extremely good at documenting the problems but often fail to provide solutions? As a former officer of the Police force, can you list five solutions that we as a public and the Police force can use to combat this crime wave?

Mine are:
1. Setup road blocks at key junctions sporadically, I haven't seen this in a while.
2. Involve the ever increasing neighbourhood watch groups, these are well organized
3. Work with additional communities to create more and intertwined neighbourhood watch communities, so there is a handover from let's say Cedar Valley to New Winthorpes
4. Police/Neighbourhood watch patrols (an office along with a member of the community if the 13 or 14 vehicles are not enough
5. Work with community resident to setup and allow access to their home/business cameras for use through a central command
(Duty and ABST free in exchange for access)
6. Citizens need to report all and any strange cars (colour, make number plates) day and night to Crime Stoppers or the Police


RE: Running from Men with Fire

#1 Police » 2014-03-05 08:04

The police force over the years has concerned itself with responding to crime than actually fighting crime. Members of the hierarchy to include various commissioner have been more concerned about politics and politicians than coming up with a Crime Plan long promised. Hence their only role were to look about friends and company with light work and promotions while the hardworking persons who over the years have faced the guns of criminals were left morally incapable and without any incentive whatsoever. Only people who displayed any knowledge of fighting crime and how to properly rally, motivate and offer proper incentive to the police force were the Mounties. It was then that they were begin to be hated by locals at the top and corrupt politicians. Then certain corrupt senior police officers started calling effective members of the intel unit corrupt. They were promptly removed after the Mounties had gone fearing Coronation Road. Shortly after a Police Officer dubbed Lawyer who had never had an outstanding track record in Tortola who had dexect Antigua years ago and probably xx xx xx xx . Since then things have gotten bad to worst and the only solution to the crime plan was employ the use of CCTV. Hence dunce judge drivers were promoted leaving the members who at the forefront wondering why they actually do what they do and even then plans are to promote certain secretaries.


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